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April 14, 2017

Good Vibes Juice Co

Traveling and want to know the best organic places to eat!? Me too! These haunts are the best of the best in organic dining and I am so excited to share them with you. As buzz words continue to drive business there are more and more restaurants claiming to be “local” “natural” “sustainable” or “organic” but the proof is in the ingredients and sourcing and my standards do not waiver. Choosing only the best of the best to list here in this organic city guide so if you are in any of these cities make sure to hit these up! Also, if you have a suggestion please send it along, I am always looking for the next and the best!

Also, I’ve teamed up with my girl Suzi at Gurl Gone Green to build out this organic city guide. Suzi is a real OG (organic girl) and her standards are as sharp, if not sharper, than mine and she’s calling out some must-try organic joints too. Check out her list at Gurl Gone Green which includes Seattle, LA, Denver and more. I’ll also link them here too.

This is a live list that I will continue to update as I explore my new home in Atlanta and travel the states. On the calendar this year: St. Paul, Dallas, Tampa, NYC, Freeport, ME, Vegas and maybe some day trips to NC, SC or Tennessee. Stay tuned!


Dtox Juice – 100% organic + cold-pressed smoothies and juices. House made nut-milks including a killer Brazil Nut Milk. Hands down, the thickest smoothie in Atlanta. Acai Smoothie is my fave!

Yeah Burger – A great place for kids and adults – dine in or order out. Organic to the max + gluten-free and vegan options and the best kids menu around. Get the grassfed bison burger with bacon and fig jam in a collard wrap and a side of the crazy cauliflower. TDF. (To die for!)

Up Beet – Organic salads, grain bowls, smoothies, acas bowls and toast. Opening Spring 2017. Can’t wait to try!

True Food Kitchen – Full restaurant. Caters to almost every food preference including gluten-free, organic, vegetarian and vegan. Organic booze/wine. Dang delicious. Try their kale pesto and Ginger Margarita!

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Bamboo – a FREE delivery service bringing cold-pressed, certified organic, raw juices and almond milks right to your door. Fantastic to call ahead and have them ready for you at the hotel! Get the lemon, ginger + green apple. Next I want to try their Almond Reishi Mushroom Coffee. Ah-mazing!

  • Made Again: A boutique showcasing local artists work including: furniture, jewelry, green beauty, pottery, custom artwork and more. Everything is made from upcycled + sustainably sourced materials. Gems from vintage stores, wood from train tracks, hand thrown pottery.
  • Fig & Flower: A natural and green beauty botique.


CocoBeets: 100% organic cold-pressed raw juices and superfood snacks. Dairy-free, gluten-free. Get the quinoa sliders!

Pressed Juicery: Is coming to Boston with TWO locations. This joint is NOT ORGANIC, not even a little, I almost didn’t include it but I think it’s worth a mention for their signature Freeze. A dairy-free “soft-serve” made from fruits, nuts and vegtables. No sugar added! Get the Freeze. Duh.

The Farmhouse in Needham: A little outside of Boston but worth the trip. 100% organic and delicious. Pastured/organic chickens sourced from Maine. 100% grassfed beef sourced from Pensilvania. Scallops from Nantucket and halibut from Maine. Organic + biodynamic wines. Order the Sea scals! So good!

Farmstead Table: Breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. 95% organic and everything is locally sourced (with exception of their meat which is from Pensilvania because it is cleaner than what they could find locally). Go with the fish of the day – shipped in from Gloucester, MA EVERY morning!

Alden & Harlowe: Hit this place up for dinner and you won’t be sorry. If taste was the only criteria this place would be #1.  Locally sourced meats and veg – organic when they can. The beef is grassfed and non-GMO grain finished. Organic and biodynamic wines available. Get the brussels and the smoked trout.

  • Follain: Nontoxic makeup and beauty at its BEST! This place is like the promised land with two locations in Boston. Get the Josh Rosebrook Hairspray and the Axiology lipstick!


Living Kitchen: Their tagline is “Always organic and 100% plant based”, yeah, count me in! Breakfast, lunch and dinner. DAILY, house made nut milks. Organic coffee/espresso, juices and smoothies. I haven’t eaten here yet but have this place on strong recommendation from Molly and Sam and I can see why!

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Dallas Coming May 2017


Las Vegas

The Juice Standard – Superfood cafe on the strip in The Cosmopolitan. 100% Organic, local and cold-pressed juices + smoothies, toasts, raw, dairy-free and gluten-free treats. Packaged in glass + recycle program. Organic juice cocktails togo too!

El Dorado Cantina – Mexican. A strong commitment to organic + non-GMO. Organic spirits available. Get the street tacos. SO GOOD!

Los Angeles

All of Suzi’s recs plus looking forward to trying these two:

New York City

Quartino – Organic olive oil from the owners their family farm in upstate NYC. Wild caught fish, a naturally gluten free buckwheat, millet and hemp focaccia made in house – raw, organic and pastured cheeses, pastured eggs, juice, coffee, teas…and a robust organic and biodynamic wine list makes this restaurant a must try! Get the focaccia as an app to share!

Hu Kitchen – You have not lived until you have eaten here! Casual eats. Organic meat, wild fish, 100%grassfed beef. Everything from scratch (nutmilks, condiments, bacon CHOCOLATE!) Organic coffee/tea. Organic wine/kombucha on tap. Minimal grains. Get one of everything!

Juice Press: 100% USDA organic ingredients and USDA organic certified kitchen. Cold-pressed organic juices, smoothies, blows, salads and superfood snacks plus in-house made almond and hemp milk.

  • Y7: hot power yoga in a candle lit room to lit music by Drake, Mase and more.
  • ten over ten: nontoxic nail salon carrying their own cruelty free + vegan  8-free nail polish.

Saint Paul coming April 2017

San Fransisco

Seed + Salt: Plan your entire trip around eating here. THE BEST! Organic, plant-based, ethically and locally sourced plus free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar, transfats and GMOs. I recommend EVERYTHING but if you need a place to start go with the taco salad and get a pastry – drool city!

Nourish Café: 100% plant-based, organic and non-GMO. Salads, sandwiches, blows, smoothies…Get the gluten-free toast sampler!

San Diego

GoodOnYa: 100% organic and if not it’s real and non-GMO. Breakfast + lunch plus all the coffee. Gluten + dairy included.  If you eat here, tell me what to get!

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Santa Monica

Cafe Gratitude: Legit the most amazing organic restaurant you will ever go to. 100% organic and plant-based plus supports local farmers and sustainable agriculture. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Get the Mole Tempeh Tacos!

Kreation Kafe: Raw, local organic fruits and veg juices. 100% organic and gluten-free with no high-pressure processing or pasteurization. I tried an egg/kale scramble, a carrot/coconut/lemon/ginger/bee pollen smoothie, a latte and took some snacks to-go. Multiple locations. Get the lemon/cayenne alkaline water!

Sidecar: If you are like me and haven’t had a donut since 2005, you can’t say no to Sidecar’s gluten-free donut. Made daily from scratch and fried hourly, they make one gluten-free option a week and it tastes like the real deal. I tried Huckleberry. Not organic.

Belcampo: Unlike any other, Belcampo is a farm, a processing plant, a neighborhood butcher shop and a restaurant committed to serving delicious, organic and compassionately raised meat. Talk about seeing the process from start to finish! Check out Belcampo’s meat standards, you will probably wet your pants in excitement. I got a grassfed AND finished burger topped with pastured bacon and a pastured egg. I suggest the same for you!

Juice Served Here: You haven’t had juice until you’ve had Juice Served Here. Cold-pressed juice made from local, biodynamic farms at their own stat-fo-the-art arctic cold-press, zero-waste facility. I got 09: green milk with filtered water, almond, hazelnut, cashew, spinach, romaine, kale and date. I can die happy now.



Good Vibes Juice Co. – Juices/smoothies; 100% organic, no exceptions. Packaged in glass with compostable to-gos. Dairy-free + gluten-free. This place is the real deal. The BEST Acai Bowl on the planet!

Serendipity Cafe – 100% gluten free, made from scratch and several organic options in Dunedin. Try their Margarita Lime Kombucha on tap!

Basimo Beach Cafe – Some organic options. Breakfast, lunch and smoothies are made to order but worth the wait in Clearwater. Gluten-free substitutes available. Fair trade + organic coffee and lattes served all day!


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Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!

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