September Organic Beauty Box Subscription Roundup

September 1, 2018

The September Detox Box with Kahina Giving Beauty

It’s September!!! The kids are back to school, activities are in full swing, schedules are packed and beauty treats – at a major discount – are a moment of sweet relief during all the mayhem. Can I get an AMEN!?

Well, September does not disappoint in the organic beauty subscription category. It’s packed with some classic faves and some new treats too. Be sure to check back tomorrow for September’s Detox Box reveal!

PS, while you’re at it, be sure to check out my Beauty Subscription Guide – I break down the ins and outs of each subscription to help decide which one is best for you!

The September Roundup

The September Detox Box with Kahina Giving Beauty

The Detox Box Featuring Kahina Giving Beauty

Say hello to Kahina Giving Beauty! We are seeing their Moroccan Rose Beldi Soap ($46), Moroccan Kessa Mitt ($14), Argan Oil ($36) and a sample of Brightening Serum ($6) – a total value of $102 for $49.95 with no commitment! Get The Detox Box here!

This is essentially your body exfoliation love affair waiting to happen. I fell in love with Kahina Giving Beauty all over again after going to Morocco this summer. Kahina works with woman cooperatives in Morocco to source the purest, cold-pressed, organic and fair trade argan oil and it shows! You can read more about my Moroccan trip here!

Argan Oil – Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids for radiant skin. Use on face, body, hair and as a body moisturizer.

Moroccan Rose Beldi Soap – This is the soap they use in the public and private hammams. It’s made with skin-softening olive oil and scented with Damask rose oil. Use this as a daily soap, for shaving and to exfoliate.

Moroccan Kessa Mitt – This is a traditional mitt they use to scrub you down in the hammams. It’s micro-mesh is fantastic at aiding in a a complete exfoliation. Skin feels so soft after!

Get The September Detox Box here! 

art of organics september

Art Of Organics “Embrace”

This month’s Art of Organics features two stunners. Odacité’s Adventurine Kiss Vitamin C + CoQ10 Lip Serum ($44) and Wabisabi Botanicals Age Gracefully Targeted Treatment Serum ($59). A total value of $103 and yours for $39 with a two month commitment. Art of Organics is the lowest priced, full-sized, luxe subscription on the market. You really can’t lose with Art of Organics! Get this month’s box here!

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Adventurine Kiss – Say goodbye to dry, crusty and lackluster lips! I use this throughout the day and I also love it as an overnight treatment – I wake up and my lips are plump, moisturized and totally kissable! Adventurine Kiss has a touch of menthol (mint) in it along with nourishing botanical oils like baobab, moringa and pomegranate – it goes on thin and tingles for about the first 10 minutes before evening out. Great for treating lips before adding color or after for a little shine. But my fave part of all is the roller ball is actually a Green Adventurine crystal which is said to bring good luck and prosperity. This is what it looks like:

Age Gracefully Targeted Treatment Serum – This is an intense face oil that gets the job done. It’s a rich emerald color and smells earthy and naturally nutty. There are no added fragrances or essential oils so this may be a great option for those with sensitive skin. I’ve been loving this as an overnight serum because it’s super moisturizing. It actually has a naturally occurring retinol in it so I can’t wait to give it some more time to see how it fairs.  Here’s is the full ingredient list AKA it’s super powers revealed!

  • Cacay Oil to combat fine lines and wrinkles and infuse cells with naturally occurring retinol
  • Acai Fruit OIl to bring fresh oxygen to the skin
  • Green Coffee Oil to help fight free radicals

You can also add a drop of this to your fave face oil, moisturizer, mask, foundation…or even use it as an eye treatment. There is nothing this little gem can’t do!

Get this month’s Art Of Organics box here! 

beauty heroes features josh rosebrook september

Beauty Heroes featuring Josh Rosebrook

OH. MY. GAAAAAHHHH! Yes ladies! It’s happened before and it’s happening again. Beauty Heroes is featuring the one and only Josh Rosebrook. If you don’t know Josh yet oh girl, you are in for a treat. The godfather of organic skincare, Josh brings it with the cleanest of the clean. Effective is his middle name. And it doesn’t stop there. This curation is a true crowd pleaser and will even wow all of you purists out there!

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This month we are seeing not one, not two but THREE Josh Rosebrook goodies. His Active Enzyme Exfoliator as the hero (HELLO FAVE). And two sidekicks: Advanced Hydration Mask and Hydrating Accelerator.  A $125 value for $42.95 with a three month subscription. Get it here!

Josh Rosebrook's Active Enzyme Exfoliator

Active Enzyme Exfoliator ($65) – AKA my spirit animal. It’s a little rough around the edges but at it’s core it leaves you feeling smooth, refreshed and glowing! Earlier this year, Beauty Heroes asked me to pick ANY product from the Beauty Heroes shop to call my weekend hero and you guys know I picked this! I also have more on it here as one of my top 5 masks. AND I have it here as one of my top three essentials for skincare over 40. I mean needless to say I am PSYCHED to get a refill.

What makes it so special? The Active Enzyme Exfoliator exfoliates in two ways: manually with crushed walnut shells and chemically through botanical enzymes. Together this is a next level exfoliation that will totally reboot your skin and get it ready to receive all the goodies your toner and face moisturizer have to offer. I use this once a week to keep my skin smooth and gunk free. Leave it on for 10 mins or an hour and then work in circles as you remove then wipe clean with a warm wash cloth. This is what it looks like on:

Hydrating Accelerator ($22) – Fall in love upon first whiff when your face is enveloped with an unparalleled earthy, sweet vanilla. MMMMMMMM. This is fantastic for keeping skin hydrated. Instead of water, Josh uses organic vitamin infused aloe juice. Yeah, next level. Use this after cleansing and before your moisturizer. Hydrating Accelerator not only helps balance pH but it helps drive your moisturizer into your skin – anyone remember the power of osmosis from 11th grade chemistry!? This is it at it’s finest! You can also use this throughout the day for an added moisture boost.

Advanced Hydration Mask ($45) – Apply this during the day as a moisturizing treatment or if you are a back sleeper (I’m not!) you can try applying before bed as an overnight mask. This mask is designed to attract and maintain cell moisture. I gem especially in the winter!

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Discover Josh Rosebrook here!

october boxwalla african botanics

Boxwalla featuring African Botanics Resurrection Cell Recovery Serum

Okay Boxwalla is coming out of the gates HARD! This is a killer followup to August when Boxwalla featured Fleurs D’Afrique Oil. Fleurs is one of the most (if not the most) impressive discovery of 2018. It’s designed to even skin tone and lighten hyperpigmentation and GIRL it does just that! I saw a difference in my skin in less than a week. The Fleurs deal has come and gone but there are a few boxes left for $95 which you can score here. AND!

To follow up, for the Boxwalla October box, we are seeing African Botanics AGAIN! To say I’m excited would be an understatement. I haven’t gotten this in the mail yet because there was a shipping delay from South Africa but I am checking my mailbox daily! Resurrection Cell Recovery Serum is designed to hydrate, brighten, firm and plump and Box says it layers seamlessly with Fleurs to creates a kind of magic that must be discovered! 

Boxwalla is delivered every two months. October is a $160 value for $49.95. No subscription commitment. Get it here

One of the main ingredients in Resurrection Cell Recovery Serum is the African Resurrection Plant – native to South Africa and known for its powerful skin regenerating and healing benefits. Founder Julia explains:

To tolerate the extremely dry conditions of these arid mountains of South Africa, the Resurrection Plant has developed an amazing survival strategy called reviviscence. In the dry season, the plants cells produce a sugary substance known as “Trehalose” which allows them to rehydrate and restart their actives as soon as the first rain falls.

In traditional African medicine, it’s used for toning, revitalizing and soothing. In our Resurrection Cell Recovery Serum it prevents cell aging and protects skin from the harmful effects of stress.

Yeah. I’m so in. More to come next month after I get a few weeks with this bad boy. Try it with me here!

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beauty subscription roundup september

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