October Tune-In with Natalie

October 10, 2019

October is about clearing out the clutter, realigning with our purpose and opening up to higher energies, frequencies and concepts.

The beginning of the month is intense, especially the first week where our collective shadows rear their ugly heads again. You might feel constricted, full of fear or overwhelmed with a storyline that has been running the show for as long as you can remember. This might show up in your body as fatigue, strange aches, pains, emotionality or anger.

Breathe my friend, we are moving towards an expansion so huge it is only natural to feel a clench on the way there. Transformation is an alchemical process of changing from one state of being to another. If it were easy, this world wouldn’t be in the chaos of these times… everything would be cleared out as soon as it was recognized and we would be living in planetary peace.

And this is truly what we are moving towards; the age of Aquarius or Sat Yuga or “the time of enlightenment”.

We are deeply supported at this time for our personal clearing. And this will affect the whole. If we can STAY with the process instead of resisting it. Do you BELIEVE that you are supported? Do you TRUST that you are guided? Practice dropping into the resonance of receiving this month…receiving messages, signs, inspiration, inner guidance, etc.

When we open up to the deep wells of support and balance, that source provides synchronicity and coincidences; we have room to emerge and this guides us in ways that bring in the quickening of these changes. 

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Balance. Transformation. Clearing. Surprise. Compassion. Healthy Boundaries. Shift. Desire. Beauty. Relating. Rewriting Stories. Upgrade.

OCTOBER PLANETARY EVENTS (to better understand the astrology, download my astrology toolkits here)

  • 10/3 – Pluto direct, Mercury enters Scorpio
  • 10/4 – Mars enters Libra 
  • 10/7 – Mercury opposes Uranus + Sun squares Saturn
  • 10/8 – Venus enters Scorpio
  • 10/9 – Mars opposes Chiron
  • 10/12 – Venus opposes Uranus
  • 10/13 – Aries Full Moon square Pluto + trine Jupiter
  • 10/14 – Sun square Pluto
  • 10/23 – Sun enters Scorpio
  • 10/27 – Mars square Saturn
  • 10/28 – Scorpio New Moon opposes Uranus
  • 10/31 – Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio (thru 11/21)
  • 11/1 – Venus enters Sagittarius
  • 11/8 – Saturn setile Neptune


Oct 1- 7: The mirroring principle of life is strong in these times and especially during the month of October. What outside of you doesn’t resonate? Can you tweak something inside to affect the external. For instance, if you are not being seen by another, how can you practice seeing yourself? This week, Pluto (the planet of shadow and transformation) turns direct and will unearth another layer of the collective shadow, bringing it to the surface. All the inner work we’ve done to unearth our own shadows will be tested as we step into our personal power individually to support this in our own unique way. 

Oct 8-13:   Relationship issues arise to be healed. Deeply buried feelings might come to the surface, surprising you and your loved ones. Especially things from last year. Not a negative thing, though requiring attention, vulnerability and the utmost compassion. Can you hold space for others to have their different individual experience without needing to shift their point of view? Or without making your experience wrong? Find room for the “yes, and”. This will pave the way for a final clearing and a sense of hope, especially in regards to strained relationships.

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Oct 14-22: The calmest week of the month. Connect with your guides – angels, ancestors, higher self, inner guidance and support systems. Pick one of the following phrases that resonates with you the most and repeat it often:

  • “Every day, in every way, I am deeply supported and taken care of.”
  • “Every day, I am running higher frequencies through my body in a way that supports me and those I come in contact with.”
  • “Every day, I am willing to be willing to trust that I am supported.”

Our words create our experiences. Be mindful of what you say. A great week to carve out some space to be quiet and LISTEN.

Oct 23-28: Welcome to Scorpio season. Transformation is the name of the game. When going through change, it can feel intense, explosive, exciting, illuminating. Breakthroughs and shake ups of all kinds abound. Some might be emotional, passionate and messy. A great week to shine a light on your deep desires. Pull them up from the darkness and take a look. What desires serve your highest and best? What desires actually drain you? Don’t hide from your truth, embrace it. We must SEE to be able to shift. The seeing itself will start to shift the energy before you need to take action.

Oct 29-Nov 8: Mercury goes retrograde on the 31st in Scorpio. We will be feeling it a few days before with possible snafus and confusion. This is the planet of communication. Be thoughtful with your words, HOW you say them, IF you say them and WHY you say them. Mercury retrograde will give us an opportunity to slow down and review some areas that might not quite be where we want them to be. Also, Samhain/ Halloween is a sacred time of remembrance and honoring your past, your ancestors and all of the changes that have taken place in 2019 thus far. Can you see each experience as a stepping stone to the next?

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  • What are your relationship values? List them out + practice giving them to yourself.
  • What is your idea of beauty? Is it art, nature, music or the simplicity of mundane moments? Fill your space with beauty and express gratitude when you see or feel it. 
  • Is there an area of your life that is cluttered? House, car, junk drawer, desk? Clear it out with the intention to create space for the new transformative energy.
  • What do you desire? What does desire mean to you? Ponder the word + all that it brings up this month.
  • Are you resisting letting go of something that has outgrown it’s form… a relationship, experience, belief, situation, job, etc? At the end of the month, have a fire ceremony, write it down + commit to releasing it’s hold on you.

Practice balanced living at the beginning of the month and once we hit the 23rd, let yourself get wild and messy beautiful my friend.

xo natalie


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