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October 26, 2018

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We did it friends. Crushed another week and we all deserve a pat on the back. My sister is coming to stay with me for the weekend and we are hitting up the Young The Giant at the Coca-Cola Roxy here in Atlanta – has anyone been?

Also, thanks to everyone who continues to send thoughts and prayers…my Dad is rounding out 80 days in the hospital. He just had his final surgery last week and it went well. Currently healing again and building up strength before getting transferred to a rehab where he will stay for about 3 weeks regain full body function. He took 30 steps yesterday. Praise be for small and big wins.

Okay it’s Friday, let’s do this.

1.Found the holy grail of all brow creams. My problem with most brow pencils, creams, pomades is they all have a bit of red in them and now that I’m going gray it just looks SO WRONG. I need an ash brown or an ash black really and I’ve found it here in Taupe Gray. This is technically a pomade which is another gripe of mine because most pomades or waxes I’ve used deposit WAY TOO MUCH color and then I just go walking around looking like Ronald…McDonald. But this one is perfect. Adds just a shade of color, fills in gaps and really defines brows in an unobtrusive way. Oh and its vegan too! PS, I talked to the founders and they said Taupe Gray is great for people with gray hair, blondes and Asian brows. Code THISORGANICGIRL10 will save you 10% at The Detox Market – it comes in several colors. Try it!

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2. The New York Times reports a recent study deducting those who ate more organic produce, dairy, meat and other products had 25% fewer cancer diagnoses overall – especially lymphoma and breast cancer. I mean do we really need a study to prove this!?

3. True Botanicals drops The Aromatherapy Collection and Stress Relief has not left my side since – it also doubles as a light fragrance.

4. Plastics in 100% of peoples poop?! 

5. In the wrong dose, alcohol can impact your sleep, affect your judgement, and disrupt your gut. The holidays shouldn’t be a time for guilt or sacrifice. They’re a time for love and celebration! Alcohol can be a vibrant part of this celebration, but you have to drink the right stuff…order clean wine here and get an additional bottle for JUST A PENNY! 

6. AU Naturale is having an insane sale today. 15% off site wide today through 10/31 midnight. Use code treat15 – All AU Naturale cosmetics are made with sustainable ingredients, PETA Certified Vegan, cruelty free and gluten free. I love their Eternity Lipstick in Sangria!

Au Naturale lipstick in sangria
Au Naturale lipstick in Sangria – 15% off this weekend!

7. Looking to host a healthier Halloween? I have some healthier candy and over 30 non-food treats rounded up here!

8. Join me at Well Scene, Atlanta on November 11th for a mind, body and spirit event for women actively pursuing their best life naturally. It’s going to be OFF THE WELLNESS CHAIN. Code LISA will save you $10.

9. This green beauty mascara is only $14 and it’s kinda AMAZING. See more organic budget beauty finds here!

10. This post of mine was pinned over 1K times! You guys rock!

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11. I’m so late but, Michelle Obama is my GIRL! Not to mention…MISSY BE PUTTIN’ IT DOWN!

12. Have you guys checked out the new RMS MultEYEtaskers!? I just got Peach and Living Luminzer and I’m kinda obsessed!

13. Hitting up Buckhead, Atlanta’s newest studio today Perspire – infrared sauna – grand opening Saturday (tomorrow). Sweating out all the toxins – I’m so excited about this!

14. Ordering this latex topper from My Green Mattress – I have a feeling it’s going to change my life!

15. This girl says 8:45pm is the best time to go to bed. Do you agree?

16. After several rave reviews and women swearing their life on it, I decided to try this for natural PMS relief this month – I’ll be sure to report back! Check out more ways to relieve PMS naturally here!

What’s new with you?

Cover art by Jessica Durrant

Xo, lisa

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By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    Just ordered the brow cream! (and the Problem Solver because I didn’t realize how good it was until going a few months without it….) What kind of brush did you say you used?

    1. Reply


      Hi Mina! Oh my gosh girl, you are in for A TREAT! Yes to the brow cream and YAAAAASSSS to The Problem Solver! I love a cream blush over a powder. These Olio E Osso balms are great for cheeks and lips. They are really sheer in color and add a dewy glow to cheeks. I also love the Vapour Multi-Use Sticks – Spark is a fave. And if you want super luxe, Kjaer Weis cream blushes are divine.

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    Thinking about you and your family. So glad to hear your Dad is improving. I’d love to hear more about the infrared sauna. I’ve been looking into that and it seems to also turn up stuff about float therapy. Both new to me. I also encourage you to dig deeper into the PMS/green living stuff. I have endo and had a hysterectomy 2 years ago. My switch to green beauty coincided with trying to see if green changes might affect hormones. Now my beauty, cleaning routines are clean but even without a uterus I still have endo symptoms. Its huge and its political–womens health is big issue. I love your blog. It’s one of the best parts of my day!

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      Hi Sheila! Thanks so much friend. I’ve never had crazy issues with PMS pain – but all of a sudden last month my PMS/period spanned 2 weeks!?!? I will definitely dive deeper – I’m in the place right now where I’m like is this peri-meno or??? Thanks so much for your comment – you are too kind! xo

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