September Tune-In with Natalie

September 7, 2019

September is a powerful month.

Each one of us is currently in a maturing process… figuring out what our truth is and what no longer resonates. Sifting through is the order this month, clarifying and taking action based on what we find.

We are looking for the facts and for a greater understanding of why we’re here and what we’re wanting to do. Being asked to move beyond our illusions, beyond the ideas that it will be easy and in the process, stripping away some of the fantasies we have subscribed to. Ouch. It is hard work and not for the faint of heart.


Unfolding. Integrating. Revealing. Emergence of deeper truth. Commitment. Discipline. Patience. Enduring. Preparing. Persevering. Inspired action towards. 

When we take action towards our truth, the Universe responds. However, if we don’t take some action (even if just ungluing our minds from habitual patterns), the Universe will remain silent. Many times we fear taking action, convincing ourselves that if we don’t know where we’re going, we might as well not show up at all.

This is not a month to hold back. You will be offered opportunities (potentially in the way of inner pressure) to take one step. Take it. Then pause, and integrate. See what shows up in response from the external/ Universal or from the internal. Do you take a step and then immediately overeat/drink/binge/etc. to stuff the feelings of excitement/fear that emerge? 

This is information and an opportunity to SEE the ways you hold yourself back. View these tendencies with compassion, resisting the urge to self flagellate. We all have our own particular brand of self-sabotage and beating yourself up only prolongs the agony.

Awareness is the precursor to change, so see it for what it is and take the next step anyway. You will be better prepared to take care of yourself when the pattern comes up again. Exercise your right to choose how you respond in every given moment, choosing to meet your feelings and breathe with them.

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Slow and steady is the way to go.

SEPTEMBER PLANETARY EVENTS (to better understand the astrology, download my astrology toolkits here)

  • 9/2 – Sun conjunct Mars
  • 9/3 – Mercury conjunct Mars/Sun 
  • 9/4 – Venus oppose Neptune
  • 9/5 – 9/12 – Mutable t-square with Jupiter: Mercury, Venus, Sun + Mars: Neptune (elevated intensity)
  • 9/13 – Pisces Full Moon
  • 9/14 – Mercury + Venus enter Libra
  • 9/18 – Saturn turns direct
  • 9/21 – Jupiter square Neptune (3rd of 3)
  • 9/23 – Equinox (day = night)
  • 9/23 – Sun enters Libra
  • 9/26 – Mercury square Pluto
  • 9/28 – Libra New Moon oppose Chiron


Sept 1-4:   Show up fully. As we move into September, things pick up again. If you created the space for yourself to play, dream + reboot during August, you will be primed to take advantage of the momentum. This week might be up, down, start + stop. Make plans and follow through. Take steps gracefully, leaping with a balanced head/ heart + give yourself permission to fly. Also, when it feels like your forward movement is blocked, pause, rest, reset + then start again.

Sep 5-12: You might feel an exciting energy building and optimism fueling action or conversely, a frustrating pressure cooker that propels you to action out of wanting relief. Either way, drive, discipline and commitment will inspire you to take big and bold steps OR, to rethink your whole way of being in the world. Are you staying static for fear of being seen or fear of failure? As I urged you to do last month, ask “what would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?” Follow your answers.

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Sep 13-17:  Be in your body over these days (and really the whole month). Move, stretch, do breathing exercises, walk barefoot on the earth and FEEL the ground beneath you. After the bold actions and intense energy of the first couple of weeks, use these few days to ground and pause. Go inward and balance your action with some receptivity. Create art, poetry, beauty of any kind. A freshness lends itself to relationships of all kinds. Watch the tendency to let your emotions run amok. See them and breathe with them.

Sep 18: Saturn goes direct. It’s been retrograde since April. Everything we’ve been working on since January will start to manifest. We’re moving towards the end of a 20 year cycle (which ends in January) and this planet is connected to that. Write down any “A-ha’s” that arise around this day. They will point you in the right direction.

Sep 17-22: The need for change is highlighted over these few days. And you are supported in moving forward. The third square between Neptune and Jupiter will have grounded your new beliefs into reality. Follow the deep wellsprings of inner guidance available right now. Heart rules. Let go of linear belief and trust in you. 

Sept 23: Equinox is where day = night. An auspicious turning point no matter whether you live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. A day to give thanks for all you have, all you’ve gleaned and to celebrate the cycles of life. Thank goodness we are never stuck. Though our minds convince us we are, the forces at play are continually urging us towards growth.

Sep 24-30: As we move into Libra season, the focus turns toward relationship, beauty, balance + harmony. Being honest about your needs with yourself first (and then others) is important. We step into a new cycle of seeing + healing relational wounds. The Virgo intensity will start to subside (IF you’ve been taking your steps), making way for a more receptive way of being. Trust in divine timing + flow. 

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Oct 1- 7: The mirroring principle of life is strong in these times and especially during the month of October. What outside of you doesn’t resonate? Can you tweak something inside to affect the external. For instance, if you are not being seen by another, how can you practice listening to yourself? This week, Pluto (the planet of shadow + transformation) turns direct and will unearth another layer of the collective shadow, bringing it to the surface. All the inner work we’ve done to unearth our own shadows will be tested as we step into our personal power individually to support this in our own unique way. 


  • What are your core values? If you already have them written, reexamine. If not, list them out and post somewhere you can look at every day this month.
  • What is your relationship to truth? Do you believe what certain people (authority figures) tell you or do you check inside for your own truth? Is it in alignment with what you are seeing out there? 
  • What does personal power look like to you?
  • Have your self-care practices fallen by the wayside? What is one thing you can commit to this month to support yourself?
  • Where are you letting fear hold you back? Share the fear with a trusted friend and ask them to support you in taking one step towards.

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