Swap This for That: Clean Alternatives to Children’s Tylenol

So, why swap out children's Tylenol?

OTC acetaminophen can contain not always desirable inactive ingredients like Red 40 and high fructose corn syrup.


They typically make up 60-95% of a product and can include dyes, parabens, artificial coloring, glues, artificial flavors, synthetic preservatives, GMOs...and more.

Why do the "extra" (read: inactive) ingredients matter?

These inactive ingredients may be linked to allergies and side effects, and may be ingredients we avoid in cosmetics too.

Enter Genexa, the clean medicine for kids (and adults).

Let’s compare Children’s Tylenol's ingredients (above)...

...to Genexa’s Kids’ Pain & Fever, formulated with acetaminophen, organic agave syrup, organic blueberry flavor, citrus extract, non-GMO flavor and purified water. THAT’S IT!

I love this swap so much because we are not recommending oranges for apples. We are actually recommending an apples to apples alternative.

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