March Tune-In with Natalie

March 7, 2019


March might have a very dreamlike quality to it… due to the influence of the water sign Pisces + Neptune, the planet that rules over the ocean and larger-than-life processes.  Pisces is the end of the zodiac, so we will receive and integrate aha’s and downloads from our fast journey through February as well as this last year’s lessons, of which there are plenty. We must surrender, allow the unfolding to happen. Any attempt to rush or force will backfire.  

At the same time as the watery slowness, be prepared for illuminations like lightning bolts that might shake the very core of your beliefs. If you are open to this process, it can cut through illusion into infinite possibility and a deeper understanding of the meaning of your life. Shifting our perspective can be terrifying, especially if we’ve always viewed things from a certain vantage point, however once we do, it can bring rapid evolution.

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Continue to carve out space for yourself and keep an eye on the tendencies to check out (distract with excess drinking, binge watching, food, etc.) March might be filled with heightened illusion, fantasy and confusion. Have compassion if you fall into old patterns and gently move out when you recognize them instead of wasting time beating yourself up or becoming rigid.

Hold yourself accountable by setting up some structures, but also give the part of your brain that wants clear, concise answers a break. We need both sides of our brain… the rational, hyper focused, linear part AND the fluid, creative, bigger vision part. This month supports the right brain… tapping into our intuition and the unconscious material that is always under the surface. Our brains take in roughly 400 billion bits of info per second and only about 2,000 bits make it to the surface of our conscious mind.

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There is a tremendous amount of information stored in the unconscious (individually + collectively).  And to uncover, discover, integrate these parts of ourselves, we must be open to different ways of communicating… dreams, symbols, art, impulses, music, intuition, synchronicity, deep inner knowing.

Our dreams are the subconscious parts of ourselves speaking to the conscious parts

You might notice that you have very vivid dreams or want to sleep longer than usual. A great practice is to keep a notebook near your bed and write down what you remember from your dreams immediately upon waking. Our dreams are the subconscious parts of ourselves speaking to the conscious parts. The two sides of the brain doing a dance of communication through symbol + metaphor + archetype. When you write down your dreams,  you can unlock parts of your deep inner guide, the one that is connected to everyone and everything. Whether you do this practice or not, March might have you more aware of the interconnected nature of life in general.


3/5 – Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces, where it will stay until 3/28. There are many misunderstandings about what mercury in retrograde means. I’ve created a PDF HERE to give you context on working with the energy of Mercury Retrograde as well as the dates it will happen for 2019.

3/6 – New Moon in Pisces conjunct the Sun + Neptune

3/6 – Uranus changes signs for the first time in 7 years, moving into Taurus where it meets Mars for the month.  Both of these signs being in the Earthy sign will increase physical manifesting, building our resources slow and steady.  Ground yourself in the earth energy, root down into your body, your senses. Uranus is an archetypal lightning bolt in your life.  It wakes us up to the fact we have a higher consciousness and will bring with it something around our connection with the Earth, with economy, with currency and food resources.  Whether through external or internal events, these next seven years will bring about a shift in the way we collectively relate to these themes as well as a close up look at our personal values that might need adjustment.

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3/20 – Spring Equinox (day is equal to night), Sun in Aries (this fire sign considered the first sign of the zodiac, will bring with it the oomph we need to get started in a new direction).

3/20-21 – Full moon in Libra, a time of illumination, intuition and the mirrored self. This full moon brings with it a powerful opportunity to heal your relationship with yourself… to integrate all parts of you.

3/28 – Mercury goes direct 

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3/1-3/5: Look at your life in an objective way, detach from the drama cycles, identify and release resentments that have been lingering for a long time. Free form journaling is a great practice to support you these days as well as the whole month.

3/6-3/8: Best time to set intentions for what you want to manifest in the next 6 months. Dream BIG. Honor your imagination and look at big picture of where you want to go. Write a lot of what you want to accomplish for the month and also, be aware of any areas in your life that you’ve been stuck that are now starting to move.

3/9-3/14: Watch for the tendency to feel rushed into decision making.  Go inward for answers… allow the witness self to come online and cultivate your intuition to guide you… I wrote an article about how to do that HERE.  If you are feeling frustrated, break things down in to small steps + move slowly.

3/15-3/19: Tap into your confidence and positive outlook for your life over these days. It will go a long way. Get into your body… exercise, eat as healthy as possible and drink lots of water to support flushing out any toxins.

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3/20-3/27: Honor new beginnings, look around to see what the world is mirroring back to you. When you are frustrated with a situation or person, what is it reflecting back about you? Where can you forgive what is in the past + let it go? Embrace all parts of yourself. A great time to clean your house/car/office of clutter.

3/28-3/31: Start to take informed action towards inspired new beginnings. Don’t leave any loose ends tied up. Remind yourself that both endings and beginnings can be happening at the same time. Embrace change in every way possible. Reflect on the month… what new awareness have you gleaned?

Journal Prompts

  • What are your fears?  Bring them out into the open by listing them out or speaking them aloud
  • How do you tap into your creative self?  DO YOU tap into your creative self?  List out 3 ways that you can do this for the month.
  • How does intuition show up for you?  Do you trust in it when it does?
  • What messages are your dreams bringing you?
  • What parts of you are coming online that seem new or really old?

The cosmos are very active this month and can feel a bit frustrating with starts + stops, ups + downs, hurry up + waits.  Stay the course and tap into your compassionate heart. TRUST in yourself and your journey even if you don’t yet see the outward manifestations of your intentions. They are coming.

xo natalie

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By Natalie

HELLO! I am Natalie. A life coach, energy healer, women’s circle leader + yoga teacher. Tune in every month where I'll be sharing tips on how to flip our perspectives and not only survive the non-physical, but THRIVE in it and cultivate the spark of the new in our day-to-day lives.

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