Top 10 Clean Beauty Products At Target!

June 25, 2020 (updated April 20, 2022)

Check out our THREE Clean Beauty Target Guides with TOP TEN picks for makeup, skincare + personal care. PLUS 90 beauty brands to patron + avoid in Target!

a target basket filled with clean beauty products

By: Lisa Fennessy

UPDATE: This post was originally published in January 2018 and has been updated with new information, guides and a brand new download.

Going clean can be overwhelming, expensive, a total time suck and frustrating at times. I one-hundred percent get it. I’ve been there and I’m still there now like when I can’t find a clean swap for a memory foam pillow or a clean swap for a men’s cologne that smells good. It takes time and organization to figure out where to start, what really works, how to read labels, what to look for etc.


Girl. That’s why I’m so excited to hit refresh on this Target Guide to bring you my top 10 picks at Target for makeup, skincare and personal care. But the fun doesn’t end there. I also have a Master Target Shopping Guide with over 30 clean brands to check out and over 60 brands to avoid. Download this guide and keep it on your phone for the next time you are in Target. *High fives*!

The Clean at Target Program

Target recently launched their “Clean at Target” program which identifies products “formulated without propyl-parabens, butyl-parabent, phthalates, formaldehyde, formaldehyde-donors, nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), oxybenzone, SLES, retinyl palmate, hydroquinone, triclosan, triclocarban, BHA, BHT, aluminum and oral care without artifical sweeteners.”

the clean at target green sign in the store

What’s missing from this list (and a MAJOR offender in my opinion) is fragrance. (I have the same issue with the Clean at Sephora program). Several “Clean at Target” products I found are formulated with fragrance or perfume. And according to the International Fragrance Association, “fragrance” as an ingredient can house THOUSANDS of components – some benign, some not. Either way you can peep the entire list of components in the IFRA’s Transparency List where you will find possible human carcinogens like styrene, components preserved with formaldehyde and more. Fragrance is the #1 ingredient to avoid in my book because we just don’t know what’s in it.

products on shelves at Target

Looking through the Clean at Target program, I also found ingredients like polysorbates which have a high ppm of 1,4 dioxane and moles of Category 1 Human Carcinogen ethylene oxide (EO). Grapefruit Seed Extract which is often adulterated with parabens and more. Phenoxyethanol which ECOCERT/COSMOS Certification (the world’s leading specialist in the certification of sustainable practices for over 30 years) bans. And this list goes on and on….unethical palm oil, chemical UV barriers like Avobenzone Homosalate, Octisalate, Octocrylene…suffice to say, the Clean at Target Program is a step in the right direction but there is A LOT of room for improvement. For more on how to spot hidden ingredients, be sure to check out Hidden Ingredients in Skincare + Makeup.

Anyways, I also want to point out, this is a classic example of one of the oldest marketing (and greenwashing) tactics in the books. I call it the NO NO NO tactic. It’s when a brand flashes everything that’s not in a product but fails to mention what actually IS in the product. Ignore those NO NO NO tactics and just go straight for the ingredient list.

Tried and true….

And just to clarify…this is not just a list of 10 clean products you can find at Target….these are literally items I have used in my rotation and really enjoy. They work, they are clean and you don’t have to spend a ton to try them out.

a red target basket full of beauty products

Also, inventory varies from store to store and even online. For this guide, I used my local Target as well as online inventory to create these guides.

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Also a note…some clean brands that used to be available at Target but aren’t anymore include; Grace + Tonic, Plant Apothecary and Primal Pit Paste. And some brands I used to consider clean like Nourish (formerly Nourish Organics) got reformulated and I no longer do.

Top 10 Clean Makeup Products At Target

a graphic listing 10 clean makeup products including mascara, eyeliner, and lip care

1.CocoKind Mai-Light Highlighter | $12.99 – A beautiful, subtle, creamy highlighter that adds a natural-looking glow.

2. Zuzu Luxe Eyeliner Pencil | $11.99 – I’m a HUGE FAN of the Zuzu Luxe Liquid Eyeliner but Target doesn’t seem to carry it anymore. Their pencil is soft and transfers well if you are looking for a pencil. Comes in a couple shades.

3. W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Brow Gel | $17.99 – A subtle and natural finish that fills in brows without over doing it. Easy to apply. I wish they had a taupe or black but I can make Dark Brown work.

4. Honest Beauty Liquid Lipstick | $12.99 – Get ready to reapply throughout the day but these shades are super cute and POP (I have them all). Fragrance free.

5. W3LL PEOPLE Nudist Multi Use Cream | $23.99 – Multiuse meaning you can apply to cheeks, lips and lids. Love a cream blush. This one goes on smooth and can be worn as a flush of color or built up for more drama. I am partial to the shade Nude Rose.

6. W3LL PEOPLE Nudist Eyeshadow Palettes | $24.99 – Three color themes in taupe, violet or jewel tones each with 5 shades each. These are beautifully pigmented and everyday wearable.

7. Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer |$16.99 – Arguably the best mascara in clean beauty. That’s all I have to say about that. Check out my full review here.

8. Zuzu Luxe Lipstick | $18.99 – Creamy, pigmented and punchy. Sin and Siren are my top shade picks!

9. Eco Tools 5 Piece Brush Kit | $9.99 – This entire 5 piece set is less than $10. The bristles are made from polyester and the handle is made from bamboo.

10. CocoKind Macabeet Tinted Moisturizer Stick | $8.99 – A highlighter and cheek color all in one. Love these super clean ingredients. Great for lips too.

Top 10 Clean Skincare Products at Target

a graphic showing top clean skincare picks at target including lip balms, cleansing oils, and moisturizers

1.Cocokind Chia Facial Oil | $15.99 – I’m a huge fan of antioxidant-packed chia seed oil; a rich botanical source of omega-3s which help hydrate the skin and support its natural barrier function. This one is even certified organic. Glow on!

2. Weleda Skin Food Lip Butter | $6.99 – Leaves lips moisturized, smooth and kissable.

3. Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lip Balm | $2.99 – A traditional (and organic) swap for Chapstick. I love the peppermint.

4. Mei Apothecary Mini Jade Facial Roller | $9.99 – So cute! Made from authentic Xiuyan Jade this roller will help to reduce facial puffiness, promote fluid drainage and penetrate skincare products.

5. Acure Radically Rejuvenating SPF Day Cream | $15.99 – An everyday SPF/moisturizer that won’t break the bank. Read my full review here.

6. Cocokind Organic Rosewater Facial Toner | $16.99 – One ingredient, USDA certified organic rosewater toner designed to sooth, tone and balance.

7. Weleda Awakening Day Cream | $24.99 – I knew this face cream was a winner when my mom asked me to gift it to her again. Absorbs easily and leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized.

8. BioRepublic Deep Hydration Facial Treatment | $7.99 – Okay full disclosure I haven’t tried this mask YET but when I saw a USDA Certified Organic sheet mask at Target, I had to include it here! (I ordered it and will update ASAP).

9. Acure Brightening Facial Scrub | $9.99 – One of my top (if not TOP) picks from Target overall. This exfoliator leaves skin soft and smooth.

10. FATCO Cleansing Oil | $13.99 – Takes off makeup, grime, sunscreen and gunk with ease. Leaves skin feeling plump and moisturized. Smells like a beautiful bouquet of rosemary, lavender and lemon.

Top 10 Clean Personal Care Products at Target

graphic of clean personal care products at Target including epsom salt, hand sanitizer, and toothpaste

1.Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Hand Sanitizer | $4.99 – USDA Organic, OTCO, Fair Trade, Non-GMO, Vegan, Non-Animal Tested, Certified B-Corp.

2. Good Clean Love Almost Naked | $10.99 -A water-based organic lube that’s MADE SAFE certified to boot.

3. Weleda Skin Food Light |$18.99 – Hydrating and non-greasy! If you tried the original Skin Food to no avail, this is a must try. Far superior IMO.

4. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay | $7.99 – Besides needing a name change…this is 100% calcium bentonite clay. Great for deep pore cleaning and spot treating acne and blemishes.

5. SAALT Menstrual Cup | $32.99 – One hundred percent, no word of a lie, this product changed my life. Comes in several variants, 100% USA-made silicone.

6. Epsom Salt | $2.79 – If you are looking to grab an epsom salt at Target, go for this brand. Other brands like Dr. Teals for example have added fragrance where as this one is just straight magnesium sulfate.

7. David’s Toothpaste | $9.99 – Sustainable packaging (recyclable metal tube), clean ingredients and USA made. Comes in 4 flavors, I prefer peppermint.

8. Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free Deodorant | $13.99 – One of the very first clean deodorants EVER. This is still one of my faves. Packaged in glass, baking soda free, clean, vegan, cruelty free. This also comes in a biodegradable stick but I personally prefer the jar which doesn’t bleed or get stuck.

9. Andalou Naturals Body Lotion |$6.99 – A good body lotion can be tough to find in clean beauty, never-mind an affordable one. This one hits both marks. Get my top picks for natural body lotions on a budget here.

10. Babo Botanicals Sheer Zinc Sunscreen Spray SPF 30 | $18.99 – A family friendly, clean, broad-spectrum SPF SPRAY! Sprays on white, rubs into clear. In one word? EASY.

More Budget Finds

What are some of your Target clean beauty faves? For more clean beauty on a budget chit-chat check out:

Target Shopping Guide!

Unsure of what’s clean in Target and what’s not? Subscribe to This Organic Girl and get my updated Target Shopping Guide. An easy to read list of 90+ beauty brands to buy and brands to avoid at Target. Some brands market themselves as clean when in fact they really aren’t. This is called greenwashing and it’s not cute!

Xo, lisa

By Lisa Fennessy

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    Was excited to read this, but these foundations have titanium dioxide, which I’ve heard is a carcinogen! I can’t manage to find an affordable foundation without it, unfortunately!

    1. Reply


      Hi Grace! Thanks for mentioning this! The thing with titanium dioxide is you don’t want to breathe it in – which means checking labels on powders, blushes and powder foundations to make sure it’s not in these. And when it’s in sunscreens and liquid foundations you want to check to make sure it’s non-nano titanium dioxide – that way it’s not being absorbed into the skin. Also just as a side note, right now for mineral (nontoxic) sunscreens you need both titanium dioxide and zinc to get full spectrum coverage.

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    Do you know much about La Roche Posay? I saw a cleanser at target I wanted to try.

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      Hey! I don’t know much about them but I just looked at the ingredient list of their face cream and it has PEGs which are a no-no on my list. Thanks for asking!

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    Are these all available at Target? I was just confused because the links take me to other online stores.

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      Yes! They are but some are only sold “in store” so I was linking to places where you could check out each item instantly! Hope it was helpful!

      1. Ginette

        Ohh that makes sense. Thanks!!

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    Do you recommend a color safe shampoo and conditioner for red hair that’s on the safe list (not necessarily from Target)? Thank you!

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      Yes! Check out EVOLVh! They have a color safe shampoo and code THISORGANICGIRL will save you 15%!

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    Mary Katherine

    Have you heard of a brand called everyone for everybody. I buy their hand soap and lotion and didn’t see them on your list of yes or no. Thoughts of this brand?

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      Hi! Check the label on that company – I believe they preserve some of their products with phenoxyethanol which would be a no for me.

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    Manojnatha Shekhar

    The article was amazing and helpful for us in knowing the top clean products for us. I really liked Andalou natural’s body lotion. Thank you for sharing the article.

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      Awesome! So glad it was helpful friend! xo, Lisa

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    Finally, someone who is pickier than me, I have been looking for a clean beauty blogger/YouTuber I can follow and learn things from, everyone I find uses products with ingredients I don’t use. A lot of people talk about parabens but not Phenoxyethynol (which I have found irritates my skin) thank you for making this Target list, I will be sharing this as well as your other blogs👏👏👏

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      So excited we connected Julie! And thanks for sharing this resource! xoxox, Lisa

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      Awesome Jaylyn! So happy this is useful for you! xo! Lisa

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    Mylea LaVoy

    What are your thoughts on the new Arbonne line, “Age Well”…

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      Hi there! I looked and I couldn’t find a specific ingredient list for any products in that line. If you have an ingredient list for a product, you are welcome to email it to us and we will try our best to help! xo, Lisa

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    Laura Bates

    Any recommendations on eye creams or eye patches for puffy tired eyes?

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      Hi Laura! I am obsessed with eye masks! They work so well. I love 100% Pure’s and also Honest Hazel. xo! Lisa

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    Vilma Luciano

    This you for updating the Target list, Lisa! Mil Gracias!

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