Mapleblume Review April’s Box

May 22, 2017

Mapleblume April Box

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In April, Mapleblume opened up their subscription service to the US and here it is – Mapleblume’s inaugural international box! This is their “Spring Forward” curation and we are seeing some faves here for sure. A Siren Lipstick from Vapor Organic Beauty in Au Pair, the Vita Rich Cremé by Fitglow Beauty, Lavido’s Purifying Face Cleanser, Sunday’s nail polish in No. 4 and Root + Willow’s Fig & Plum Body Butter as well as their lip balm. The total retail value for this box is $185 USD/$250 CA but subscribers get all of this for: $90 USD/$120 CA.

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To catch you up, Mapleblume is the mother lode of all green beauty boxes. It’s a higher price point and a lot more product than most subscriptions offer. This bi-monthly subscription is based out of Canada and retails for just under $90 USD (depending on exchange rates). You can also skip the subscription and purchase a one-time box for about $103 USD. This is a high-end curated selection of of nontoxic skincare and makeup delivered every two months. Mapleblume promises a minimum of 5 full size or deluxe size luxury products.

April’s Mapleblume Selection

Mapleblume April Box

Vapour Siren Lipstick $33.50

Mapleblume promises a balanced mix of skincare and makeup which I totally love and this month we are seeing 4 skincare and 2 makeup. I mean who doesn’t love getting a new lipstick in the mail!? Psyched when I saw Vapour Organic Beauty represented this month. First of all, Vapour is the queen of organic beauty. They pride themselves in blurring the line between skincare and makeup and they do it with style. All of their products are organic where possible and are built to nourish and enhance. Their Siren Lipstick is made with 70% organic ingredients and 30% minerals and essential oils. It’s also made with wind power and both the inner and outer packaging are recyclable and printed with soy ink. Vapour dots all of their i’s and crosses all of their t’s. I have loved everything I’ve tried from this line. Don’t event get me started on their foundation!

vapour siren lipstick

Love the Siren Lipstick formula, it goes on like a balm but presents like a lipstick. We are seeing this in the color Au Pair which is like a mauvey nude. Subtle and versatile.

Fitglow Beauty’s Vita Rich Cremé $119

If you love a face lotion as opposed to an oil – look no further than Fitglow Beauty. Their lotions are light, they assimilate on impact and they moisturize. I had the chance to meet and chat with Anna, founder of Fitglow Beauty, at the Indie Beauty Expo last week in Dallas  and she got to tell me a little bit more about what sets this specific moisturizer apart. She uses whats called a liposome (which is basically like a sack) to hold vitamins ABCD+E all together so they are delivered to the skin as one. She said for example, when you have an A over here and a D over there, they sometimes don’t get together to do their job because in many ways, A+D are codependant inside the human body.  So delivering all vitamins together, at one time, helps to effectively penetrate skin to regenerate cells, improve fine lines, texture and radiance. The works.

The other special thing about this formula is that it is preserved with Aloe. Say WHAT!? It’s also 85%+ organic ingredients, vegan, nut-free and gluten-free. This formula wears really well and feels so good on.

Mapleblume April Box

Sunday’s Nontoxic Nail Polish in No. 4 $24

I was so excited to see this color here! This color reminds me so much of Chanel’s Ballerina –  the color I wore on my wedding day. Don’t you agree!? Sunday’s is a vegan, cruelty-free, nontoxic nail studio in Manhattan that just opened this past March. Their line is “10-free” meaning it is free of 10 of the common toxins in nail polish like dibutyl phthalate, toluene, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, parabens and tert-butyl hydroperoxide.

I am heading back to NYC this fall for the W.E.L.L. Summit. Last year I hit up tenoverten nontoxic nail salon for a quick mani/pedi but this year maybe I will try Sunday’s!

Root + Willow $27/$8

This is my second time getting to try Root + Willow. I was first introduced to them in a Glowing Beets box earlier this year. Root + Willow’s ingredients totally check out – they are clean, simple and some are even organic. In this box we get to try their Fig & Plum Body Butter as well as their Matcha & Mint Lip Balm. The body butter is a great balm to use on knees, heels, elbows or any other rough bits. It’s a true balm meaning it includes only oils (no water) which I love because without water there is no need for a preservative. Plus it smells amazing – everything I’ve smelled from their line smells like Sweet Tarts! Also loving their lip balm for a quick apply and go. It’s clean, it works and it’s minty which I love on my lips – adds a little freshness and let’s be honest, who doesn’t need that!?

Lavido Purifying Face Cleanser $38.50

This is a gentle milky cleanser that won’t strip your skin. You will still need to use a makeup remover before cleansing to take off your mascara and foundation but after that, this cleanser takes of dirt and grime while keeping skin moisturized and supple.

What’s Next!?

Well, bad news and good news. The bad news is this selection is already sold out BUT the good news is June is looking F I N E ! If you want to get in on the Mapleblume action they are now shipping to the US! Next box will be coming out in June. I got some intel on what’s in June’s box and I gotta say -AHHH! It includes a line I’ve been drying to try and another I am already smitten with plus several others that are new to me.

Mapleblume is offering some serious luxury green beauty loot. Flat rate shipping to the US for just under $15. Grab your’s from Mapleblume’s website!




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