Going Gray and Natural Living T-Shirts!

June 4, 2019

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What did you say? You want a t-shirt that speaks to your soul when it comes to organic living and/or going gray? A t-shirt that is SO YOU and also comfortable and cute!? Girl. You’ve come to the right place. I CAN NOT wait to share the latest with you.

Jump to Kickstarter to see the entire project including a “try on” video or read on for more details!

Check out these six cheeky designs and tell me how hard it is to pick a fave!

black organic going gray tshirt that says "grayteful"
organic black natural living t-shirt that says "representin'"
organic going gray tshirt that says "amazing grays"
Amazing grays
organic natural living tshirt that says "all natural all the time"
All natural, All the time
organic going gray tshirt that says "grayceful"
going gray organic tshirt that says "make america gray again"
Make America Gray Again

T-shirt details

Super cute, right? Well, it only gets better. The t-shirts themselves are made by Loomstate, a responsible clothing company. Here’s the specs:

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Manufactured in a GOTS certified factory
  • Printed with water-based, nontoxic inks
  • Cute as heck

And the fit is fantastic. Above all, I really wanted this shirt to be the shirt you always reach for first on laundry day. And this is it. It’s super soft, lightweight and easy to wear. It’s generous in the torso and sleeve length and fits like an adult t-shirt, not like a tiny one you are trying to make work from Forever 21. I also love that it has a scoop neck which adds a touch of femininity and also creates a frame to showcase your favorite necklace.

Some smaller details I love include; a center seam that runs down the back, a raw edge seam around the neckline and a covert note clamp label that adorns the bottom front hem. You can see them here…

going gray organic tshirt center seam running down the back
center seam running down the back
organic black going grey tshirt raw edge neckline
raw edge neckline
note clamp at the base of organic going gray tshirt
covert note clamp from the outside
going gray organic tshirt cover note clamp
covert note clamp from the inside

I chose a black t-shirt for one very important reason. For the very simple fact that most of us wear natural deodorant and a white t-shirt would last us about 3 wears before looking dingy. But this black one will last! The black itself is a softer more natural looking black as opposed to a hard/true black and it’s easy to pair with neutrals, patterns, jeans, shorts…etc.


I also wanted to create something that would work as a layering piece and this totally does. It looks cute under a light cotton jacket, a jean vest, a leather bomber, chambray…you name it! Check out the styling video here!

Why going gray and natural living t-shirts?

I’m rocking two themes with these tees so there is something for everyone! Natural living babes will love All natural, All the time and REPRESENTIN’ AND my going gray ladies will love the other four designs; Amazing grays, grayteful, grayceful, and Make America Gray Again. My personal fave is grayceful and grayteful but that’s just me!

Since I started going gray, I’ve had to sort through a lot of emotional baggage that came along with the process. Initially, gray hair equated to feelings of less than or ugly or old. But now that I’ve come out the other side of this process, I can see that those are not universal truths. That lens, or that view of the world, is something I chose to believe. And this experience has taught me something so far removed from that, I can hardly tap into those old feelings anymore. This has been such a transformational experience both inside and out and I never expected that! If you are interested in following along, I journal about this entire experience here.

And that’s where these t-shirts come in. I want gray hair and natural living to be celebrated. I want this experience to be full of pride and ownership. I want women to ROCK IT! I remember when I was growing out my hair at about the 3 month mark, I just wanted a sign or a t-shirt to wear that said, I’m growing out my hair. I didn’t miss my hair appointment. You can stop staring at my roots now. Which was way too long for a t-shirt I admit but it was also a defense. I was so paranoid, ashamed and…small.

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This movement is different. This is pride. This is BIG. This is accomplishment. This is a full sense of self. This is an example to others that life is full of choices and here’s a great one.

I realize now, one HUGE tool we are missing as women is; role models. When women start to see other women they can identify with going gray, it opens up options for all of us who didn’t realize we even had any. I literally had a reader email me one day saying, “Thank you for sharing your going gray story. I didn’t realize I could just not dye my hair. I didn’t even think that was an option.” And this is not an isolated experience. We think that way because that’s what we see.

So I wanted to put this project into the world to offer a different message. This project is dedicated to the next girl who doesn’t even realize she can make a choice.

this organic girl wearing a black tshirt that says "amazing grays"
Amazing grays

Now or never!

If you love these t-shirts, order yours here TODAY! More below…

I launched this project on Kickstarter for several reasons. First, I searched high and low for the perfect t-shirt….for over a year actually. I probably tried 15 different wholesalers and either the fit wasn’t right or it wasn’t organic or I had to use their printer which wasn’t nontoxic…you get it. So when I finally came upon Loomstate I was SOLD. But the catch is they have a large minimum order. So, to make sure there is enough interest in this project, I decided to launch it on Kickstarter. If we can sell enough t-shirts in June to cover the cost of the minimum order, I will be able to fulfill the project!


Second, from the date that we place the order with Loomstate, there is a 3.5 month fulfillment time. Loomstate makes to order so this time period includes manufacturing, transit time from India and printing. This essentially means when you order your shirt now in June, you can expect it to arrive in late October/early November.

Third, I had so many design ideas that I couldn’t narrow them all down to one t-shirt so launching via Kickstarter allows us to crowdsource a fave. And, in an ideal world, the top ordered design will earn a spot in Shop This Organic Girl (coming soon!) Fingers crossed!

Lastly, Kickstarter encourages donations. So if you are someone who likes the idea of this project but you don’t really want a t-shirt, you can still contribute. And thank you in advance to anyone who does. THANK YOU!

Get yours here!

Okay so more details over at my Kickstarter page. I’m happy to answer and questions you may have – feel free to email me or leave a comment here and I will get back to you!

Xo, lisa


By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!