Jones Road Beauty Review

Jones Road Beauty Review

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Is Jones Road really “clean beauty”? 

For some, the answer is YES…and for others, it’s a resounding NO. We dig in so you can decide for yourself.

Defining Clean Beauty

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“Clean beauty” is not universally defined

Standards can vary by: – Brand – Retailer – Blogger – Publication – Certification

Jones Road's Definition of Clean Beauty

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No petroleum?

Jones Road claims “no petroleum” in their products, but the synthetic wax we see in their Lip and Cheek stick; the hexylene glycol in their mascara; and the hydrogenated polydecene in their Eye Cream are all petroleum-derived (meaning at least one or all of the starting materials are petroleum-derived).

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No PEGs?

Jones Road claims to have no PEGs in their product, but we see PEGs in their Cool Gloss via poloxamer 338. Poloxamer 338 (AKA PEG-PPO-PEG 338) is made by bonding petroleum-derived PEG and poly (propylene oxide). This is the only way to make this ingredient.

The Overarching Point

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False Information

These ingredients aren’t our favorites and some of them do make it onto our NO THANKS list.  HOWEVER, the bigger issue is that this brand is claiming to avoid these ingredients, and with a little digging, we found that to be false.

Additional notes about Jones Road Beauty

Organic vs. non-organic ingredients: When ingredients could be chosen organic, like castor oil or jojoba oil, they aren’t.

Recyclability: Unit cartons are made from 100% recyclable Forest Stewardship Council®-certified post-consumer fiber. Product shippers are also recyclable. There were no comments on the inner packaging. (Some are glass and some are plastic.)

Inclusivity: We see 25 shades of The Face Pencil, which is more inclusive than many new brands on the market.

Pricing: The price range is $22-$38.

Age inclusivity: These products seem to work just as well for a 16-year-old as a 60-year-old.

Gray hair: However, the brow pencil does not come in a cool black or gray to compliment gray hair.

Cruelty-free: All Jones Road products are cruelty-free, but not vegan, per their FAQ.

Human rights eval:  I’m also wondering if the mica they formulate with is ethically procured.

Final thoughts on Jones Road Beauty

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So, is Jones Road “clean beauty”?

Even after all this research, my answer is—it depends.

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The bottom line

You get to decide what you want to put in and on your body—and brands should give you all the information so you can make the most informed decision for yourself.

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