November Organic Beauty Subscription Roundup

November 7, 2018

November Detox Box featuring Odacité

Guys this is so fun. November’s subscription round up is COMPLETE!

And if your head is spinning with what subscription is best for you, make sure to check out my buying guide. It details all the pros of each subscription so you can pick which one fits you best!


The Detox Box featuring Odacité

HELLO! So excited about this month’s Detox Box. But quick announcement first. Detox is going up in price from $49.95/mo to $55/mo starting TOMORROW (11/8). So if you want in on this deal, I would suggest getting it today (11/7)! Okay so this month we get to enjoy Odacité (pronounced OH-DAS-A-TAY) at a fraction of the cost. Specifically, we are seeing their full-size All-Embracing Serum ($95), travel size Black Mint Cleanser ($14) and – DRUM ROLL PLEASE – their Crystal Contour Gua Sha ($38) – yeah boyyyie! A total value of $147 for $49.95 if you order by today (11/7) or $55 if you order 11/8 or after. Shop here!

November Detox Box featuring Odacite

The Detox Box just continues to BRING IT. I also love that there is no commitment here either. You can order one box at a time. No membership required. This allows you to pick and choose what boxes you want to bring home or pass on. This month’s deets:

  • All- Embracing Serum – A light-weight oil that sinks in quickly leaving skin soft and glowing.
  • Black Mint Cleanser – A black, minty, foaming facial cleanser (for face, not eyes) that leaves skin tingling, cool, clean but not stripped.
  • Crystal Contour Gua Sha – A hand-carved rose quartz gua sha tool that works to stimulate circulation, smooth texture, de-puff and relieve facial tension. Here’s a video on how to use it.
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 Shop The Detox Box here!

Art of Organics featuring AMLY Botanicals

Art of Organics is delivering AMLY Botanicals for the month of November! A $128 value for $41.95! We are seeing their full-size City Screen Protective Face Serum ($88) and travel size Digital Detox Face Mist ($40). Shop here! 

November Art of Organics featuring AMLY Botanicals
Art of Organics

This is my second time around with AMLY. Love their packaging, love their presentation and the smell of AMLY products are just divine.

City Screen Protective Face Serum: This serum is packed with antioxidants, collagen-boosting compounds and hydrating botanicals. It’s designed to combat urban grime and pollution. This is best layered under daily moisturizer.

November Art of Organics featuring AMLY Botanicals
Art of Organics

Digital Detox: Designed to help detoxify and clarity skin. This formula is stacked with Frankincense, Magnesium Salts, Marine Actives, Gingseng and Ylang Ylang to not only provide skin clarity but mental clarity too. Use this on your face and in your immediate environment to protect skin and boost energy levels.

Art of Organics just up their prices a bit but they still remain the lowest overall in price out of these four. $41.94/month with a two month initial commitment will having you enjoying AMLY in no time!

Shop Art of Organics here! 

Beauty Heroes featuring Inlight

Beauty Heroes is featuring Inlight – a line based heavily on science and years of studying the biochemistry, alchemy and physics of botanicals. This month we are seeing their Line Softener Intensive ($129) and Super-Food Mask ($58) a $187 value for $42.95. Beauty Heroes has an initial three month commitment for new subscribers – cancel anytime after that. And might I add, a Beauty Heroes subscription makes the best holiday gift!

Inlight organic skincare Super Food Mask X Beauty Heroes
Beauty Heroes November Selection

A standout for me is Inlight’s formulations. Both the Line Softener Intensive and Super-Food Mask are made with 100% organic ingredients. In fact, Inlight is the very first UK skincare company to gain Cosmos organic accreditation and they continue to work closely with the Soil Association to maintain the best possible standards in the beauty industry. In addition, all packaging at Inlight is responsibly and sustainably sourced, recycled where possible and recyclable. They are also Leaping Bunny accredited.

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Inlight Super-Food Mask, organic skincare
Inlight Super-Food Mask
Inlight Super-Food Mask applied
Inlight Super-Food Mask applied

This is my second time trying Inlight’s organic Super Food Face Mask – I got another sample earlier this year. It’s an oil based mask formulated to detoxify and repair the skin. Power-packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, naturally rich in Vitamin E – a weekly detox and anti-aging treatment. It also has a little bit of grit in it too and provides a light exfoliation.

And this is my first time with Line Softener Intensive. A decadent, floral-y balm featuring a blend of jojoba, argan, macadamia, olive, sunflower, apricot kernel, coconut, rosehip and evening primrose leaves skin looking plump, moisturized and softened. I’ve been enjoying this as an overnight treatment.

Get Beauty Heroes featuring Inlight here!

Boxwalla featuring Earthwise Beauty

Say hello to Boxwalla’s December box featuring Earthwise Beauty – I don’t even think Boxwalla announced this yet?! Back and better than ever after a packaging rebrand, Earthwise Beauty is lookin’ FLY! December’s selection is playfully labeled the “Forest Bathing” box and it’s delivering Resiliency Face Serum ($64) and Yasuni Face Balm ($110) – a $174 value for $49.95 – no initial commitment – you can cancel anytime.

December Boxwalla X Earthwise BeautyI’ve had the pleasure of trying Earthwise in the past through Boxwalla – I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE their Ruby Face Oil – like down to the last drop love it. Earthwise just has to much to offer in terms of formulation, ingredients and efficacy.

Resiliency Face Serum – OH EM GEE. This is a semi-solid jelly-like serum that comes in a Miron glass pot. It’s designed to firm, plump, remove puffiness, heal acne and reduce fine wrinkles. Made with cold-pressed whole leaf aloe juice, carrot seed essential oil, blue chamomile, vitamin E and more. Super hydrating and feels so good on my skin. Loved it from first application. A great layering piece.

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Yasuni Face Balm – Great for day or night, this essential oil free solid balm acts like a retinol but isn’t! Yasuni is based on fruit oils that have particularly high and wide-ranging phytonutrient levels and enzymatic action. Boxwalla explains; this balm works similarly to a retinol on the skin, exfoliating and resurfacing it, but with none of the irritation, redness, or peeling often caused by actual retinol products. It is also an ideal balm for healing acne and reducing blackheads and oil production.

Made with capuacu butter, firming tacuma seed butter, deeply penetrating bacuri butter, whole-fruit acai oil and more. I fell in love with this balm too overnight. It’s an interesting formula – super concentrated in density and almost like a wax. It doesn’t roll on smooth like most balms, you have to heat it up to get it going or you can add a drop or two of your fave face oil to loosen it up. BUT the really cool thing is it totally envelopes my skin, truly penetrating and delivering some serious moisture/skin food. Great for all skin types.

Order now to secure your box. Boxes ship out the first week of December.

Try December’s Boxwalla featuring Earthwise Beauty here!

Xo, lisa
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organic beauty subscription roundup

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