Teen Acne Treatments for 2021

For the eco savvy teen: Osmia Organics

With its clean, elegant packaging and its unscented and lightly-scented options, Osmia is a wonderful starting point for most teens.

For the beauty blogger/Tik Tok-er: Indie Lee

Indie Lee has something for everyone, but the brand’s acne line can compete with any conventional set in efficacy and in glamour.

For the outdoorsy mover + shaker:  Ursa Major

Ursa Major has unscented or low-scented products that truly work, packaged in utilitarian, kid-friendly packages, with science-backed green beauty.

For the minimalist: Doctor Rogers

Products with few ingredients and are incredibly simple to use. They are common-sense in bottles, and unscented to boot, making them perfect for the teen in your life.

For any teen: Cocokind

Interesting and effective ingredients and put it all in colorful, easy-to-use packaging, perfect for the teen who wants to try new things all the time and share with friends.

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