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October 6, 2017

October Organic Empties

You guys know I’m no stranger to green beauty products. And that’s putting it mildly. I mean, they line my closets, fill my draws and run my vanity and I LOVE IT! Experiencing wildcrafted, cold-pressed body oils, lip glosses tinted with organic roots and berries and masks that brighten with hand harvested botanicals is MY JAM! What’s not to love!? The only problem is, I can’t use it all. Which may sound bogus but it’s true. Testing products often means moving on before a product is gone. I love trying new but sometimes a product is SO GOOD I just can’t move on and it becomes a permanent staple in my beauty routine. Wanted to share with you guys my green beauty empties!

October 2017 Empties:

Inika Organic Long Lash Mascara. LOVE IT. One of the best, if not the best clean mascara I’ve used to date. Lengthens and adds volume. Goes on smooth – not too wet, not too dry and doesn’t clump. The brush is a classic shaped wand with medium length, tight bristles and delivers product like a champ. This one’s on permanent repeat until further notice! $33 – Buy!

True Botanicals Pre Cleanse Oil. Praise be! This oil has totally changed my skincare routine. I use it in three ways.

  1. At the end of the day as a makeup remover. The oil it self has an incredible slip and so effective at loosening up dirt, makeup, grime and the like. After makeup is loosened I use a warm cloth (I LOVE this one) to remove the oil. Then I go back in with a gentle cleanser (like this one) to finish the job.
  2. Okay I also use it in the morning to massage my face when I first wakeup. It’s a great way to de-puff and stimulate circulation plus it feels amazing. I also remove the oil with a warm cloth but I don’t go in with a second cleanse in the morning. This keeps my skin more moisturized throughout the day.
  3. Lastly, I use it for face massage in the evening to lessen wrinkles, drain the lymph system and keep skin looking young.
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Literally can not get enough of this. The ingredients are — too. Just ordered my second bottle! Get yours here. Code LISATRUE20 will save first timers at checkout! $48 – Buy! 

True Botanicals Empties

True Botanicals Shampoo. I once said that this shampoo saved my life and I stand by that! After trying all of the grocery store clean brands and even a few special order clean brands I was left with greasy hair and ready to go back to my conventional ways. And then True Botanicals came into my life! This shampoo CLEANS, doesn’t strip, smells great, foams, comes in eco packaging. No compromises here! Code LISATRUE20 will save first timers at checkout! $34 – Buy!

True Botanicals Nourishing Wash. Gone. This comes in two scents. FRESH (earthy pine) and GROVE (powdery citrus). I love both but I just happened to have GROVE on hand and pounded it. Foams, smells heavenly, eco packaging, moisturizing, clean, comes in a pump and like all True Botanicals products, it’s MADE SAFE Certified. Code LISATRUE20 will save first timers at checkout! $34 – Buy!

True Botanicals Hydrating Cleanser RENEW. It’s creamy, gentle, refreshing, moisturizing and cleanses like a boss! Seriously can not live without this cleanser. It’s effective at taking off grime but leaving skin feeling moisturized. It’s like you get the best of both worlds with this product. Oh and I’ve tried all of the True Botanicals cleansers RENEW, CLEAR and BASICS and I would recommend them all. Go with BASICS if you are looking to save a buck and go with RENEW or CLEAR for a little bit more of a silky luxe formula. Code LISATRUE20 will save first timers at checkout! BASICS: $32 – Buy!  RENEW/CLEAR: $48 – Buy! 

Bliss Balm empty

Bless Beauty Balm by Leahlani Skincare. It’s a concentrated overnight moisturizer, it’s a daytime balm, it’s a makeup remover, it’s a GD miracle! I promised myself I wouldn’t use this as a makeup remover because I didn’t want to “waste it” but I couldn’t keep my hands off of it! First of all this formula smells amazing and is made with 100% organic + cold-presses oils so as a makeup remover it goes on creamy and silky and feels so good. Then its floral scent puts you in a trance and the next thing you know it’s been 5 minutes and you are still massaging the makeup off your face. This Bless Balm is pure BLISS! $48 – Buy!

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Jungle Glow by Lilfox. Oh God! I get pangs of a unrequited breakup just hearing this name! This mask was delivered in a Beauty Heroes discovery over the summer and I tried it a few ways but then when I used it as a cleanser I was ALL IN. A blend of wild harvested Hawaiian honey and Amazonian White Clay this goes on super viscous. I like to wet my finger tips and then rub into my skin to apply. The honey cleanses while the clay exfoliates with a barley there micro-grit and my face has never felt so clean or so soft! Missing this one! $75 – Buy! 

MŪN’s Anarose Hydrating Rose Toner. This toner’s clim to fame is optimal pH for your skin! Optimal skin pH lessens inflammation and balances skin. I love it because it’s hydrating and it smells divine. I spray this into my hand and then pat onto my face before moisturizing. Packaged in dark glass to preserve ingredient integrity. Just got a refill! Code: THISORGANICGIRL will save you 15%! $65 – Buy! 

Ruby Face Oil and Nap In The Meadow by Earthwise Beauty. I got both of these in a Boxwalla discovery over the summer and FLEW through them both in about a month. Couldn’t put them down. This face oil smells so good (in a natural way), soaks right in and is SUPER hydrating. My skin responded so well to this oil. And Nap In The Meadow is a serum to apply before a moisturizer and it was cooling, hydrating, calming, light and again, the scent – tantalizing! Various prices. Buy! 

Mermaid Sea Salt Spray by Captain Blankenship. I love a sea salt spray for added texture but it works great for me to soak up oils when I just need one more day before I wash my hair. Love this one for its whimsical packaging and simple ingredients. $24 – Buy! 

October Empties

Zoe Organics Organic Skin Balm. Use this on my kids everyday. The Organic Skin Balm is fantastic for my son’s eczema and I use it as a lotion for his legs and cheeks – where he usually flares up. Calms, hydrates, nourishes and softens skin. Like his skin just looks so much happier after I use this. Instead of red and inflamed, it’s hydrated and soothed. I also love this for scrapes and cuts before bandages. Not to mention the left overs feel so good as a hand balm. I may even style my 4-year-old’s hair with the extras too. An EVERYDAY staple! $17.95 – Buy! 

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Dr. Bronner’s Toothepaste. I’ve tried the Peppermint and Anise and we definitely like the peppermint better. I mean the Anise is fine, it’s just the Peppermint has a more powerful taste and my mouth feels cleaner using it. They even carry travel sizes now too! Prices vary. Buy!

INNERSENSE HYDRATING CREAM HAIRBATH. Another Beauty Heroes find. I really like this shampoo too. This one is a little bit more hydrating and moisturizing compared to True Botanicals and I think it’s a great option for color treated hair. I usually have to do two rounds to make sure hair is clean but it foams and truly cleans. No greasy buildup. It has a pretty citrus/vanilla scent. These come in travel sizes too now which is KEY! $28 – Buy! 

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What are you using to the end?



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