The April Boxwalla Discovery featuring TWELVE Beauty

April 4, 2018

Boxwalla April

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Every two months a Boxwalla shows up at my doorstep and I get butterflies in my tummy like it’s Christmas Day. I’ve been reviewing Boxwalla for a little over a year now and without fail I can never get this post up before the ordering due date passes. BUT I am working with Boxwalla to change that so stay tuned.

This month we are seeing two goodies by TWELVE BEAUTY; The London Mask ($92) and Ideal Brightening Corrective Serum ($90). This is a brand Boxwalla featured last May when we saw TWELVE’s Ideal Moisture Level Serum.  So I am excited to get to know and try more of what TWELVE has to offer.

I just got this box last week so I have been able to use each of these a couple of times but I haven’t gotten intimate with them…yet. This month’s box is playfully dubbed The Chronicles of a Plant Lab in honor of TWELVE Beauty. I talked to Boxwalla and they said the magic with this brand is in its ability to work over time so stay tuned.

I did want to get this post up however so you can have a chance to get in on the action. This box is valued at a whopping $182 and sells for $49.95. If you want in, make sure to order before April 5th. If you order on April 6th or after, you will get June’s box. Order here!

A little bit about TWELVE Beauty

Founder Pedro Catala is a pharmacist and a cosmetologist with a degree in Botany, Science & Technology of Cosmetics and also a PhD in Natural Formulation Technologies. He formulates everything by hand in small batches and he says every Twelve Beauty product contains a special blend of these four powerful antioxidants and nutrients:

  • White Genepi: protects skin with antioxidants and radical scavenging properties and acts as an anti-bacterial
  • Imperatoria: helps to repair minor cuts and wounds, moisturize, it’s an antioxidant and acts as an astringent
  • Mallow Flower: soothing, anti-irritant, emollient and moisturizing
  • Butterfly Bush: offers protection agains UV and is also an antioxidant
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The London Mask

Wow, this mask is so moisturizing and guess what, it’s clay based! CRAY! “Clay + moisturizing” sounds like an oxymoron but this blush cream mask goes on like a heavy hitting moisturizer. As it sits, it works against the damaging effects of pollution that are brought on by life in the city.

Pedro hand blends this mask over three days to achieve it’s creamy texture. It goes on creamy pink/white and turns clear/translucent depending on how much you apply. It feels cool and creamy on, leaving skin feeling super moisturizrd when it’s washed off after 15 minutes. Plus, don’t you just love anything with the name London in it!? Or anything pink really…

Ideal Brightening Corrective Serum

This is a milky white serum that delivers antioxidants and hydration. But what really caught my eye is it’s classified as a “hyperpigmentation treatment” – hello! Use this morning and night on clean skin before your moisturizer. It’s really light, goes on silky and soaks right in. It contains 12 carefully selected herbs that work to bring a glow to the skin and reduce dark spots. These herbs include mallow, peppermint, cowslip, willowherb, lady’s mantle, heath speedwell, cucumber, white genepi, lemon balm, yarrow, masterwort and bubbleja.

Both of these have barley-there herbal/sweet scents. And they are packaged in dark Miron glass which totally helps preserve and protect the formulas. I can’t wait to see if the Ideal Brightening Corrective Serum can reduce my 1980’s sun-damaged skin! Who feels me!?

Shop Boxwalla!

Last chance to get in on this April box friends! Make sure to order by tomorrow 4/5 to make the deadline!

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