Reverie Uncut: March 22, 2017

March 22, 2017

this organic girl
  1. Somedays I feel like I am Jekyll and Hyde-ing it. Like smoothies, ginger shots and Paleo bowls all day and then at night I sit down to watch a show with my hubs and crush a bag of chips. PS – If you haven’t tried these Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper Chips by Kettle Brand, you haven’t lived.

2. I just discovered there is a farmers market in Peidmont Park right next to our house on Saturdays that just opened – I can’t wait to check it out this weekend. Crossing my fingers for some pastured meat!

3. My birthday is on Friday, I’ll be 39! I think I’m going to spend the day doing some boutique shopping starting with Atlanta Magazine’s 50 Best Shops list – love seeing that Fig and Flower is on there – I can’t believe I haven’t stopped in yet!

4. How often do you you guys change your sheets? The day I heard Oprah tell her audience that she has someone change her sheets every other day I was instantly peanut butter and jealous! Can someone do this for me? Line dried please.

5. I don’t watch too much TV but I have been a loyal fan of Grey’s Anatomy since that first steamy first episode where Grey hooked up with McDreamy. What season is it now like 107!? I started off strong but ended dropping off…I feel like I broke up with a boyfriend and I am taking time to grieve. Anyone still watching? Did that hot doctor ever come back on the scene for Mere?

6. Does anyone else have to choke down water like I do? Ugh, so BORING! They say you should drink half your body weight in oz/daily. That puts me at 75 and I feel like I am trying to drink an olympic size pool worth of water. And here’s the other problem – like who wants to run to the bathroom 27 times a day?!

7. I just bought this book, When Work and Family Collide by Andy Stanley for me and my hubs so we could read it together. The guy who recommended it to me said “It would be a blessing for me and my family” and he doesn’t even know me so obviously I knew it was mean’t for me. I mean, its a sign, right?

8. One thing about Targets in Atlanta is they have bathing suits out YEAR ROUND. Like there is no such thing as a “winter wardrobe” here = pro and con. No big sweaters to wrap your tummy in for 4 months and just be cozy and eat salt and ground pepper chips. But then again no big sweaters to wrap your tummy in for 4 months and just be cozy and eat salt and ground pepper chips.

9. I seriously made the best lemon icing the other day with three ingredients: coconut butter, maple syrup and some fresh squeezed lemon. Like, redick so good.

10. I think I’m going to try The Staplehouse restaurant this weekend. Seasonal + local, their menu is at the mercy of what the farms have available. They can also accommodate pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free diets.


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