Nontoxic Makeup??? Where To Start!

January 9, 2017

I got together with one of my girls from college a few weekends ago. We have been besties for over 20 years (who said that?!) – we’ve seen each other date, get engaged, married, have kids (we were Maids of Honor at each others weddings) the whole nine.

So this time we started talking makeup and one thing led to another and the next thing you know I have her Target cart stacked with some starter essentials. No frills, no gambles, no maybes – just some tried and true nontoxic crowd pleasers. Wanted to share with you what I recommended incase you are looking for a place to start!

Five (maybe 6) items total from only two brands that will give you a good jump on a signature everyday look. If you are looking to get into green beauty or turn over your makeup kit, start with these basics – you can’t go wrong!

W3ll People

W3LL People. This is a nontoxic brand that is becoming more ubiquitous by the day. They even sell it at Target so it’s easy to get. It’s not too crazy price wise either, most of their products fall between 15-30 bucks. The ingredients are clean (of course there are some brands that are cleaner but if we are talking mainstream, easy access, one-stop-shopping, this is a great place to start). And their products perform!

Narcissist Foundation Stick + Kabuki Brush

This is my all time favorite foundation to date. It goes on in a medium coverage allowing your natural skin marks to show through so it looks really natural but is great at taking the redness away and evening out skin tone. It comes in 8 shades and #5 is a perfect match for me.

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I actually only need foundation around my nose, chin and cheeks to eliminate redness and even out skin tone. I never apply foundation to my forehead or by my jawline. You can apply this formula right from the stick to your target areas and then go back and even out product with this W3ll People Kabuki brush (or fingertips). I love this brush. It is so soft and evens out product to it’s most natural finish. (A must-have for me but you can get away with just using your fingers to blend.)

This stick and this brush provide a natural finish that is breathable, dewy (but not wet looking) and vibrant. This is my daily foundation and I totally recommend it as a place to start.

Bio Bronzer

Bio Bronzer – $23.99

After foundation is set, this is perfect for going back in and creating a sexy sun-kissed glow. Dab stick on cheeks and blend with fingertips. Add a little to the upper brow, bridge of nose and a smidge to your chin to even out the look.

(I am linking my W3ll People recs to my fave green beauty shop, Follain because I love what they stand for and I also love supporting small business but W3ll People is available at Target too if you prefer with free shipping.)

Hynt Beauty

Okay to finish off this look, a little mascara and some brow definition. Honestly, you don’t need much more than that!

Hynt Beauty is a brand that values transparency, honesty and clean ingredients. This company was born after co-founder Meryl Marshall could not find a clean luxury line that lived up to her standards so she created one. I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from them. And with free shipping they are a fantastic one-stop-shop brand.

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Eye Brow Definer

Eyebrow Definer – $22.50
Duo Liner Brow Brush – $20

Okay to make this brow definer work you need the right brush. I use one by Ecobrow but for one stop shopping purposes – this one by Hynt looks great too! Load up the thicker end of this brow brush with product and fill in brows. I grabbed this quick tutorial off of Pinterest to help. Ignore the tweezing part but use the guidelines to know where to fill in brows – don’t go past these guides for a natural look.

This formula goes on as a cream and dries to a power finish. It looks really natural, subtle and adds the perfect amount of definition. If you have never done your brows or are scared to give it a try, DO IT! Brows frame your face and add structure. If I have a simple makeup day sometimes it’s the only thing I will put on (well that and mascara). I didn’t start doing my brows until I was 37 and I ask myself everyday – WHY did I wait so long!?

This product is also great because it doubles as a liner! Use the other side of this brush to define your lash line. I like wetting my brush first, dipping it in the product and applying this formula wet to my lash-line. I find that it stays longer and goes on darker that way. But you can apply it dry too.

This Brow Definer comes in 5 shades. Espresso is a perfect match for me. There are no red undertones – it’s a pure brown. Love the ingredients here too. Super simple and nontoxic.

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Hynt Mascara

Hynt Mascara – $24

One of my fave green beauty mascaras. Defining, lengthening, thickening, voluminous and nontoxic – what else do you need!? Stays all day with no smudging or flaking. If you are still looking for a clean mascara that works or looking to replace your conventional one, give this one a try!

Lookin Good Girl!

That’s it! Two carts, 5 items and one nontoxic face. Here they are on – I am wearing these four makeup items only and nothing else!  Looks good, right!?

Break It Down!

Both brushes, Narcissist Stick, Bio Bronzer, Mascara and Brow Definer = $160.47


Skip the Kabuki brush and blend foundation with fingers for a grand total of = $120.47

If you are still looking for a New Years resolution or haven’t pulled the trigger on trying green beauty, start here! These picks will rock your world, I promise!


By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!

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