My weekly skincare schedule

Weekly Skincare Schedule: Morning

Lymphatic Treatment

I have normal skin so I use a combination of gua sha, natural face lift massage, facial cupping and dry brushing.

Oil Cleanse

Oil cleansing is a skincare revolution, IMO. Oils leave skin supple, unstripped, moisturized and glowing. And they are super effective at taking off makeup.


A toner applied after cleansing should help hydrate and soothe, not dry out and sting. These are meant to replenish skin and prep your complexion for treatments and moisturizers.

Vitamin C Serum

A daytime necessity for even-toned, clear, plump skin. It targets age spots and acne scars for a firm, plump and brighter skin.


Daytime moisture is key to keeping skin healthy and fresh-looking. Using a moisturizer that combats environmental stressors is a plus.


It offers protection against sun damage, dehydration, age spots, discoloration and pretty much all the things you want to avoid. Choose a mineral based SPF!

Weekly Skincare Schedule: Evening

Oil Cleanse & Mist

Repeat the same steps as in the morning routine!

Vitamin A/Retinol Treatment

One of the most effective treatments for overexposure to UV radiation. Increases collagen synthesis, skin elasticity, addresses the signs of photoaging in the skin.