10 Sustainable Fashion Brands We Recommend


The brand does this using a “manufacturer-to-consumer” or M2C model which cuts out middle steps—retail, transportation, storage—that can make fashion both expensive and hard on the environment.


 Working out, meetings on zoom, dressed up with a fancy skirt, dressed for play with leggings—there are so many ways to wear it and offers just the right amount of coverage to be appropriate in every situation.


This handmade textile-driven company was founded in 2009 by two fashion industry vets who wanted to create something together based around their shared love of textiles and passion for sustainable fashion processes.


If you want comfy, fun lounge-and-workout wear, YesAnd is bound to be your new favorite brand.


A-based brand makes both made-to-order and small-batch designs. The brand is focused on avoiding waste, the consumer is less likely to “buy for the sake of buying something,” and the clothing is way less likely to end up in a landfill.

DINO Apparel

I have to be honest: DINO Apparel has been my official wardrobe of the pandemic! The brand's “botanical cashmere” basics have gotten me through the past two years of uncertainty in comfort and style!


The brand's founder wanted to recreate this slow fashion philosophy of made-to-order, thoughtful designs, in contrast to the fast fashion all around us today. Sustainable fashion for petite wormen. 

MATE the Label

With soft, colorful basics that can be dressed up or down, and clear ethical and environmental standards, there is so much to love about the brand.