My Green Mattress Review and Factory Tour

May 11, 2020

Looking for a mattress that is comfy, organic and won’t break the bank? Check out my My Green Mattress review plus I fly to Chicago to take a tour of their newly certified GOLS/GOTS factory! Come see!

feeling a my green mattress

I toured the My Green Mattress factory to see how My Green Mattresses are made

Late last year, I was invited to tour the My Green Mattress factory so I said yes in about .2 seconds flat. It’s no secret I love My Green Mattress (MGM). Over the years I’ve purchased a queen Natural Escape, a full Kiwi, a twin Kiwi, a queen mattress protector and four latex toppers. I’ve also gifted 2 latex toppers to family members too. Because basically, if MGM is selling it? I’m buying it. Here’s why.

laying down on a mattress in the My Green Mattress showroom
Taking it easy in the My Green Mattress showroom

First of all, MGM is where comfort meets clean meets affordability. I truly believe sleeping on a clean mattress should be accessible to everyone and MGM is the closest I’ve found to that without compromising comfort or integrity. I’ve tried 4 organic mattresses before I landed on MGM which you can read all about here.

Check out this video for a peek inside the My Green Mattress showroom and factory. It’s a mashup of some of my Instagram stories and raw footage I took on the tour…(press the cc button to enable captions).

The My Green Mattress Factory and Showroom

a mattresses displayed side by side in the My Green Mattress showroom
Quality Sleep Shop showroom

The MGM factory and showroom is in a little town called La Grange about 25 minutes away from downtown Chicago. You can actually see the city skyline as you drive from La Grange in town. It’s a stone’s-throw away with a large commuting population. 

selfie next to the Chicago River with the tall buildings in the background
Me in Chicago

My husband and I flew in on a cold November night and hit up the Architecture Boat Tour followed by Sepia for dinner – both of which I highly recommend. The next morning I got up early and headed to the MGM showroom. 

standing in the showroom side by side with owners Tim and Cindy
Me with MGM owners Tim and Cindy Masters

MGM is a family owned business with 14 employees total. The original company opened its doors in 1968 and current owner Tim Masters was hired on as an employee at the age of 20 in 1990. Soon after that, Tim bought the company in 1995 at the age of 25 and has owned it ever since.

In the early days, Tim lived above the original factory/showroom in an apartment which made for the world’s shortest commute. The phone in his apartment was connected to the showroom and Tim was full of stories about answering and fulfilling orders at 1am from people who couldn’t sleep or people who may have had one too many. It also means that when their young daughter “played phone” at home she didn’t answer her toy phone with the typical “hello” but a toddler version of “Quality Sleep Shop.” 

Tim also talked fondly of the early days when he would pick up Cindy, his future wife for a date in his delivery van (with mattresses stacked in the back to be delivered). Or taking family trips to Wisconsin for the day (or weekend) with a mattress or two strapped to the top of the family car because, well, “It’s on the way.” 

Now the original factory/showroom has been sold and they’ve upgraded to a showroom in La Grange, Illinois with a manufacturing factory located about 10 minutes away.  

me taking a photo of a my green mattress in the showroom
Documenting it all at the My Green Mattress showroom

The showroom is built in two sections. Quality Sleep Shop is the main showroom which is basically conventional mattresses on the cleaner end of the spectrum that have not been certified organic. Owner Tim says the mattress store has been around since the 1960s and there is a local population who just want what they want. 

These look and feel more like a traditional mattress and cater to the conventional market in terms of what a mattress “should look and feel like.” BUT the cool thing is, Tim still uses natural materials in his Quality Sleep Shop mattresses like cotton and organic cotton and he never uses anything that’s been treated with fire retardants. So in the end, even his conventional customers are getting a cleaner option whether they know it or not. 

GOLS/GOTS Factory Certification

Then there is the back room showcasing My Green Mattress. MGM is a subset of Quality Sleep Shop and was inspired by Tim’s third child, Emily, who suffered from severe allergies and eczema. Tim had the idea of building her a 100% clean mattress to see if it would help reduce her symptoms and guess what? It did – and practically overnight. 

mattress stacked next to each other
Taking selfies in the My Green Mattress showroom

With this, Tim wondered if there would be more people interested in a mattress like this too and he was right. 

As of 2019, MGM is newly GOLS and GOTS FACTORY CERTIFIED from Control Union Certifications. This is huge considering there are only a handful of GOLS/GOTS certified mattress factories currently in the USA. A factory certified GOLS/GOTS mattress is different than a mattress “made with” certified GOLS/GOTS materials. Here’s why; 

  • The factory is audited every year for materials used.
  • Every material is tagged, indexed and marked for traceability.
  • The certification by the Control Union meets strict requirements in the craftsmanship of organic textile and organic latex sleep products.
  • My Green Mattress has always sourced eco-conscious and nontoxic materials to create luxurious, healthy sleep solutions, and now the process by which the products are crafted is also certified organic.
  • Mattresses are made from sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable materials including carbon-neutral, GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex made from the sap of rubber trees and GOTS certified organic wool.
  • Other criteria the factory meets to be certified organic include maintaining top standard cleanliness, operating state-of-the-art machinery and ensuring a safe and educated work environment.
mattresses stacked and tagged with handwritten dates/materials
Each mattress is tagged with handwritten specs

My Green Mattress specifics

The GOLS/GOTS factory certification allows for 5% of the total mattress to comprise non-certified materials. MGM sits way under that at 2.3% which accounts for things like metal coils. 

touching a huge pile of wool with my hand
Traceable wool from France

The wool they use is now from France so it can be 100% traced. It used to be sourced from New Zealand but it was not 100% traceable so they’ve upgraded. I got to smell and touch the wool and it’s beautiful, soft and clean smelling. 

The lowest priced organic twin mattress on the market

My Green Mattress offers THE MOST AFFORDABLE GOLS + GOTS certified mattress currently on the market. With their current Memorial Day sale, you can get an organic twin for just around $500 and an organic crib mattress for about $235!

And they can do this because they have built their company from the ground up since 2007 as well as direct sales only cutting out any middlemen costs. Plus they have a solid local following and a growing national following with very little spent on advertising. Newer mattress companies have to allocate a significant amount more of their budget on advertising to get their company off the ground which automatically inflates prices.

feeling a My Green Mattress in the showroom
This is the mattress my son has – we love it!

The other benefit of being around for a while is that My Green Mattresses offers a 20 year warranty can actually stand on its own two legs whereas when a newer company offers a 20 or 25 year warranty, who knows what that actually means. It could be good for a year or less considering the fact that 80% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years. 

standing inside the My Green Mattress factory
Hanging out in the My Green Mattress Factory

The other cool thing about being around for a while is owner and craftsman Tim has been making mattresses with his own hands for 30 years. THIRTY YEARS. And he is super passionate about always improving his materials, process and manufacturing. He told me he’s LITERALLY ordered and taken apart almost every organic mattress on the market to see how it’s made to gain insight into his own designs and to beat out the competition. 

A peek inside the My Green Mattresses…

That being said, I was literally shell shocked at how simple his mattresses are designed. I’ve been sleeping on them for years now but seeing the mattress assembled kind of blew my mind. I mean it’s literally a coil spring topped with latex and surrounded in an organic cover. That’s it. And they are literally HANDMADE. 

mattress coils stacked super high
Coil inners stacked high in the My Green Mattress factory
a man assembling a mattress in a factory
Assembling a My Green Mattress

You can see above, this mattress is just coils sandwiched between latex and wrapped in a cotton cover. Here is a closer look below. It’s really that simple.

a mattress assembled with coils topped with latex thats it
Coils topped with latex. That’s it!
hand sewing the cover to my green mattresses
My Green Mattress hand sews their mattress covers.

And each mattress cover is hand sewn.

My Green Mattress mattress options

Currently My Green Mattress sells 5 mattresses, each with their own unique selling point. In fact, My Green Mattress is in the process of adding a vegan option too which will take the total up to six.

My Green Mattress Pure Echo mattress

The Pure Echo is a latex-free mattress and a great option for those who have latex allergies.  

My Green Mattress Hope mattress

three layers of latex stacked on top of each other
Hope mattress

The Hope mattress is a coil-free mattress made of 100% latex with a cotton cover that is a great option for people who prefer the feel of latex or are looking for a metal or EMF-free mattress. This one is literally just three layers of latex wrapped in a cotton cover. I tried it out in the showroom and it’s comfy. Just a little less bounce/spring and a little less give.

My Green Mattress Natural Escape mattress

coils sandwiched between two layers of latex

The Natural Escape is their most popular selling (and I personally think most comfortable) option made with coils, cotton, latex and wool. This mattress is handcrafted with a 5-zone pocketed coil innerspring that offers enhanced lumbar and edge support. The innerspring is topped with 3 inches of contouring GOLS organic Dunlop latex, and is covered in a GOTS certified organic wool and cotton quilt.

My Green Mattress Kiwi mattress

looking at the insides of a My Green Mattress Kiwi mattress
The insides of the Kiwi mattress

The Kiwi is MGM’s newest addition which is a hybrid and ideal for kids and guest rooms to accommodate a variety of weight and sizes. 

My Green Mattress’s Emily mattress

taking a photo of the inside of the crib mattress
Coconut fibers inside the Emily mattress

Emily –   Their Emily Crib mattress is handmade with natural materials including GOTS certified organic cotton, GOTS certified organic wool, and GOLS certified organic coconut coir—a breathable, pressure-relieving pad made from organic coconut fibers that are bound together using organic latex. The Emily Crib mattress is certified organic, non-toxic, and naturally flame-retardant. This is a great option when considering safety and healthy support for babies in my opinion.  

My Green Mattress bunk bed mattresses

And they also make a kiwi bunk bed to fit the 8” bunk standards which is clutch because it’s so hard to find these organic!

Questions about latex allergies 

I’ve had several people ask if the latex MGM  is safe for people with latex allergies. Now while I can’t personally answer that, I did talk to MGM and this is what they had to say.

“We use 100% GOLS organic Dunlop latex, with no fillers or additives.

Dunlop is made from taking the sap of the rubber tree and using a mixture of sulfur and vegetable fats that causes it to puff up and gives it the spongy texture.  The mixture is then fired in molds in kilns and hardens this way. It is repeatedly washed with pure water after to wash away impurities and is then thrown into the fire again to fully dry off any excess moisture.

Because it is fired in this way, the vast majority of plant proteins from the rubber tree sap burn off. This makes it much more hypoallergenic, and only those with the most severe anaphylactic responses to the actual plant protein would have any sort of reaction at this point.

Synthetic latex, such as what’s used in the medical field in things like gloves and bandages, have harsh additives that cause people to react on the skin. This can lead some people to believe that they have an undiagnosed allergy to latex, when really it’s just contact dermatitis from the powders and such.

Anyone concerned with a potential latex allergy should consult with their physician and we are always willing to send a sample of our latex to anyone who wants to experience it and test their reaction.”

And just as a reminder, the Pure Echo is 100% latex free and may be a good option for people who don’t want to be exposed to any type of latex.

Here’s what I recommend 

For adults, the Natural Escape is a hole in one. Do you like a firm mattress?Keep it as it is. Do you like a little more give/plushness? Add a latex topper to it. If your partner prefers firm and you prefer plush, add a topper to one side of the king mattress for the perfect compromise. 

Tim and Lisa chatting in the My Green Mattress factory

For kids, the Kiwi is where it’s at. It has a little more bounce/give than the Pure Echo and it costs less. You can even get it two sided so you can flip it to extend the life of the mattress. Add a topper for extra comfort. 

5 Reasons Why Trying My Green Mattress is a No Brainer

1. They offer a 20-Year warranty. My Green Mattress warranties any mattress for a period of 20 years against defects. If your mattress has a defect covered under warranty, My Green Mattress will provide you with a replacement mattress, of the same model and size of the original mattress. More here.

2. They offer a sleep Guarantee or a 120-Night Sleep Trial which means you can return your mattress for a full refund within 120 nights from date of purchase. 

3. In the event that a replacement mattress is sent, My Green Mattress will ask that you donate the used mattress to charity to help repurpose the mattress for someone in need.

4. They use recycled and recyclable shipping boxes. 

5. My Green Mattress also offers an addition $50 off to our Veterans. More here.

Check out this video that compares My Green Mattress to their competitor:

Have you tried My Green Mattress? Use code THISORGANICGIRL to receive $125 off any twin mattress or bigger.

By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    You address people with latex allergies in your write up, however the mattress is also made of wool. Please update your article to address whether this is safe for those with allergies to wool. Thank you.

    1. Reply


      Thanks Patti! My Green Mattress has made wool-free mattresses in the past – custom for some customers…if that is a need, I would get in touch with them directly. They have awesome customer service and would be happy to help! xo, Lisa

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    Hi Lisa!

    Thank you for being “This Organic Girl!” I have been looking for you for years!

    I loved your article about MGM, the tour of the factory, and seeing how the beds are made…quite simple really, as it should be.

    I own a Natural Escape, but I am strongly considering getting a custom made mattress, with the full spring of the Kiwi, and everything else the same as the Natural Escape….that would be perfect!

    Thank you very much for loving the mattress enough to inform your readers!



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      OMG that’s an amazing idea! You should be a mattress maker – lol, great idea!!! So glad you are loving yours too. xo, Lisa

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