Organic Moisturizers For Winter

December 18, 2017

clean moisturizers for winter

Does anyones skin need some extra love right now!? I know mine does.

Eight times out of ten I will reach for an oil over a lotion. I love oils because they are so nourishing and formulated with healing botanicals, oils and extracts all which pack a potent punch. Lotion on the other hand is basically oils with the addition of water held together by an emulsifier. So in some ways it’s like why buy a lotion when you can pay for the oils and get the water for free? Leave your skin a little bit damp after coming out of the shower or washing your face and, apply the oil and get the best of both worlds. Theoretically.

But sometimes my skin really just NEEDS a lotion. It needs the moisture. It needs the water. It’s just this time of year. My skin feels itchy and tight, my foundation is flaking and it doesn’t matter how much water I’m drinking – I’m just…parched. All over. Between having the heat on, not opening the windows, being outside less and gosh knows what else – it’s a losing battle. Until these four that is…

I’m pretty sure I would be two days away from turning into a raisin without these moisturizers. These four are LIFE and my skin has never felt better during the winter months. If you are feeling my pain and are like; give me a all the moisture STAT then give these a try! Tried and true, they are so good!

Four Organic Moisturizers

Josh Rosebrook’s Vital Balm Cream – Okay I don’t have a full size of this but I’ve been blazing through traveler size after traveler size like it’s my J.O.B. This moisturizer is IT. This is a relatively new release for Josh and it is taking the world (okay, my bathroom) by storm. So not only is this formulation like 110% organic but instead of water, Josh formulates with aloe vera leaf juice taking the nutrient content to next level status. He also uses Indian Henna Seed which aids in holding moisture. This is like a whipped balm. It’s light but dense and it delivers moisture AND nutrients. It feels good. It smells amazing. Great for day or night, the Vital Balm Cream is literally saving my skin. No more flaking. No more dryness. If you love face creams over oils – and even if you don’t – you are going to love this one.

OSMIA Hand Cream – If you are looking for a clean hand cream, look no further than this one. Creamy + moisturizing but listen up; NOT GREASY. Like this is THE hand lotion I have been searching for my whole green life. OSMIA Hand Cream leaves my hands feeling soft but I don’t have to wait 10 minutes before I touch anything. And it smells amazing like a barley there hint of honey and rose petals. OSMIA uses organic Bulgarian rose otto essential oil (one of the most precious and expensive essential oils – I’m talking like $500 bucks for ONE ounce!) to scent this lotion. OSMIA is also big time organic and like Josh, uses aloe vera leaf juice instead of water to hydrate. You will love this lotion. Comes in Linden Rose or Vanilla Shea. It goes on light and BRINGS the moisture.

True Botanicals Nourishing Lotion –  This body lotion trumps any clean or conventional lotion I’ve tried. Hands down. Yeah, I said it. It’s light, it moisturizes, it goes on silky smooth and soaks right in leaving skin happy, hydrated and HEALTHY. This formula calls on green and white tea plus shea butter to moisturize. And you don’t have to wait to put your clothes on after applying – it soaks right in. And it comes in one of their signature scents: GROVE (a powdery citrus. Moisturizing but not greasy. Plus it comes in a cute eco-friendly bottle and chic packaging. This would make the best gift too!

Maya Chia The Waterless Wonderbalm – Say hello to your new best friend. This balm is named appropriately because it’s LITERALLY a wonder. I LOVE this for my lips. But I also use it for my cuticles and any dry patches like my elbows knees or heals. Made with wildcrafted and organic ingredients from conscious growers all over the world – this little balm will save you lips and you LIFE! Smells good too. I have one if every bag!

More face moisturizing favorites!

Happy and hydrated

This is my moisturizing arsenal for the winter friends – the best of the best clean beauty has to offer. Your skin will be so happy you did!



By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    Thank you so much, Lisa!!! I am thrilled you are loving Vital Balm Cream and that you truly appreciate what it is. Thank you for this wonderfully detailed blog review!!

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      Oh my God Josh! I am absolutely LOVING it! A winter must-have FOR SURE! xo!

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