November Tune-In with Natalie

November 9, 2019

Chaos continues throughout the month of November.

We’re in the crosshairs of the old + new and it can feel crazy making with bursts of intermittent clarity. You might find yourself turning inward as the days are shorter, yet there is something that won’t let you completely rest. The inward turn is stirring up all sorts of shadow material to work with.

Keep your eyes open and learn from what is being reflected back to you. See the positive AND the negative without assigning either a more prominent role. BE the witness of each experience as you are also going through it… an important practice to create the NEW instead of recreating the OLD. 

If you don’t have a formal meditation practice, try sitting for 5 minutes a day and concentrating on the breath. Notice how many times in that 5 minutes your mind wanders. When you notice it wandering, bring it back to the breath. This practice will support you in consciously responding to the many triggers of current life instead of reacting to them… big difference.

Slow down your response time so you can feel your inner strength and connect to the power you have to choose in every moment. Though the month will be challenging, it is leading you to KNOWING yourself at a deeper level than ever… knowing what you are here for, what you are being called to do, how you are going to support this shift in the world. 

Be open to being surprised. 

WORDS FOR THE MONTH: Shadow. Honesty. Intimacy. Depth. Excavate. Revelation. Empowered Choice. Informed Action. Discipline. Know Thyself. Communication.

NOVEMBER PLANETARY EVENTS (to better understand the astrology, download my astrology toolkits here)

  • 11/1 – Venus enters Sagittarius
  • 11/5 – Mars square Pluto
  • 11/8 – Sun sextile Saturn, Saturn sextile Neptune
  • 11/9 – Mercury sextile Pluto
  • 11/11 – Sun conjunct Mercury
  • 11/12 – Taurus Full Moon, Mars sextile Jupiter
  • 11/14 – Venus square Neptune
  • 11/19 – Mars enters Scorpio/ opposes Uranus
  • 11/20 – Mercury stations direct
  • 11/22 – Sun enters Sagittarius
  • 11/24 – Mars opposite Uranus
  • 11/25 – Venus enters Capricorn
  • 11/26 – Sagittarius New Moon
  • 11/27 – Neptune stations direct
  • 11/28 – Mercury trine Neptune, Venus trine Uranus
  • 11/30 – Mercury sextile Saturn


Oct 29-Nov 8: Mercury goes retrograde on the 31st in Scorpio. We will be feeling it a few days before with possible snafus + confusion. This is the planet of communication. Be thoughtful with your words, HOW you say them, IF you say them + WHY you say them. Mercury retrograde will give us an opportunity to slow down + review some areas that might not quite be where we want them to be. Also, Samhain/ Halloween is a sacred time of remembrance + honoring your past, your ancestors and all of the changes that have taken place in 2019 thus far. Can you see each experience as a stepping stone to the next?

Nov 9-13: Closing up chapters. Full culmination of some past debris. Secrets revealed. Release what does not serve. No really this time, let go. The definition of insanity is repeating the same things + expecting different results. The initial discomfort from the unearthing of what has been hidden will make way for transformation of the highest order. Communicate clearly what changes you feel are needed to those you are close with. Speak up. Or if you’re not quite ready, prepare to speak up next week with the help of Mars.

Nov 14-20: A week to be assertive, direct and as clear as possible in your communication. Mars will support taking action steps to clear the path ahead. Be aware that anger, frustration + procrastination might rear their heads. If this is showing up, practice nurturing yourself with some calming practices. Trust in your gut knowing, your intuition + take each step as it comes. For those of you that are ruled by mainly rational thinking, this might be a challenging week. A big part of communication is also listening. Create space in your interactions for giving AND receiving this sacred practice.

Nov 21-24: Energy will be shifting this week from the shadowy depths to the NEW truths and ways of moving forward. Pause to ponder where you see yourself a year from now? What do you desire? Vision BIG. Write it down on a huge piece of paper + post it where you will see it for the next month. Socialize, have fun, connect with others and share your vision if it feels appropriate.

Nov 25-30: New beginnings. Sagittarius energy supports you in stepping forward on YOUR path, listening to your inner calling and letting the herd mentality go. Start and end each day with a list of what you are grateful for. Optimism peeks out from behind the heaviness + chaos. Your eyes will begin to adjust as the illusions of the last several months fall away + you will see your authentic truth. Step out of your comfort zone and follow.

Dec 1-7: Possibly the gentlest week left of 2019. Allow yourself to rest in the truths that have been revealed. Take a breather from holiday prep and carve out time to break your big vision into bite sized steps and start NOW. One small step every day friend. You are deeply supported in this by Jupiter in Capricorn until Dec 2020.


  • In what ways do you compare yourself to others? Instead of selling yourself short and feeling bad, list out 1-3 things you admire about them + add to your vision.
  • Where do you feel powerless to change a situation? Can you change your perspective? What are you learning from the situation? What skills are you developing?
  • Change one simple automatic habit… drive a different way to work, brush your teeth with the other hand, refrain from going back for seconds. Commit to this for the whole month and see if it creates space in other areas.
  • What is your relationship to the Earth? How are you treating her? Do you connect with her?
  • Are you speaking your truth? How does it come out – forceful, clear, timid, loud, not at all? Practice speaking truth with those you trust and gradually expand your circle.
xo natalie

Cover art by Deb Schwedhelm


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