W3LL PEOPLE Reformulations and New Releases

August 17, 2017

W3LL PEOPLE new releases_

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Love W3LL PEOPLE for several reasons. First of all, it’s hard enough for people to find green alternatives but then when they have to go to the corners of the Earth to buy, it’s just…a turnoff. W3LL PEOPLE competes with conventional brands in oh so many ways. It’s super accessible, you can find them at most Targets + Whole Foods. They are a crowd pleaser in performance, price and accessibility. I love recommending this line to people who are just making the switch to green beauty or people who are looking for a trusty standby. You can literally buy anything from this line and be happy with how it works. Plus, to boot, all the products listed here are formulated with clean ingredients – many of which are certified organic. They also sell mini sizes too so you can sample before investing. W3LL PEOPLE is also gluten-free and non-GMO. Sold yet!?

So here’s the scoop. W3LL PEOPLE recently came out with a new look. Their old packaging was all white with gray lettering. The new packaging looks like what you see here in the cover photo.

Along with new packaging W3LL PEOPLE  also came out with some new formulations! They’ve added sustainable-sourced freshwater pearl to several of their products including the Bio Brightener Invisible Powder, Altruist Foundation Powder, Narcissist Foundation Sticks, Realist Setting Powder and Bio Bronzer Powder. This improves radiance and creates a soft focus effect.

Pearls are known for their healing and nurturing properties. W3LL PEOPLE explains, they are potent antioxidants, contain polysaccharides, 17 amino acids, more than 30 trace minerals and vital proteins that help stimulate collagen regeneration.

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Here’s what I got to try:

Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer with SPF 30 – Another great tinted moisturizer…WITH SPF! Think Narcissist Stick on roids. This formula is truly a full-coverage skincare/makeup hybrid. Love that it’s made with broccoli seed oil to smooth and brighten. It has broad spectrum protection with zinc as its mineral barrier. Goes on liquid and and dries matte. If you look at the ingredients, there is a lot there that you may not recognize. Everything checks out as clean according to the EWG Skin Deep Database. There are only a two ingredients here that rate a 3 (0 being safe and 10 being toxic) however they are both used in concentrations of less than 1% of the total formulation: Tocopheryl Acetate + Sodium Benzoate as a preservative). $28.99

This is what it looks like applied (below). I am wearing it solo here, no additional moisturizers or powders applied. Cute, right!? I am also wearing the Bio Bronzer Powder on my cheeks (only) and the Expressionist Mascara plus ILIA Beauty Cheek To Cheek Mulit-Stick on my lips.

Expressionist Liquid Eyeliner – Love that this eyeliner has a felt tip applicator. Also love that it wont fade, flake or smudge. I tried to take it off with water and a Q-tip and it was just a hot mess. A felt tip applicator is essentially like the same idea as a felt tip pen but it is shaped like a brush that wont bend. Way better for application because it wont go all noodley on you when you are trying to get a straight edge. This formula is also hyper-pigmented for an inky finish. If you apply over an area that isn’t dry yet, it may streak – easily fixed with a second coat after dried. If you need to take it off or straighten a line, use oil on a Q-tip instead of water – trust me – ha ha! Ingredients check out. $17.99

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W3LL PEOPLE powders_
From left to right: Bio Brightener Invisible Powder, Altruist Foundation Powder, Bio Bronzer Powder

Altruist Foundation Powder – Newly reformulated, say hello to this titanium dioxide FREE foundation powder.  Sans TD, they’ve added pure zinc as a protectant as well as the antioxidant benefits of crushed freshwater pearl. It covers, it protects, it regenerates – I mean, what doesn’t it do!? This is a creamy foundation power with a dewy finish – it absorbs skin’s extra oils but leaves skin looking alive and fresh. It truly blends with skin and looks super natural. You can even mix it with your favorite face oil to a make a liquid foundation. Totally loving this foundation. It’s like committing to a foundation without committing to a foundation. Simple, clean ingredients. $24.99

Bio Bronzer Powder – Also reformulated to add pearl powder. This is a rich, complex bronze color that warms the complexion. I would argue that it borders on a sultry, bold blush but I love colors in the orange family so this one just speaks to me whatever it is. I have it on in the pics above and below. Simple, clean ingredients. $21.99

Expressionist Mascara – I have the Expressionist Mascara on in all of these pics – above it is solo and below it is paired with W3LL PEOPLE’s Expressionist Liquid Liner. This is an “old steady” of mine for mascara. It gives volume and length and it stays. Like, it just..works. I particularly like this wand too – it’s efficient at delivering product and it works with my eye shape. It also comes in purple, blue and brown. Love the purple. It does have a couple of ingredients that rate a 3 on EWG like Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Benzoate (preservative) – however this formula is by far way cleaner than ANY conventional brand and is a safe option in my opinion. $21.99


Bio Brightener Invisible Powder – This was just recently reformulated and it’s back! With the addition of crushed freshwater pearl this powder is clear and perfect for setting makeup or to take away shine. It softens lines and blurs imperfections while still letting your natural complexion shine through. This formula isn’t iridescent (like their Bio Brightener Stick) but it does brighten my face in a way other clear powers haven’t. Love this as a prep for eyelids before shadows too. And say goodbye to oily foreheads friends. Quickly becoming a fave and a purse staple! Simple clean ingredients. $21.99

What these look like applied:

Below: I am wearing the Altruist Foundation Powder, Bio Bronzer Powder, Expressionist Mascara and Expressionist Liquid Eyeliner here (and I’m still so tan from vacation a week later – OMG!). On my lips: Axiology’s Lipstick in Virtue.

What about you?

Have you tried any of these W3LL PEOPLE newbies or old standbys? Spot any faves?

If you are interested in trying W3LL PEOPLE, head to my Instagram where I am giving away a $150 gift card to the W3LL PEOPLE store! Winner will be announced Monday 8/21/17.




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