May Tune-In with Natalie

May 7, 2019

May is about grounding all of the recent “a-ha’s” (or high frequency downloads) into our bodies and the Earth. Taurus season is through the 21st and you might have felt as we slid into it over the last week or so with lethargy, slowness or an inner voice of idonwanna…yes? It might have felt as if you came to a screeching halt in some aspects of your life.

This is only an illusion.

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Aries is fire. The beginning. The spark of creation. And if you read my report for April, we had quite a bit going on.

Taurus is Earth, physical, sensate, slower AND if you calibrate to the energy, you’ll find there is much happening under the surface. What seems slow at first is actually determination, cultivation of value and steady progress towards goals. It’s what has been percolating these last few months for you and is ready to be fleshed out into form.

Moving from fire to earth can feel abrupt.

If you notice an inner restlessness, agitation, or “boredom” with your life circumstance, shift perspective and settle in a bit. Take three deep breaths and LEAN IN to the feeling. Where do you feel it in your body? Can you breathe with the sensation? Instead of moving really quickly away or through, can you hang out in it until it passes? Emotion is simply energy in motion. When we resist it or grasp to figure out why it is here, we hold the energy trapped in our bodies. When we stay with the process and allow it to move through, many times profound awareness comes afterwards.

May IS a slower month than we’ve had in awhile though there’s still plenty to talk about…

At the end of April, Saturn went retrograde (planet of karmic responsibility + the inner guru), meeting Pluto (planet of subconscious) + Jupiter (planet of larger than life processes + deep wisdom). These together are supporting us (through Aug, Sep + Oct of this year) in reflecting on our power complexes. This is the inner power vs. outer power where we give our power away and the responsibility we take for our own lives. It’s where we step into leadership in our lives and in the world.

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Taurus new moon was last Saturday 5/4/19; a rich and fertile space for planting seeds deep into the Earth. What signifies foundation for you and where do you vision yourself in the coming year(s)?

The Pluto/ Saturn conjunction that will be direct in the beginning of Jan 2020 and around until December 2020 is affecting some aspect of your life… you will find (or have found) yourself tearing down old scaffolding and rebuilding new strong solid foundations. It can be intense work as it’s linked to your karma… something that you came here to clear, to learn, to evolve beyond. With this comes much shadow work. This is the unearthing of our individual and collective shadows and bringing them into the light or acknowledging and accepting/integrating them.

This is deep work that most likely has been or will be unsettling. Making inner adjustments, one at a time as new information comes in is the best way to handle it. Patience, trust, placing one foot in front of the other, breathing, noticing your body and listening to it’s wisdom, sensate awareness are all in support of this looooooong transformation.

MAY PLANETARY EVENTS (to better understand the astrology, download my free toolkits here).

5/4 – New moon in Taurus

5/6 – Mercury enters Taurus

5/7 – Venus square Saturn

5/8- Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus

5/15 – Venus enters Taurus

5/16 – Mars enters Cancer

5/18 – Scorpio full moon / Venus conjunct Uranus

5/21 – Sun enters Gemini / Mercury enters Gemini

5/30 – Mercury square Neptune

5/31 – Mercury opposes Jupiter

6/3 – New moon in Gemini

Mercury, Venus + Uranus will all be be in Taurus this month. Mercury likes to move fast while Taurus is a bit slower. TRUST that if an idea comes, you can do a quick trial run, putting the concepts into place without having to flesh every detail out just yet. Use the feedback from the universe to adjust and refine. Venus LOVES to be in Taurus. Venus in Taurus will reveal what you value, what you hold close to your heart which it might surprise you.

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And at the end of the month, Mercury moves into Gemini (conjunct the sun). Mercury LOVES to be in Gemini and will support you in speaking from your newly revealed heart values.


5/2 – 5/7:  Breathe and get back to body based practices, slow down a bit + pick up any of the lost pieces from moving so quickly. This week, make plenty of time for nourishing self care, play and setting intentions that bring you joy.

5/8 – 5/14: Be open to clarity and inner direction. Use these few days to sift and sort through the ideas or “a-has” from the last few months. Write down all of them and speak aloud the ones that hold the most energy for you to see if they resonate. The voice is a great way to see if we are on the right track and in alignment with our truth.

5/15 – 5/16: As understanding dawns around what you value, you will find the impetus to act and move beyond your comfort zone; to cultivate more of it in your life. Allow yourself to vision, dream, follow your inspiration and complete tasks that bring you closer to your desires.

5/17 – 5/20: Stepping into personal power comes with great responsibility. Whatever we focus on grows. Simply notice where you’re still hiding from your own strength or running old programming. Set the intention to release that which does not serve. Choose carefully how and where you direct your energy moving forward. The full moon can bring some emotional intensity. Use the practice above to work with your emotions as they arise.

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5/21 – 5/31: Allow for more beauty into your life and experience through your senses….fresh flowers, a hot bath, time in nature, a massage. List out the things you are grateful for. Once you feel grounded and alive in your body, use the buzz to focus on new projects. Reach out to those you want to have conversations with and share your ideas with them. Collaborate, connect, communicate in all ways.

6/1 -6/7:  Continue to be social, yet spend more time listening and receiving new perspective without the need to think about your response. Practice healthy boundaries and if appropriate, process and express your feelings with others. Let the people in your life know that you love and appreciate them. Honor your intuition this week and listen to your gut.


What is your relationship with your body?  In what ways do you listen (not listen) to it?  In what ways do you feel the most connected with it?

What are your top 5 values?

Do you keep finding yourself in similar uncomfortable situations or relationships?  If so, what are these repeating patterns showing you? What are you learning from them?

Do you find time in your life to laugh and play?  If not, why? Add 3 things this month that bring you joy.

Happy MAY!!!

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