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February 10, 2018

Beauty Heroes Weekend Edition Josh Rosebrook

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This weekend only!!!! 2/10-2/12 – take it or leave it – check out this Beauty Heroes deal brought to you by none other than…your’s truly.

Hi friends! I am BEYOND excited to share with you my pick for Beauty Heroes Weekend Edition. What’s the weekend edition you ask? The Weekend Edition is where Beauty Heroes highlights one product to use on the weekends. Something that makes you feel special and elevates your self-care routine. When Jeannie (founder of Beauty Heroes) called me and asked me if I would be willing to pick a product for Weekend Edition I didn’t even blink before the words Josh Rosebrook spewed out of my mouth.

If you haven’t met the Josh Rosebrook brand yet, let me introduce you. Organic + wild crafted is the name of Josh’s game – all of the plant ingredients in his skin and hair care are 100% organic, certified organic or wild-crafted. The base of his skincare line is anti inflammatory and antioxidant centered to calm and keep skin full and firm.

In addition, all of his organic herbal infusions and extracts are made in-house at their production facility. They don’t purchase extracts or pre-made herbals from a supplier which is…mind blowing. He has complete and full control of his products from start to finish. (Even his Vitamin E is organic (from non-GMO soy) which is totally unheard of. Have you ever seen organic Vitamin E on an ingredient label? No! Because it doesn’t exist. Except to Josh it does!)



The only problem was I couldn’t pick just one product. So we did two! I absolutely love a fragrance on the weekends. I usually don’t wear one to work because I work interpreting in a small closed space and I want to respect everyone around me. But when the weekend comes!? Mama’s back ya’ll! I love Josh Rosebrook’s Ethereal for so many reasons. It’s bold but soft, confident yet gentle, it’s muksy and strong but powdery and sweet. It honestly reminds me of a scent my dad used to wear when I was growing up. It smells like home to me and fills my heart with admiration and love.

But it’s not just about me. This is a beautiful fragrance for anyone. I could totally see this on my hubs, my teenager (when he gets there), my cool bestie or my sister!

Okay so I love the scent but let me tell you, it stays too.I’m talking 8 hours or more STAYS!

It’s made with a base of organic grape alcohol which is pharmaceutical grade and not denatured. Then this is mixed in is a proprietary blend of organic and wildcrafted essential oils and absolutes. There are no compromises with Ethereal. A luxe nontoxic fragrance at its finest.

Active Enzyme Exfoliator

The other product I just HAD to include is Josh’s Active Enzyme Exfoliator. Exfoliating 1-2x a week can transform your skin. It takes the dead cells off leaving skin glowing and ready to receive hydration + nutrients from your face cream or oil.

The unique thing about Josh’s Active Enzyme Exfoliator is it exfoliates in two ways. First with enzymes like papaya and second with mechanicals like walnut shells. This formula is a must-have and leaves my skin glowing and radiant. I can’t wait for you to try it!

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Josh’s entire line is also cruelty free and he sources fair trade too.

Here’s The Deal:

SO because I couldn’t decide, we are offering up this combo as a full fledged duo…buy a full sized Ethereal from Beauty Heroes and receive a full sized Active Enzyme Exfoliator FOR FREE! A $65 value. This weekend only so get on it!

Shop here!

Cover photo by Beauty Heroes

Thank you to Beauty Heroes for partnering on today’s post.


Video Transcript:

Hey, hey, hey, Lisa from This Organic Girl here. I am here today with Beauty Heroes Weekend Edition. The Weekend Edition is where Beauty Heroes highlights one product to enjoy for the weekend, elevating your self care to next level status.

So Beauty Heroes came to me and asked me, Lisa, if you were going to use one product for the weekend, what would it be, what would you highlight, what would you pick..I was like, obviously…Josh Rosebrook’s Ethereal.

I’m wearing it right now.

It smells warm..sensual…musky…soft. It gives you that little bit of like a tingle in your belly. It literally rivals conventional, luxe fragrances. Perfect in time for Valentine’s Day. Because really…you could give it to anyone you know and they would freak out.

Ethereal sells for $145..and for a limited time only….if you buy, my weekend product…you get a FREE Josh Rosebrook’s Active Enzyme Exfoliator. Now this is a $65 dollar value right here and it’s one of my FAVE products.

It uses a manual exfoliator: ground walnut shells to break up and slough off dead skin cells but at the same time he uses enzymes like papaya for example that work to break down the skin as well.

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So if you need me this weekend, you’ll know where I’ll be. PEACE!

Get it!

Xo, lisa



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Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!

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