Mahalo’s Bean Mask and Beauty Heroes Review

August 1, 2017

Beauty Heroes and Mahalo

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Welp, there’s only have one thing to say; Beauty Heroes did it again! Say hello to August’s Beauty Heroes selection featuring MAHALO Skin Care’s The Bean Antioxidant Mask and Bamboo Beauty Brush. Read on for a little bit about my vacation, how I blew it and how this mask arrived at the perfect time – and of course my August Beauty Heroes review!

I totally blew it on vacation!

I just got back from two weeks at the beach and it was such a treat to see my Beauty Heroes box waiting for me! Me and my fam flew “home” to Boston in July to visit family and friends. We spent a week on Cape Cod and a few days in Ogunquit, ME. I love the cape and I love southern Maine and it was so great being back in New England especially in the summer. New England summers are simply magical. There’s really no other way to say it. All year we sit and wait for summer to come. For the warm summer air, the cool crips nights, the pop of fresh sweet corn and juicy sweet tomatoes.

Why!? Because, truth be told, New England winters are brutal. Winters last from mid October through April and this is what they look like: We challenge ourselves to avoid putting our heat on until November 1st but often fail cranking it up Columbus Day weekend. The sun sets at 4:15pm in the afternoon and it is often bone shockingly fringed outside to the point where you bundle the kids to go out and they don’t last more than 5 minutes – then you come back in and everything is wet and it was “so worth it”.  And then we cheer when April 1st arrives but we are fooling ourselves because twice in the past few years it has snowed on April 1st. Not to mention it rains all of June. So all of this to say; we live for July, August and 1/2 of September.

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So girl, needless to say, I was ready to get my New England summer on. Day one I went in face to the sun all day and got burned. What am I a novice!? Seriously. It was a cloudy day and I had block on but still – faces are so sensitive and I should have had a hat on. The sun was so warm and the breeze was so cool, my senses escaped me as I got caught up in the sun forsaken moment.  So for the rest of my vacation I never took my hat off because I was afraid to expose any raw or new skin. Praise be.

Beauty Heroes to the rescue!

Mahalo Skin Care The Bean Mask

So all of this to say, when I finally got a chance to dive into August’s Beauty Heroes selection I was HEAD OVER HEALS thrilled to see not only did we get a mask but a mask that is an ideal recovery treatment for summer sun-kissed skin!!???? Blessed be the fruit! (Seriously I can not stop watching The Handmaids Tale on Hulu (can you tell? Haha!) And just for the record I am not officially recommending it. It’s sick and twisted but I just can’t stop.) Anyways, I digress…

Okay so I was complaining to Suzi that my forehead looks like my Dad’s bald spot. Spotty, splotchy, hyper-pigmented and to the point of no return. Like WAY TOO MUCH SUN. Ugh. I mean now that I’m kissing 40’s door step, I can’t be messing around like that! But now I say, now more! I’ve been home for two days and I’ve masked twice yet I haven’t been to the grocery yet. I don’t know if that’s good or bad but it’s the truth. Always blessed.

Anyways, this mask? Love it. So let me introduce you. This is Mahalo Skin Care’s The Bean Antioxidant Mask. It’s made with:

  • Asthaxanthin – anti-aging, brightening, firming, protecting
  • Bamboo Charcoal – detoxifying
  •  Bergamot – brightening, clearing, toning
  • Cacao – clearing, nourishing, purifying, stimulating
  • Carrot Seed – brightening, cell-regenerating, toning
  • Coffee – anti-aging, brightening, calming, protecting
  • Hibiscus – firming, purifying
  • Honey – anti-bacterial, brightening, exfoliating, hydrating
  • Sandalwood – cell-regenerating, clearing
  • Sea Buckthorn Extract – anti-aging, repairing, nourishing
  • Turmeric – brightening, protecting
  • Watermelon – brightening, nourishing
  • Willow – clearing, exfoliating, purifying
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Most all of the ingredients are not only organic/wildcrafted but a lot of them are sourced locally in Hawaii too. Check out the full ingredient list, so good!

Mahalo Bean Mask Ingredients
MAHALO Skin Care

Before I get ahead of myself let me back up and talk about MAHALO Skin Care. MAHALO is a Hawaiian based brand who uses thoughtfully sourced local, organic and wildcrafted ingredients. Products are hand-crafted in micro batches and packaged in bamboo and glass bottles/jars etched by local artisans. All of MAHALO’s products are cruelty-free, gluten-free and GMO-free. I love the packaging, like LOVE.

August Beauty Heroes Selection

Mahalo Brush

Okay so on with my Beauty Heroes review. The Bean Antioxidant Mask is our hero product valued at $80 and LOVE that it comes with MAHALO’s Bamboo Beauty Brush as a sidekick – valued at $20. If you are anything like me, you hate spending money on makeup brushes. I mean I just want the goods – don’t make me buy the tools too. (I’d rather buy another lipstick!) But this brush is so perfect for this mask. It’s stiff enough to carry and distribute product but soft enough where it feels fantastic on your face. And love the shape too. The thick flat part is great for spreading the mask along cheeks, chin and forehead BUT I love the thin side for getting in the crevices where your nose hits your cheek or the thin part between your eye and hairline. It’s pretty much an ergonomic masterpiece and the perfect accessory for The Bean.


So, to apply, you can dip the brush right into the mask and apply straight to your face. The directions say apply a generous amount which I did. Then I let it sit on for about 30 minutes give or take and it never fully dried hard. It dried but it was like a putty dry – not tacky but not hard. It sits on the skin beautifully, feels cooling, does not pull, smells AMAZING (like coffee flowers). When you are ready to take it off, you put a little water on your fingertips and rub which makes for a great exfoliation.

Mahalo's Bean Mask Applied

Okay and here’s where the magic happens. I took off this mask and I saw a dramatic difference in the color tone of my skin. The sun-kissed splotchiness had totally balanced out and my skin looked way closer to normal than it did 30 minutes prior. Truly amazing. Brighter and more even toned. I was shocked. Not to mention it felt so light and clean! I went in after it with Laurel Whole Plant Organics Antioxidant Facial Serum to really drive home some antioxidant power and legit my face felt amazing. SO GLAD I have this mask – it is exactly what I needed after a beach vaca!

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Probably going to use this every other day this week because I can’t get enough and I just want my even skin tone back!

The Beauty Heroes Skinny

Okay so here’s the skinny. Beauty Heroes is a subscription service that delivers clean hair, body and skincare to your door monthly for less than $39/mo. Their standards for clean ingredients are super high and members are always getting a crazy good deal. The past few months have been valued at over $100 each with heavy hitting green beauty brands like Josh RosebrookInnersense Organic BeautyOsmia and more. One month Beauty Heroes sent out Vintners Daughter which retails for $185 – like you can not beat the value here! It’s one of the best beauty subscriptions around. This month is valued at $100 and it won’t last so get on it!

If you want’ to know more about Beauty Heroes – check out this post I wrote about their service a few months back. It’s one of my faves.

And sign up for Beauty Heroes here! Have you tried anything MAHALO?




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