VERT Beauty: New Makeup Launch

October 19, 2016

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VERT Beauty is a green beauty boutique selling a range of natural products from makeup to sun and hair care as well as bath/body items. Based in Denver, co-founder Amanda Hume set up VERT Beauty to offer high quality beauty services and organic cosmetics at reasonable prices. If you live in the Denver area they also offer professional consultations, esthetician treatments and bridal makeup services.

And VERT Beauty is expanding. They just launched their own line of products including an Eyeliner Pencil and a Beauty Concealer and I jumped on the chance to try them out. _dsc6199hydrosol

VERT Beauty Eyeliner Pencil

Let’s start with the eyeliners! They are being offered in 5 colors:

  • Noir Or: The ultimate, sexy black gold
  • Bleu: An eye-brightening navy
  • Violet: A rich purple
  • Cuivre: A sparkling, intense copper
  • Vert: A cross between turquoise and jade

I got to try three: Bleu, Violet and Cuivre.


How gorgeous are these colors?! I had fun using them all. Infused with an anti-aging blend of mango and Meadowfoam Seed Oils, this vegan formula is legit.

Violet on top and Cuivre on bottom lash-line

The interesting thing about this eyeliner is every color I tried preformed a little different. Bleu is beautifully concentrated and goes on opaque resembling the color you see in the swatch below. Cuivre is pretty light and needs a few passes to build up the color represented here. Violet is more on the sheer end of the spectrum and needs a few layers to build up color unless you are going for more of a shadow look. All in all they are pretty, subtle, a tad bit shimmery – super fun to use.

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Here you can see in the picture on the left I have Violet lining my top lash-line and Cuivre (copper) lining my lower. With the Violet I did experience some pigment-planing when trying to apply over shadow but when applied on bare lid I got more of an opaque transfer.

Cuivere went on sheer and built up nicely with more product. It’s a little light for me but I think it would be GREAT for people with light hair and/or light skin.  In this pic, the Violet is 2-3 passes and the Cuivre is one so you can see the difference in color payoff.

These colors are a fun way to add some sass to your normal everyday look. Subtle but feisty these pencils will make you smile…and so will the ingredients.


Swatches of all three liners plus concealer

VERT Beauty Concealer

Love this concealer for two reasons. First of all the pencil is easy to use and it’s precise. It lets you target problem spots with ease and precision without the mess. Plus it’s easy to take on the go and great for touch-ups. I am also loving the formula – infused with Vitamin E and Shea Butter, it glides on easy and blends to a natural finish. I found using my finger to blend got a more natural looking finish.

This Beauty Concealer comes in three colors:

  • Clair: Ideal for porcelian to fair skin tones
  • Lumière: Perfect for moderately fair skin tones
  • Moyen: Just right for medium skin tones

The color I’m trying is Lumière and I think it’s a little light for me. If I ordered again I would choose Moyen. If you are thinking what color might be best for you, I’m a 5 in the W3ll People’s Narcissist stick. Regardless of the color-match, I’ve been using this to camo some hyper-pigmentation and any red spots or perhaps the occasional broken capillary. It is effective applied either under or over foundation or alone. The formula is thick enough to stay put and cover inconsistencies but thin enough to blend with out losing it’s opacity.

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My absolute fave way to use this is as a red lipstick assist. Concealing the edges of the lower lip before applying a red will totally rock your world! By eliminating any other red around your mouth, it makes red lips pop, supports less color bleeding and helps delineate the lip line from the skin. It’s an awesome tip with a powerful impact.

VERT Beauty Brushes

Face Blending 38.00, Blending Shadow 30.00

And the brushes! Let me count the ways! I was lucky enough to try their Face Blending brush made with natural and synthetic hairs – great for applying bronzers, blushes or foundations. I loved this for blush and setting powers. The bristles are more compactly bound so you get more control with color application than you would with a larger brush. Plus they are really soft and feel good on contact.

I also got to try their Blending Shadow brush which is a blended natural crinkle ebony with synthetic super silk white strips.  These bristles are longer and loosely bound so it is a great brush for blending. Just the tool I needed to blend powder colors in the crease or apply a highlight softly to the brow bone.

These brushes are all-natural, vegan and eco-friendly. To compare, brushes made from real animal hair are a breading ground for bacteria. In addition, they are naturally porous which will soak up and waste product so you will go through everything a lot quicker. Their entire brush kit sells for 185.00 which I am totally drooling over.

You can shop their line and other products they offer here.


By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    Love the founder of Vert Beauty Amanda-got to visit their shop last fall and she’s a gem! Love their brushes too!

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      Oh for the conference you went to with your hubs!? So J! I would love to visit too – sounds AMAZING! And yes! I need more VERT brushes! Thanks for reading friend!

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