Organic Baby: My Picks for Organic Shower Gifts

May 17, 2016

I am no longer in the baby stages BUT a dear friend of mine is having a baby boy in a few weeks and I wanted to share some of my picks I put together for her shower gift! She is having a boy but a lot of these picks are gender neutral and would be a beautiful gift for a boy or a girl.

My goal here was cute, safe and functional baby items. I wanted to go as organic as possible for this little bean. This includes any swaddles, clothes, burp clothes, bibs, lotions and topicals – anything that will come into contact with his skin. I also wanted to avoid plastics especially for anything baby will put in his mouth.

Another goal here is to support small business. All of these businesses are small and woman owned.  I love each of their missions and I am so excited to highlight them here.

Alber Road’s Organic Onsie and Matching Beanie

Onsie – 33.99 – Beanie 11.99

Can you guys even stand the cuteness of this onsie and matching beanie?! I love how the fox theme pattern and colors on this little getup juxtapose cute and edgy.  And I especially love the choice of orange snaps – a fun pop of sass. But beyond killer aesthetics, Alber Road is an amazing company with one woman making all of Alber Road’s orders. Sarah Bader sources American grown organic cotton fabrics for her garments and they are sewn with quality and care. This fox onsie is made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.  Her craftsmanship is beautiful, detailed and strong – well worth the wait for custom orders. A wicked cute going home outfit!

Shop Alber Road using code: ORGANICGIRL15 for 15% off any order from now through November 12, 2016.

Meow Meow Tweet’s Baby Skin Care

Sample Set 25.00

It’s so important to use clean, nontoxic lotions, soaps and balms on baby! Our bodies are so susceptible to what we put on our skin and I truly believe these tiny babies deserve not only something nontoxic but something really superior and special.  That’s why I turned to one of my favorite small batch skin care companies, Meow Meow Tweet. They create vegan products with pure, all natural and organic ingredients. Not only are their ingredients organic but they use unrefined plant oils. steam distilled and cold-pressed essential oils and organic and wild-crafted botanicals. And I love that most of their products are packaged in glass.

Shown here is the Baby Body Oil – I especially love that there are no essential oils in this formulation. Less is more when it comes to baby.

Baby Powder – a talc-free baby power that is also safe to use with cotton diapers. It is kaolin clay and arrowroot based. Really light and effective.

Baby Body Wash – a mild wash with an coconut/sunflower/castor oil base which leaves skin not only clean but moisturized too. Avoid contact with eyes. Any baby soaps that have a “no tear” formula most likely have toxic chemical additives to achieve this.

Body Balm – Use as a spot treatment for rashes, dry patches, scratches or even as a diaper cream.

Shop Meow Meow Tweet and use code: ORGANICBABY which will save you 10% off anything on their site from now until the end of June

Smile Sunshine Designs Wooden Teethers

18.00 for a set of 3 wooden teethers.

Love these wooden teethers. A safe nontoxic alternative to plastic teethers.  These are hand carved and polished with organic coconut oil and beeswax. They can be used individually or even strung on a nursing necklace. They are a great size and perfect for small baby hands. The large center hole makes for easy grasping and doubles as a fine motor skill tool for baby’s development.  They have some really precious designs. In addition to the ones shown; an owl, rabbit, cat, bird ect. Plus some fun nursing necklaces and amber teething necklaces.

Shop Smile Sunshine Designs and use code ORGANICGIRL for 10% off your order on Smile Sunshine Designs Etsy Shop! 

Ocean and Friends Organic Swaddle 

organic swaddle, organic baby, baby, organic
Organic Swaddle 24.95-29.95

Don’t forget to wrap your little one in an organic swaddle, wrap or blanket and make it a cute one! I am loving this simple arrow design. Chic and playful. Also beautiful for a boy or a girl. Ocean and Friends is a husband, wife and baby team and the company is named after their son Ocean (so cute!) They are based in Australia but their goods are available quicker and cheaper on Amazon.

This is a large wrap made from 100% GOTS certified organic muslin cotton measuring 47″x 47″.  I love this size and this 2 ply weight because it is light enough to drape over a stroller to keep the sun and bugs out with out suffocating baby or to use as a light blanket in the car or at the beach. But for a little more warmth on a cold night or chillier day you can fold it in half and use it as a swaddle or blanket.

Shop Amazon for Ocean and Friends organic swaddles – they have some fabulous organic patterns!

Mitani Organic Burp Cloths

Set of two burp cloths – 28.00

Oh my goodness, cuteness abounds!  Mitani’s patterns, colors and designs have me thinking about baby number three! (Okay maybe that was an overstatement). Love the contour of these burp cloths.  They fit snug against the neck and because they are extra long and extra wide they cover more area in the front and back of your shirt – and us mamas need all the coverage we can get – we like our white tee’s white and unstained!

Mitani is a Canadian based company. They do all of their own fabric designs and these patterns are unique to Mitani. This item is handmade from 100% GOTS certified cotton sateen and lined with a soft and absorbent OEKO-TEX certified organic bamboo terrycloth.  They have a beautiful selection of baby items from organic bedding and towels to burp cloths and blankets. They also sell cute organic bunting flags…I mean I could go on and on.

Shop Mitani and use code: ORGANIC10 for 10% off your order through July 15, 2016! 

Babysprouts and Co’s Organic Bandana Bib 

Organic Bandana Bib - 17.99
Organic Bandana Bib – 17.99

These bandana bibs were one of my most favorite things to put on my baby. I had two boys so this is the closest I ever got to bows and headbands.  First of all this pattern is ADORABLE! And a bandana bib is so handy because baby doesn’t have to wear a traditional “bib” all day – like this looks like it is part of his outfit. And also you are not changing baby’s drooly/spit-up shirt 10x within the hour.

Babysprouts makes an especially beautiful one handmade with organic cotton knit and backed with bamboo fleece. They are super soft which is great because it is around baby’s face and mouth and also it ties in the back so no additional hardware is used.

Shop Babysprouts & Co for super cute organic baby gear including headbands, hats, clothes and accessories.

I am so excited to share these picks with my friend! Snag one for your baby or as a gift while coupon codes are live!




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