“Summer Comes Softly” August Boxwalla Review

September 9, 2017

Boxwalla August_

To say I’m excited every other month when my Boxwalla arrives would be an understatement. I’ve been receiving Boxwalla selections for about 8 months now and I’ve found so many new faves through this service – Boxwalla never seems to disappoint. One of my all time fave discoveries through Boxwalla is a brand called H Is For Love – who Boxwalla featured this past February. AND GUESS WHAT! Hot off the press peeps, Boxwalla will be featuring H again in October so GET ON IT! Boxwalla is usually sold out before I can even get my reviews up so don’t wait for me to post about next month’s selection – reserve October now here – and more deets about what October brings below so read on!

That being said, I don’t want to overshadow August’s box. This past month has been crazy with summer vacations and an unexpected move so this post is long overdue. (I have so many good things to tell you guys about – I’m trying to get it to you as fast as I can!). Okay so Boxwalla is introducing us to two brands in the August box. Odacité and HENNÉ Organics. The total value of this box is $131 and subscribers get in on this deal for $49.95. If you haven’t heard of Boxwalla, its a luxe beauty subscription that delivers a selection of green beauty products every two months. The products they select are always cruelty-free, nontoxic and their deliveries are curated with “things that MUST be experienced.” They also have subscriptions for food, books and movies too and you can toggle between genres which is SO FUN. One month a couple of movies, the next some decadent specialty foods, the next some must reads!

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August’s green beauty box has been playfully named “Summer Comes Softly” – and delivers three products that will help soften your skin/lips. Included is:

Odacité Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Créme, $68

Odacité Pa+ G Serum Concentrate, $39

HENNÉ Oragnaics Nordic Berries Lip Exfoliator, $24


Odacité was founded by Valerie Grandury who started this line when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer changed everything and she was on a new found mission to remove toxins from her life. Born in Pairs but living in LA, Valerie founded Odacité (a French play on “audacity”) which marries luxury french skincare with green California living. Odacité is also certified vegan, cruelty free and 100% Non-GMO.

Boxwalla Oleosomes Delivery Créme

The Oleosomes Deliver Crème is a cream moisturizer. It’s named such because it has what are called “oleosmoes” in it. These are spheres of oil + Vitamin E surrounded by a phospholipid membrane & protein. These melt when they come in contact with the skin and steadily release nutrients and hydration throughout the day. This cream is designed to refresh skin and improve texture.

I love every minute of using this cream. I tend to use oils but there is just something about using a cream based moisturizer that feels so…right. If you are a cream or lotion lover (and even if you are not) this one’s for you. There are so many things I love about this cream. It’s light in texture so it goes on really easy and sinks right in. Perfect (like PERFECT) for under makeup – no greasiness or heaviness. It feels so fresh, light and hydrating. But the special thing about this moisturizer is that my skin feels hydrated All. Day. Long. It’s truly a work of art.

Boxwalla Odacité Pa+G Serum Concentrate

So this totally works as a day cream but I love that at night, you can boost it with a couple drops of the included Pa+G Serum Concentrate and POOF, you have yourself a PM treatment. The Pa+G Serum Concentrate, OMG, where do I start. How about the ingredients:

Pa+G serum concentrate

They had me at “highest grade cold-pressed virgin papaya oil” and then “organic” everything else – hello! Also love how simple this list is – it’s literally three oils + Vitamin E. Clean + effective. Papaya oil has been shown to soften hyperpigmentation and fade spots. It’s rich in Vitamins B, C & D and it’s also rich in an enzyme called Papian. Papian is effective at breaking down and dissolving inactive proteins, melanin pigments and dead skin. This formula is recommended as a spot treatment too for hyperpigmentation – another thing I am excited about.

This concentrate is great to have on hand – I’ve had so much fun mixing it will all my oils and moisturizers to keep my skin tone even – there’s really no wrong way to use this gem!

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HENNÉ Organics

Boxwalla HENNÉ Lip Exfoliator

AND! I was so excited to see a HENNÉ Lip Exfoliator! Swedish inspired and American made, I have been eyeing these for a while now and I was so excited to try this ecoluxe lip treatment! I can definitely say the jury’s in on this one. BOMB. I LOVE IT. It smooths lips like no other, tastes and smells delicious, the packaging is so chic AND its certified organic! We are seeing the flavor Nordic Berry but they also have Lavender Mint and Rose Diamonds too. HENNÉ recommends using this 3-4 times a week but I could literally use it everyday. It effectively exfoliates while softening and smoothing – my lips feel amazing after using it. Here are the ingredients and a little note from HENNÉ about their “organic flavors”.

There are still a couple of August boxes left. Boxwalla has them available on their site as a one-time purchase option. No membership required. DEAL! Shop the August box here.

October is calling!

Okay, a little bit more about the H Is For Love October box because I just can’t help myself! First a sneak peek:

Photo by: My Vanity Treasures

Okay forget “a little bit more” I”m going to give you the whole lowdown – hold on to your pants! This box is valued at $122 and includes the following goodies:

  1. Rapha Harmonizing Cleanser (custom size 1oz): This is an oil facial cleanser with a base of organic olive oil, organic hemp seed oil, organic pumpkin seed oil and organic castor bean oil. It’s also combined with healing in-house infusions of chamomile and calendula as well as anti-inflammatory CO2 extractions of German Chamomile and Turmeric. (Gah!)
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2. Propolis Regenerative Mask (.85 oz): A potent mask with ingredients like rare skin-brightening white turmeric, Vitamin C rich camu camu, antioxidant-filled raw cacao and vanilla bean, French green clay, red alea sea salt that’s chockfull of minerals and more. Formulated to stimulate cell renewal and boost collagen production. (Um, yeah, I’ll take that).

3. Kinu Glowing Body Balm (3.4 oz): A whipped body balm made with fast absorbing oils like jojoba, coconut + kalahari melon seed to balance and soften skin. It also has rosehip CO2 which is like Miracle Grow for yours skin’s health. Plus a bit of beeswax to seal in moisture and a hint of shimmer for your own – MmmHmmm. (Literally. Can’t. Wait.)

Okay – I’m out. Otherwise I will just keep going on and on and on. H is one of the best lines around – get this deal!



By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    Camilla E

    This is the best moisturizer I have ever used. My skin is oily and acne prone so I generally avoid using cremes but this is so light and perfectly textured. My skin immediately absorbs it and feels hydrated and comfortable.

    I use it in combination with my Serum Concentrates from Odacité and my skin has never looked better!

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      It really is SO NICE! Not greasy at all but still hydrates! Kind of a miracle really : )

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