Reverie Uncut: May 23, 2017

May 23, 2017

Cole and Quinn

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  1. Okay iBE was so much fun you guys. I got introduced to Whole Body Apothecary’s line including their handmade soaps. Not only are they beautiful and totally clean but WBA is taking nontoxic to the next level coloring their soaps with veggie and plant powders?! I am trying their deodorant too and let me say this…it’s working! Also love that both of these are under 10 bucks.

2. OBSESSED with Lisa Eldedrige’s facial massage tutorial. She swears this is the secret to younger looking skin and I’m totally buying it. I followed her tutorial one night this week and when I woke up I noticed two things. First, I had way more eye crusties meaning more lymph drainage I would assume?! And also I swear my lines looked more filled in and plump and that was only from ONE 20 minute face massage! Check her out. And if you need a good face massage oil, I totally recommend True Botanicals Pre Cleanse Oil – there is absolutely no drag. LISATRUE20 will save you $20 off your first order.

3. I am drooling over this handmade necklace sold at Like, what could you NOT wear this with?

4. Call me crazy but I love a matte/scratchy bed sheet. If soft slippery sheets are the worst possible thing that could ever happen to your bedroom – I’m with you girl. The secret to getting the scratchy bed sheet is finding a “percale” blend. Organic if you can! I’ve got these ones on my list.

5. Okay trying to catch up on my Gray’s Anatomy but a few episodes timed out on so I missed a lot – what happened with Alex? Like all of a sudden he is just back, no jail time? Also I am not digging how some characters go absent for several episodes at a time. Like we didn’t even see Mere’s face for like 3 weeks at one point. Also is anyone buying the whole Mere/Riggs thing? I’m just not feeling it.

6. Okay if you have a dehydrator, you have to try making some raw veg bread. Google it. Basically you just blend a bunch of veggies, some oil + water and then pour it on some parchment and dehydrate at 105 over night and it comes out like a wrap. It’s so good! I’m talking egg sandwiches, fish tacos, burgers, veg sandwiches or even dehydrate it more and it turns into crackers! Look for Real Food Lab’s veg bread book – it should be hitting the shelves soon! Raw veg bread is changing my life. I did beets (with leaves), apple, ground flax, cabbage, Farm House Culture cabbage juice, brazil nuts…TO. DIE. FOR! I have this dehydrator and love it.

7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I still stand by these Madewell Jeans. They are the best because they don’t fall down. I have two pairs and basically I just rotate them. Get the 9″ waist and they sit perfect. High enough to hold your pants up and not show your bum when you bend over – and no kicking your legs out to shimmy your jeans back up. BUT not too high where it looks like you are trying to be all “1920s swimming costume.” I’m 5’10 and the tall option is perfect for me. Also I am not super skinny and these still fit great so don’t let the name scare you!

8. Okay can anyone tell me how I can avoid donating all of my face oil to my pillow when I’m sleeping!? It probably doesn’t help that I sleep with a pillow over my head to muffle the snores.

9. I just got this desk last week from CB2 and I LOVE IT! (Which by the way CB2 is actually Crate and Barrel – how behind am I!?) It’s actually a dining room table but it makes a perfect size desk and I love that it has a glass top! Got this chair to go with it. Cuteness overload.

10. My mattress saga continues. I returned a mattress that I bought at the beginning of the year. Now we are currently trying this one from My Green Mattress and you know what, so far so good! It’s comphy and it doesn’t smell as bad as the last one did. (It’s a natural latex hybrid so those can have like a rubber band smell to them – but some are proving to be more strong than others). I love that I got a nontoxic queen for less than 1,000! They are actually having a 20% Memorial Day sale too – I will post a code for you guys on my Coupon Code page if anyone wants in on the nontoxic mattress action. My Green Mattress is proving to be one of the most affordable lines out there while still being clean!

By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!