PLANT Apothecary in Target!

October 3, 2017

PLANT Apothecary

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These days it’s all about convenience. I mean, no one has the time (especially on their one day off) to hit up 3 different stores for groceries, paper goods, school supplies and then wait in line at the post office. SO when someone tells me I can get it all done at Target, they are speaking my love language. Seriously though, speaking of Target, they are totally upping their health game! Now they are stocking Health Ade Kombucha, Vital Farms organic + pastured eggs, MALK, Harmless Harvest Coconut Water and Perfect Bar?! Be still my heart! And to boot, they have a couple of green beauty brands that are This Organic Girl approved too. One of them is PLANT Apothecary. Chatting a little about PLANT today and what they have to offer.

First up, I had the pleasure of meeting PLANT Apothecary founders Holly McWhorter and Bjarke Ballisager – a husband and wife team that will warm you up from the inside out. We crossed paths at Indie Beauty Expo in Dallas this past May and it was fun chatting with them and getting to know their line a little bit better. They started PLANT when they saw an opportunity to promote healthy ingredients, environmental friendliness and social responsibility.

PLANT Apothecary founder
Co-founder Bjarke Ballisager at Indie Beauty Expo, Dallas, May 2017

PLANT uses simple ingredients, beautiful packaging and everything that can be certified organic is certified organic. The only ingredients that are not certified organic are the mineral ingredients you will find in their MATCHA and NOT A SPOT masks for example. These contain premium-grade white china clay which can not be certified organic. However all plant-based ingredients are certified and all non-plant-based ingredients are approved for use in USDA organic products.

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I love this line because it’s effective, one-size-fits-all, great for families and it is free of all the nasties like petroleum, parabens, PABA, sodium laurel sulfate, silicones and other synthetics. You can find a location where they are sold that’s closest to you by using their store locator. They are also made in the USA, gluten free, vegan and certified cruelty-free by PETA

Okay, let’s talk product

BODYWASH: This is the first product that PLANT made before their line grew to include moisturizers, mists and more. These are by far one of my fave body washes. The scents alone will win you over. They smell amazing and are playful in nature with names like WAKE UP, CALM DOWN GET HAPPY, BE WELL and GET IT ON. I happen to be partial to GET IT ON with notes of sandalwood, cedar and ginger.

The other great thing about these is they come in a squeeze bottle that wont break in the shower. And this formula foams like the dickens. The wash comes in two sizes: large and travel size. Absolutely LOVE these for travel. 9.5 fl oz $20, 2.3 oz $35 for a 5 pack

PLANT soapAROMATHERAPY BAR SOAP: Love it. It’s a solid bar of soap that will last a while, especially if you store it outside of the shower. It lasts longer than most bars because the typical cure time is 6 weeks for bar soaps but PLANT cures their soap for 8 weeks which creates a harder, longer lasting bar. Love that the bar comes branded with the PLANT logo and it smells so good. Made with 100% organic saponified oils (meaning lye has been added to trigger the chemical reaction of turning oils into a soap – none of which remains after the reaction) and great for the whole family – plus they wont dry out your skin! This comes in unscented, ginger & lavender, geranium & peppermint and rosemary & lemongrass. $12


GROUND CONTROL BODY OIL: Um, hello! A beautiful body oil that assimilates like the best of them. Use this to replace your lotion or add it to your fave lotion for a moisturizing kick. Made with 100% organic oils in a base of organic jojoba, organic apricot and organic sunflower seed oils – this will take care of all your dry patches. Best applied straight out of the shower but really, whenever will do. Comes in a bergamot & rosemary blend and smells divine! Packaged in glass. $38

PLANT Apothecary 2FACE OIL MOISTURIZER: PLANT has two oil face moisturizers. And honestly, if you’ve never tried using oils to moisturizer before, girl, give it a try! Switching to oils totally changed my skin: less oily, more balanced, less breakouts. I will never go back! Anyways, they have lighter oil for more oily skin and another one for normal/mature skin (which is the one I tried). Both are made with 100% organic oils. Smells amazing and soaks in like the best of ’em! Packaged in glass. $56

RE: FRESH TONING FACE MIST: A mist that moisturizes and tones – this one smells like straight up cucumber and is reminiscent of a spa facial. Smells so good and love the price tag! $12

Get your PLANT on!

Seriously, next time you are in Target (like today or tomorrow – lol) pick up something from PLANT! Clean, ethical, effective. Or you can order direct from the PLANT Apothecary website.

Also, if you are wondering what other beauty brands are clean from Target, you can subscribe to download my Target Shopping Guide here!

Have you tried anything by PLANT APOTHECARY? Tell us what you think!

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