Best Neck Cream You Can Use For Your Face in 2022

Meet ARC by Maya Chia This cream takes all the building blocks the skin needs to repair itself (amino acids, peptides, minerals, vitamins) and delivers it in double and even triple the amounts needed to be effective.


Organic Kangaroo Paw Paw Flower Extract shown to repair damaged skin. An in vivo study found that within 28 days the total neck wrinkle area was reduced by up to 65% in participants.

Nicotiana Benthamiana, which has a collagen production efficacy comparable to retinol. After 28 days, a consumer study found up to 42% increase in skin radiance, 44% decrease in pore size and 28% increase in skin hydration.

Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline to help form the structure of collagen in the skin. 

Chebula (one of nature’s strongest antioxidants), a poly-peptide and multiple peptide complex (to help synthesize collagen up to 5x), fermented minerals and high quality vitamins.


What really stands out to me is how smooth and soft my skin, including my neck, feels after using this cream.

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