Tights That Won't Run, Snag or Tear: Sheertex Review

Every year, over 2 billion pairs of disposable tights are sold, which end up in landfills after only a couple of wears.

Talk about unsustainable.

How can you reduce that landfill contribution?  Meet Sheertex, creator of the “world’s most resilient tights.”

Sheertex created hose that are strong, long lasting and can be worn again and again. They even have a 90-day guarantee!

Style Review

Backseam Classic Sheer Tights | $119

Classic, timeless, elegant, stylish. There is literally nothing not to love here. Looks great with a dress or even a white tee and mini. 

Classic Semi-Opaque Tights | $89

They are semi-opaque so you will see skin peeking through. They add an element of cozy, warm and bundled up while still maintaining full style vibes.

Shaping Sheer Tights | $99

They are pretty comfy in comparison with other shaping tights. I wouldn't recommend using them with minis or shorts because of the visible control top reinforcement.

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