Reverie Uncut: April 13, 2017

April 13, 2017

Atlanta Ferris Wheel

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Guys, getting ready to head to St. Louis next week for a sign language interpreting conference. I’ve never been and I’m so excited to explore! If you have any recs for organic/green must-try places (food, sightseeing, lifestyle, green beauty, anything!) Hit me up!

Oh my gosh. Serial podcast anyone!? Season three dropped….and it’s good. Okay well I am going off my husbands rec but I listened to season one which was BOMB, I heard season 2 was mediocre and my husband is calling season 3 the best one yet. If you haven’t gotten in on the Serial podcast action – do it! Plug it in on your way to and from work and you will literally feel like your commute is 30 seconds!

Excited to try Carlton Farm! They deliver to Atlanta once a week and bring all the goodies! Pastured meats, raw cheese and milk, local honey and more!

My husband signed us up for a Warrior Dash on Saturday – is he crazy!? Have you done one of these before? Half of me is like BRING IT! And the other half of me is like, ugh, how long am I going to have dirt under my nails after this?!

Between Two Ferns anyone? This episode literally had me laughing out loud. Plus Bradly Cooper anytime, anywhere. President Obama even does an episode – it’s like a 3 minute SNL but funnier.

Okay so I’ve had my Kitchen Aid Pro-Line blender in pearl for several weeks now and it’s official. I’M IN LOVE. This thing is so powerful and has made my life so much easier. It makes pro grade smoothies. Like that consistency you dream about. Yesterday I made my 5-year-old a frozen beet, frozen zucchini, frozen mango, strawberry and raw carrot + almond milk smoothie and he slammed it and asked for another one. Slammed that one too. It’s all here. (I am comparing it to my Vitamix S30 which has been my world for the past 4 years).

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Okay so I’ve seriously been considering going gray. And mostly because of Annika von Holdt – are you kidding me with this natural beauty!? Not to mention I am just so over the dying process – every four weeks is such a buzz kill. And I hate doing it myself. And I really want to stand on the side of the scale that says natural is beautiful. So I’m considering it more than ever. Give me a push!

Running low on mascara. I think I’m going to try Lily Lolo‘s vegan formula next. I’ve heard great things from my green beauty blogger friends. Great things!

Making deviled eggs for Easter. One of my fave appetizers and seems like its a southern thing too because it’s on like every menu around here in Atlanta. They do all the flavors like pickled, avocado, lobster… I fancy a traditional deviled egg but I’m not shy of a few bacon crisps on top.

Hitting up Canoe this weekend on a date night with the hubs. An indoor/outdoor fine dining restaurant that hugs the Chattahoochee River dishing up seasonal fare? Yeah, I’m in.

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