DIY deodorant 

Step 1

Right out of the shower, I first use a Crystal deodorant stone and smooth  it under the arm on very damp skin. The salt forms an invisible film that sits on the surface and helps prevent growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Step 2

I then apply lavender oil neat on the underarm area. I love the way it smells, it is a calming start to my day and it also is regarded as having great antibacterial benefits.

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Step 3

I seal this in with a great smelling balm with oils, butters and a great wax like beeswax to seal in those ingredients and create a topical barrier.


I apply all of these first thing out of the shower and then get dressed.  I use it very sparingly on damp skin so it absorbs so I have never had issues with any residue or staining so I would say those two are key: applying a small amount and to clean, damp skin.

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