Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Glowing Skin

 ... and the lymph system are having a moment right now—and rightfully so. The lymphatic system is crucial for our circulatory and immune systems to function optimally. Did you know that it also is a key factor in achieving a lasting glow to your skin?

Lymphatic drainage

At home ways to promote lymphatic drainage massage.

Movement & Breathwork

This is the easiest way to support your lymphatic system as you are most likely doing a version of this already.  Movement and breathwork create flow to the circulatory system, and also allow you to sweat out toxins and build-up that may be causing stagnation.  When we are moving, like in a mindful yoga practice, it provides both movement and breathwork to encourage lymphatic drainage.

Movement & Breathwork

Try a 10-minute rebounder routine, or a WIM HOF breathwork exercise. These practices can help with lymphatic congestion that cause cellulite and dark circles.  So remember, find your flow to get that post-workout glow!

Other Options for Movement & Breathwork

Dry Brushing

Self Massage

One of the most effective ways to support your lymphatic system is massaging your body and face.  This practice can be an opportunity to create a habit of slowing down from our hectic lives.  Massage is also useful as a self-inventory tool to discover any areas of tension and tenderness on the body and face.

Self Massage

After your shower or face wash, apply a hydrating oil all over the skin you are looking to revitalize.  The key to a successful self-massage is to gently pump your hands in a slow, wave-like pattern to pulse the flow of your lymphatic movement. Long, circular motions work well to help with absorption of nutrients in the skin & oxygen flow.  This self-massage practice is subtle yet effective in helping lymph flow which can support any dry or itchy areas of the skin.

How to Self Massage

It is important to know that there are some MLD contraindications including an acute infection, hyperthyroid, thrombosis and low blood pressure. If you have a lymphatic system disease or disorder, any active cancers, or in some cases diabetes, circulatory massage is not recommended. In this case, we recommend connecting with a MLD specialist for support.


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