How to shop for ethical jewelry

Tip 1: Go for the gold (or white gold or platinum or silver—just keep it real).

Solid-gold jewelry, or real silver or platinum jewelry, will likely always have value. Not only will it last longer, but it will also retain its value long term.

Tip 2: Reuse & recycle

Gold and other precious metals can be melted down to be recycled and reused. Any time you can support an artisan who is reusing or reclaiming materials, you’re helping the earth.

Recycle/reuse something from your own collection. Turn old jewelry from your family into a necklace or bracelet you’ll actually wear.

Tip 3: Know the designer

Learning the inspirations and backgrounds, the strengths and insights of the people who design and make the jewelry adds depth to the history of the piece you buy.

Tip 4: Buy an heirloom

Buying one piece that will last forever is more sustainable than spending smaller amounts of money on more pieces that will get thrown away or not used in the long run.

Tip 5: Learn about all the aspects of ethical jewelry

Make sure the jewelry you choose is operating with fully sustainable business practices, from source to sell.

Tip 6: Check for sustainable jewelry certifications

Check the brand’s website to see if you notice an affiliation with these before purchasing:  - Umicore - Ethical Methalsmiths - No dirty gold - Zero-emissions diamond foundry

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