Reverie Uncut: March 30, 2017

March 28, 2017

this organic girl

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  1. Has anyone experimented with Cassava flour? I made a loaf of french bread with it last week and it came out decent. Not great. The texture was just so doughy and it was a lot to chew through. Any recipes you are loving?

2. I bought some Boston Ferns for our front porch here in Atlanta. I did this every spring in Boston too. Tell me why Boston Ferns are $12.99 in Atlanta and $30.00 in Boston! What gives!?

3. Is it normal to go to the grocery store 2x a day and still be missing something when you go to make dinner that night!?

4. How do people successfully blow their nose when they are wearing foundation? Maybe they just don’t blow their nose at all?

5. This is the first time in 40 years I celebrated my March 24th birthday IN A TEE SHIRT!

6. Am I the only one who gets so tired of showering? Like you shower today and do your hair and makeup and then you gotta do it all again tomorrow? Maybe I just need to change my expectations. It just seems so….redundant.

7. I used to have a reoccurring stye in my eye. My eye would get super puffy and it would hurt to blink. Not to gross you out but it got so bad that I had to have surgery to remove it. And it still came back. THEN since the day I started using nontoxic mascara about 3 years ago now it has NEVER COME BACK. The proof is in the pudding people.

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8. Trying this veggie dip this week in my (new Kitchen Aid Pro) blender! Steamed then cooled and blended: brussles, peas, garlic, salt and cilantro. Then blend in an avocado. I saw this @lilsipper this week on Instagram. This would be phenom as a straight dip or subbed into any dish like a pesto! You will die when you see how green it is.

9. Ummmm, if you are looking to get in a good ugly cry, you GOTTA watch The Impossible. It’s a true story about a family who was vacationing in Thailand when the tsunami hit. I think I watch movies differently now that I’m a mom but the entire time I was watching this, motherhood clenched the pit in my stomach and the knot in my throat to the point where I could barely breathe. An incredible story.

10. I picked up some Perfect Bars for the boys this week and they LOVE THEM!

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