Sculptural Lift Technique with Buccal Massage will blow your mind!

March 5, 2019

buccal massage before and after

Last week I got a Sculptural Lift Technique with Buccal Massage facial at Love Beauty Nourish in Atlanta, GA and the results were astounding. All you have to do is look at this before and after pic above then scroll down to find a practitioner near you. Done and done.

2020 update: Love Beauty Nourish has closed permanently in 2020 due to the impact of COVID.

If you want to know more….This treatment lasted about 60-90 minutes and focused on the muscles of facial expression both OUTSIDE of the face an INSIDE the mouth. I didn’t quite know what to expect but one peep at the results and I was sold.

If you want to get technical, the benefits of Buccal Massage are numerous and profound on many levels. This entire massage is preformed manually, no machines or gadgets outside of a gua sha stone and a facial cupping tool. Benefits include sculpting, lifting, definition, softening of fine lines and wrinkles, lymphatic drainage and detoxification, deep relaxation of the facial muscles and TMJ, stimulation of collagen and elastin, smooth and supple skin AND helps release stored emotions. (I need to know more about this last benefit…TBC!)

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Check out this video for more on what my experience was like:

My experience included about 40 minutes of exterior work and about 20 minutes of interior (inside the mouth) work. I didn’t really LOVE having hands inside my mouth. I mean, it wasn’t awful but it’s wasn’t euphoric either. However, when all is said and done, it’s a small price to pay for big time results.

10 Key Benefits to Buccal Massage

This resource below is from Yakov Gershkovich, the creator of this Sculptural Lifting Technique (the massage I got) which includes this highly therapeutic intra-oral/buccal massage.

Certified Sculptural Lift Practitioners

If you want to find a practitioner near you, here is a list that Mary from Love Beauty Nourish put together. However, there are definitely more practitioners out there. Even as I type this, there is an entire group of practitioners who just got certified this past weekend in NYC. The only way to get certified is by taking Yakov Gershkovich’s training and since he lives in Russia, you have to wait for him to come to the US and offer it here – which is not everyday! I’ve included additional ways to search for a practitioner new you below.

AND if you are currently practicing Buccal, comment below so others can find you!

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*USA are all listed here in alphabetical order. Scroll down for international options by country.


Nicole Bokser, Skin Witchery, 2940 N 67th Pl Suite #1, Scottsdale AZ 85251

Brenda Keller Skincare Solutions LLC 602-222-5443 Paradis Valley, AZ


Agne Grumslys Agnes Beauty Huntington Beach, CA

Katie Woods Ritual Skincare IG | @ritiual_skincare San Francisco, CA

Jenny McAteer IG | @you_are_beautiful_skincare Woodland Hills LA, CA

Cheryl Ruiz 805-890-6555 Ventura, CA

Johnna Sunshine Alkemi + Sunshine IG | @alkemi_and_sunshine 213-349-2988 Los Angeles, CA

Angela Peck IG | Capitola (Santa Cruz area), CA

Cathy Curt Aesthetics 707-293-4754 Santa Rosa, CA

Mollie Silberfarb IG | @molliesilberfarb 714-801-6708 Yorba Linda, CA

Karena Kalinuk, Sante Skin, 732-312-7893,, Carmel, CA

Susan Valdez Cohen, Malibu Aesthetics, 310.403.3124, Malibu, CA


Samantha Schneider, Show Me What You Love 403-819-5484 Calgary, Alberta Canada

Magdalena Tomczak, Woman Divine, @womandivineskincare, Ottawa, Canada

Layrssa Korbutiak + Oresta Korbutiak Oresta Organic Skincare, Ottawa, Canada (three locations)


Rebecca Johnston, Beautiful Skin, Colorado Springs, Colorado


Shasta Destination Skin, 155 Majorca Ave suite 208, Coral Gables, Florida 33134 – Cell: 305-2130532


Mary Bogart IG | @lovebeautynourish FB | 404-375-2506 Atlanta, GA


Shannon Cox, Mud And Stone Massage And Skin, Hayden Lake, ID, 208-497-2650


Erin Darden Lavender Esthetics 517-214-4058 Okemos, MI


Elena Amato IG | @europeanspaplus 238-388-5555 Biloxi, MS

New Jersey

Etuale Skincare Center Victoria Katseva, Tenafly, NJ

New York

Valeriya Terletskiy IG | @facemassage_nyc 917-345-6754 Brooklyn, NY

Eliza Wozmica IG | @espa_elizawoznica Brooklyn, NY

Danna Omari IG | @noyskincare New York, NY

Joanna Tringali at Calm Beauty Brooklyn, 332 Senator St. Brooklyn, NY, 917-596-9535 

Emma McGregor-Mento IG | @emma.massage, NYC


Jami Stewart,,419.308.5936Toledo, OH


Pure Glow Uptown (coming soon) 308 Uptown Square, Murfreesboro, TN


Forever Young by Sandee, 4001 N Shepherd, Ste 100, Houston, TX, 281-467-7922

Illumina Day Spa, Cecillia Lujan, Abilene, TX – Website is under construction, but they can find me on Facebook: Instagram: illuminadayspa


Dee and Nely ReNuew Wellness Spa, LLC 703-972-5672 Woodbridge, VA


Kate Tallet, SkinDeep Olympia IG: @skindeepolympia Olympia, WA


Desa D – Anti aging Face and Body Clinic. Adelaide 0413333122 

April Brodie Melbourne Victoria


Emilie Celine. Facials combine gua sha, buccal massage, Kobido, shiatsu, and lymphatic drainage.


There is a directory at Beauty Secrets that you can check too but it is not built out and populated results are slim. Worth a try at least. After you put in your information, tick off “Intra-Oral Facial Sculpting Technique” and see what comes up by you. Only 7 locations came up for me and I think that was the entire US. Check it out here:


Here are some things you can try Googling: buccal massage, intra-oral buccal massage, yakov gershkovich, sculptural lift technique

Things to consider

I asked Mary from Love Beauty Nourish to provide some more color here. She adds;

Some states do not allow Estheticians to work inside the mouth (like Georgia). Some states do not allow both massage therapist and estheticians to work inside the mouth. That being said you may have to go to a massage therapist who is not an esthetician to get buccal massage done or another type of specialist who is able to do this type of work in that particular state. Will people get the same results if they just get buccal massage and not the complete protocol I have no idea but I am leaning towards no.

You can expect to pay anywhere between $150-$400 for this facial/massage. Really, the only way to end this post is to say, I’LL BE BACK!

P.S. Check out more organic haunts in Atlanta here and the skincare line that left me with glowing skin in just three weeks!

Xo, lisa


Common questions about sculptural lift technique with buccal massage:

How do you do a face lift massage?

The buccal massage treatment lasted about 60-90 minutes and focused on the muscles of facial expression both OUTSIDE of the face and INSIDE the mouth.

Does face lift massage work?

The results of the lifting massage were astounding. All you have to do is look at this before and after pic above then scroll down to find a practitioner near you. Before and after facial sculpting massage lift

What are the benefits of a sculptural lift massage?

The entire massage is performed manually, with no machines or gadgets outside of gua sha stone and a facial cupping tool.

By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    Shannon Cox

    I am an advanced level Yakov Gershkovich Practicioner located in Hayden Lake, Idaho. @Shannon_mudandstone (208) 497-2650

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    Rebecca Johnston

    I am certified with Yakov and do buccal, “sculptural lifting” and incorporate extensive microcurrent and other modalities depending on the results a client is expecting. I am located in Colorado Sprroings, Colorado only 1 hour from Denver
    Rebecca Johnston
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    Colorado Springs, CO

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