Reverie Uncut: August 4, 2017

August 4, 2017

abstract art Olivier Umecker

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  1. Haven’t slept in 3 days because I’ve been binge watching this show with my husband. Like, I CAN NOT wait for season two. Anyone know when it is coming out?

2. Atlanta is so freakin’ hot, I literally ask myself everyday, “How can I wear less?!” Like, I have a sundress on and I’m sweating my buns off! Picked up these shorts – super light, airy + comfy with the most beautiful texture to them. I’m slowly but surly turning over my wardrobe. Will I ever wear a cardigan again!? (I have them in blue but I’m totally considering the Hula Flower – I mean, they are on sale! Frick! Not available in my size.)

3. Jason and I have a 90 mile bike ride in 3 weeks. I can not wait. It is peppered with fresh farm food stops all along the route – should I start training yet?

4. Atlanta: Someone tell me why the the recycle barrel is BLUE and the landfill barrel is GREEN. (Seriously!?)

5. 89 days until W.E.L.L. Summit – I’ve been to every single one and I wouldn’t miss this event for the world – check it out!

6. My 5-year-old had an ear ache when we were on vacation and my husband gave him this to self administer (like for him to rub on the outside of his ear himslef – haha). I love how he thinks outside of the box!

7. Been loving this deodorant in vanilla + mint. It works and I just love the scent – it’s in the August Mapleblume box – which by the way, is amazing!

8. Got this water bottle and have not stopped drinking water since! Seriously I have never drank so much water in my life. I am loving it! Keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. And love love love that it comes with a stainless straw. Not to mention it’s pink! Cheers!

9. Can not stay away from this new spot in Atlanta. ALL ORGANIC and so so good. They even have a gluten-free toast menu that my kids are loving!

10. This is my fave lipstick by far. So organic, so eco, so clean, so right! I love Worth on a bold day and The Goodness on a subtle day. Best lipstick you will ever buy!

11. Taking any and all recs for cute/eco scarves and hats because “the grow out” is ON! Here I am at three months! More here on why I decided to go gray. And I have my first hair appointment in over a year (!?) here next week!

cute gray hair

Cover photo: Painting by Olivier Umecker

XO, Lisa

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