MŪN: Product Review

September 8, 2016

MŪN is a skincare line with pure and all-natural ingredients derived from native plants that are carefully selected by woman-owned, responsibly managed and local co-operatives. MŪN also strongly believes in sustaining our bodies and our planet and they ensure high standards when it comes to fair trade and sustainability. While MŪN’s founder, Munemi was recovering from a brief illness she discovered the powerful benefits of natural ingredients and MŪN was born. Read on for my MUN Skincare review!


MŪN sent me their Rose Toner and Brightening Youth Serum to try and let me put it to you straight. I can’t put this product down. Seriously, It’s been almost two months and I just can’t stop using it. I have at least two more skincare lines waiting in the cue but I keep reaching for this! I even went as far as to take it out of my bathroom and put it in the hall closet so I wouldn’t be tempted. It’s back in my bathroom.

Prickly Pear

What makes it so special? In a nutshell: prickly pear. You can read more about this effective ingredient here but in short, this serum has not only brightened my complexion but totally plumps my skin and has reduced fine lines around my mouth and eyes. And I am not saying this lightly! It is crazy good!

The texture is thicker than some of the other serums I’ve tried but not thick by any means. It is super plumping and moisturizing. My skin feels immediately more soft and supple after application. At first I was only using it at night because it was a little heavier than I was used to but as I grew accustom to the texture, my skin started craving it and soon it was the only thing I was using both day and night (and still is!!!)

Brightening Youth Serum

The Brightening Youth Serum consists of: organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil, organic Argan oil, and organic Rose Essential Oil. That’s it! It’s a light yellow and has a mild clean and floral scent. Two to three pumps at most is all you need to cover face and neck. Use this for a few weeks and you will be like WOAH!

And I know it’s not just me because I went to my functional medicine practitioner last week and the first thing she said was, “Wow! You are looking good. Your skin looks healthier!” I know she want’s to think it’s her care but I’m like – It’s the prickly pear lady!!!

Rejuvenating Rose Toner 68.00; Brightening Youth Serum 95.00
Rejuvenating Rose Toner

The Rejuvenating Rose Toner is beautiful too. A toner in general has two main jobs: to moisturize and bring pH back to between a 4 and a 5/6 after washing with water which is usually around 7. If the skin’s acid mantle loses it’s acidity, the skin become susceptible to damage and infection as well as irritation and sensitivity.  Toners also help to clean and prep skin for what is to come next. Some toners fall short on performance but the Rose Toner is reporting for duty on all fronts. You can see a full list of ingredients here which even includes Prickly Pear Stem Extract. Okay so I love the formula – hate the pump – the pump is too strong. The mister is way too heavy and direct. I prefer to either apply it with a cotton round after cleansing or to spray on my hands and pat into face.

This toner smells amazing like sticking your face into a bouquet of fresh roses. I’ve heard some people even like to spray it after makeup is applied to help set product. I need to find a better sprayer before I try that.

At bit about Mun’s Rejuvenating Rose Toner from founder Munemi Imai:

I came from Japan, a big toner culture. A lot of people in Japan will invest in a good toner rather than creams. The right toner can give the skin a healthy glow and fresh feeling after cleansing and throughout the day. It gives the skin the foundation for a deeper penetration of your serum or moisturizer. It works best when applied with a cotton pad, so if there is any trace of residue after cleansing, it will remove it. I start prepping models and clients’ skin with a toner on clean skin every time to make a good canvas to work on.

I can’t recommend this duo enough. After just a few days my skin felt healthier, happier and more moisturized than ever before!

Pick up this duo at The Choosy Chick and use code MUNSHIPSFREE for free shipping! (USA orders only) or you can check out their full site at MUNskin.com.


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