The January Clean Beauty Subscription Roundup

January 1, 2019

january detox box

Welcome to 2019! And let me just say this; we are starting off 2019 with a bang babes! I’ve been dying to tell you about this month’s Beauty Heroes featuring Jane Scrivner but be sure to check back this week for January’s:

  • The Detox Box 1/7/19
  • February Boxwalla TBD

Okay, let’s do this!

The Detox Box Featuring Beauty Chef

For January The Detox Box is featuring $109 worth of Beauty Chef for $55 – no commitment.

january detox box

Beauty Chef Carla Oates says beauty starts in the belly. And her probiotic-rice, lacto-fermented whole food wellness blends work from the inside out to encourage healthy, glowing skin. We are seeing:

Glow Inner Beauty Powder ($75) offering 24 certified organic bio-fermented and probiotic superfoods. You can add this powder to water, smoothies or breakfast bowls.

Collagen Inner Beauty Boost ($34) is an elixir with vitamin C, maqui berry, acai, goji berry, pomegranate, grape seed extract and zinc to support natural collagen production and plump skin.

Grab this month’s Detox Box here!

SOLD OUT! Clean Beauty Box featuring Henné and One Love

This month’s Clean Beauty Box (formally Art of Organics) is a home run! A $131 value for $41.95 with a two-month minimum.

I was thrilled to see they are showcasing Henné’s new Lip Mask and Luxury Lip Balm as a duo. This lip mask dropped as the end of last year and I fell in love instantly. It’s like nothing I’ve ever used before. Comes in a glass miron pot and is a balm based consistency. You take a bit out and apply it like a balm and wear it for about 15-20 mins and then wipe off and lips are SO SOFT, plush and exfoliated. This is the perfect pick for winter.

Then of course, they follow it up with the Henné Luxury Lip Balm and it’s a match made in heaven. This balm ain’t your mama’s Chapstick. It’s clear, comes in a chic tube, is super moisturizing and sits light on lips. Not to mention it’s crazy organic. I love the tinted versions too.

And last but not least is One Love Organics Vitamin C Moisturizing Facial Serum. This serum delivers two sources of Vitamin C – Vitamin C boosters like organic green tea and Vitamin E as well as botanical actives. You can use this day or night under your moisturizer for that added glow.

Try Clean Beauty Box here!

Beauty Heroes featuring Jane Scrivner

Right when Old Man Winter was setting up shop on my face AKA dry skin to the point of almost being itchy, taught, parched and capable of holding a 5 day rain….Jane Scrivner showed up to save the day. For January we are seeing her:

  • 50 ml (half size) Cleansing Balm ($45)
  • 50 ml (half size) OO Cream ($38)
  • Two Fluffy Cleaning Mitts ($14)

A $97 value for $42.95/mo when you sign up for Beauty Heroes (3 month initial commitment and then you can cancel anytime after that). Get it here!

Beauty Heroes featuring Jane Scrivner
January Beauty Heroes featuring Jane Scrivner

Beauty Heroes broke tradition this year. After delivering Maya Chia in January for the past two years straight, they switched it up with a Jane Scrivner trio. This is my first time trying Jane and it’s official; I’M IN LOVE. The Cleansing Balm is selected as this month’s Hero but honestly my heart is with the OO Cream.

Hands-down, the OO Cream is my new go-to moisturizer. It’s intended to be used as the last step in your skincare routine to seal in moisture and protect the skin. And boy does it do that. What stands out to me is it’s EXTREMELY hydrating and just makes my skin feel so full, plump and nourished. I love that you can layer it OR you can use it alone as your daily/nightly moisturizer.

Upon first glance you would think the OO Cream is an oil based balm because of it’s vibrant yellow color but the OO Cream is actually a light water/aloe based cream. It’s rich in colloidal oatmeal to strengthen and repair the skin, Argan oil to calm and protect, Betulinic Acid to enhance skin tone, CO2 rose hip for cell regeneration, Birch Bark for anti-inflammatory benefits and Vanilla Plantifolia Extract for it’s powerful antioxidant properties.

But even after all that, what is truly notable here is that Jane formulated the OO Cream (and her entire line) to be suitable for all skin types. A sort of one-size-fits-all system that truly works. The OO Cream is the last step in her 5-A-Day (5 step) skincare ritual. But guys, even better than that, this 50 ml size sells for just $38! THIRTY EIGHT! Peep the deal here!

Beauty Heroes featuring Jane Scrivner
OO Cream on the left and Cleansing Balm on the right

And even though I’m clearly loving OO, let’s not overshadow her Cleansing Balm. This balm works to take off makeup and grime without stripping skin. I love cleansing with balms and this one does not disappoint. I love everything about it however I find the smell to be a little bit too piney for me – some people love pine, some people don’t – obviously scent is personal preference and it in no way speaks to its efficacy. And I would for sure repurchase Cleansing Balm.

I’ve already placed my order for her 5-A-Day Ritual. Mama is on a need-to-know basis because I’m all of a sudden obsessed with all things Jane Scrivner. Her products are just THAT GOOD!

Grab this month’s Beauty Heroes featuring Jane Scrivner here

Xo, lisa
January Subscription Roundup

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