True Botanicals Eye Serum Product Review

May 31, 2016

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When True Botanicals asked me if I wanted to test their new eye serum I was like, “Does Grizzly Adams have a beard?” HECK YES!!!

I love anything True Botanicals (formally True Nature Botanicals).  They source and use the most thoughtful ingredients. Their formulations promise no water, no fillers, no toxins. And their eye serum is 83% organic! LOVE IT! But, what really caught my eye is they use wild carrot seed oil as an active carrier oil.  Some other brands will use benign carrier oils which don’t bring much to the table and end up diluting the overall formula. Let’s just say I was impressed before I even opened up the bottle.  But then again that is par for the course when it comes to True Botanicals.

True Botanicals Eye Serum 90.00/.5oz
True Botanicals Eye Serum 90.00/.5oz


Okay so I have been testing this oil exclusively for three months now. Here are my take aways:

It’s super moisturizing. The skin around my eye feels more hydrated and has a healthier turgor or elasticity than it did three months ago. It feels softer when I rub my eyes or work with the skin around my eye – I can totally notice a difference. This is the biggest change I’ve seen – it’s pretty amazing.

The consistency of this product is an oil (as opposed to a gel serum) and it is dispensed with a glass dropper. The formula is super concentrated and a little goes a long way. Literally a half a drop will cover both eyes with some to spare. A mistake I made at the beginning was using too much product. This left my eye area greasy and impossible to apply make-up over so don’t make the same mistake I did! Less is actually more here….unless it is at night then more is more.

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That being said I never felt like I had to reapply. I have used brands before where after a few hours I truly wondered if I should go back in for a round two application. True Botanicals provides treatment ALL DAY LONG. And listen, at 38 I need all the active treatment time I can get to starve off those fine lines.

90.00 for .5oz may seem steep but it is actually pretty generous if used properly.  I have been using my bottle both day and night for just about 90 days and I still have more than half of a bottle left. This breaks down to less than .50/day friends – a pretty good deal in my book!

As always I love that True Botanicals packages their product in dark glass.  First of all glass is the optimal container to avoid contamination and leaching from materials like plastics. And second when you are using oils they can go rancid from light and heat exposure – dark glass is an excellent option to extend shelf life and preserve the integrity of the oils.


The ingredients are thoughtful, clean, and nontoxic.

  • TUBEROSE STEM CELLS: tuberose flower stem cells reduces circles and puffiness while moisturizing and firming.
  • CUCUMBER SEED OIL: adds moisture, soothes and reduces wrinkles.
  • CARROT SEED OIL: loaded with nutrients A, B, C, D, E and F to nourish, tighten and revitalize skin.
  • EVENING PRIM ROSE OIL: a high concentration of fatty acids to reduce inflammation.
  • CAMELLIA SEED OIL: moisturizing and rich in antioxidants to help reduce inflammation.
  • BLACKBERRY SEED OIL: high in vitamin C, helps repair fine lines.
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Also contains: green tea seed oil, avocado seed oil, rosehip seed oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride and tocopherol.

True Botanicals also happens to make my favorite face cleanser and toner/mist and their shampoo/conditioner is killer too. You can’t go wrong with anything in this line!

Try it for yourself! Buy here!



True Botanicals is giving up an eye serum to one lucky winner! I am so excited to share this product.

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