Maya Chia's The Straight A Review

I used The Straight A for 30 days straight (pun intended)... and you won't believe the results!

After 2 weeks of using the serum.

– Wrinkle reduction around my eyes. – Helping to even my skin tone. – Reducing my sun spots.

After 30 days of using the serum.

– Plumpness in my fine lines. – More even skin tone. – Less visible sun spots.

Before using Maya Chia's The Straight A.


30 days of using Maya Chia's The Straight A.


– BHA/BHT-free encapsulated retinol. – Uses a healthy base of oils instead of cheap fillers and synthetics. – Includes botanical activities like vitamin C, bakuchiol, moth bean extract and more. – It’s results driven.

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