What’s In My Beach Bag

July 25, 2016

Summer is full-on and with two little ones I am practically living at the beach. With New England summers being only weeks long, this beach bum is soaking up every minute of it. And of course, you know me, I am doing it in true organic and sustainable style.

My beach bag is usually jam-packed with towels, toys, hats, bandaids, snacks – the whole nine – but I wanted to take a minute to show you a few of my beach bag faves.  Let’s start with the bag!

Hoist Away Bags Large Tote 

Hoist Away Bags 40.00-300.00

First of all, how much do you LOVE this bag! The aesthetic is killer and that’s just the beginning. This bag is hand made by Laura who owns Hoist Away Bags. It is made with recycled sail cloth and is super durable. All of her bags are one of a king and all of the letters, numbers or grommets incorporated are true to the original material – they are not replicated or fabricated to fit her design – she uses what she gets. Even cooler, each bag has a sail legacy sewn to the inside of the bag describing the provenance of that specific cloth. For example, the bag shown here was created from the “Sea Mist 2” skippered by Tom Kline (who is now a stay at home Dad – Tom, you need this bag!).

The tote has two external pockets: a large front pocket and a large back zip – love multiple pockets for easy access to my essentials. I especially love these pockets because the back zip comes complete with a bottle opener – thank you Laura! The size of this large tote is big but not cumbersome and on days when I need to accommodate even more, the top has an optional extended drawstring pull. This lays unnoticeably along the inside of the bag if not in use but when the bag is packed you can extend its carrying capacity by a third. Using the drawstring you can easily fit five normal sized beach towels in here – crazy!

There are some new elements added to each bag like the zipper, the bottle opener and the straps. The straps are military spec climbing webbing and are super comfortable forming to your shoulder and offering some give. There is no friction or digging in when carrying which is huge for me.

Another plus its super easy to clean and can either be spot cleaned or washed cold in the washing machine and air dried. Can I get an amen?!

This bag has not left my side since the day I bought it. Recycled, sustainable and chic. I love it. Laura is a fellow New Englander who lives in Maine – you can check out more of her designs here and if you email her she may have more designs she can show you that have not been posted yet. Bags range from 40.00-300.00.

Green Body + Green Home Organic Turkish Towel

Organic Turkish Towel – 38.00

Hello slim, organic, absorbent, fast drying, chic towel – goodbye chunky, chemically processed, GMO, dries smelly beach towel!

I was first attracted to the Turkish towel because I found several organic options but now that I’ve gotten to use one, I love it even more. The more you wash this puppy, the more absorbent it will become. I soaked mine in cold water for three hours and then washed and dried it three times before using. It’s not going to dry your body like your nana’s cabin towels that have been sitting there since 1972 but it does a good job. There is a little bit of dewiness to the skin after using but I love that before I put on my body oil or lotion so it works for me. I’ve also been using a smaller one as my hair towel and I have a medium one that I have been wearing as a scarf but I digress.

A few great things about this towel. First, it dries super fast. A couple minutes in the sun and it’s good to go for round two. Also at 63 x 40 inches this towel is HUGE! Big enough to wrap your entire body plus one -and I am 5’10’!

In addition, this is a super space saver in your bathroom or beach bag because it folds or rolls very slim. Oh and another thing I love is it washes and dries lint free so you can wash it with other clothes, you don’t have to wait to do a load of towels. I could go on and on about the pros here!

This one is from Green Body + Green Home. They have a super cute store with ethically sourced items using natural dyes such as rugs, pillows, towels, jewelry, bags and more! Check them out here!

Klean Kanteen Stainless Water Bottle with Bamboo Top


Love my reusable stainless water bottle by Klean Kanteen – I especially love this bottle and top combo because it is plastic free. The only thing that is not stainless or bamboo is a small silicone ring around the top of the lid to make it leak proof. They come is several sizes and colors but my fave by far is the 27oz because it is slender enough for travel but big enough that I only have to fill it three times to meet my daily water intake goals.

Plastic water bottles leach toxins and chemical plasticizers plus they accumulate in our oceans and land fills – if you are looking to make the switch, Klean Kanteen is a great place to start! 16.00-30.00

Babo Nontoxic Sunscreen


Okay LOVE my raspberry seed oil for a daily face sunscreen but it can’t hold up to a full eight hour beach day. Excited to say this one does! At 40 SPF this nontoxic sunscreen gives my face all day protection without the white cast that comes with most brands.

Babo calls this a sheer and it pretty much is. You can see a light sheen after application but a small price to pay for SPF 40 broad spectrum nontoxic coverage. It is a thiner formula which makes application easy and a little goes a long way – not in the greasy sense but it spreads easily and thin. I used this all week at the beach with no burning and minimal tanning although, full disclosure, I tend to wear a hat and sunnies too. Oh and bonus! Both of these are fragrance free.

I also have the clear stick which is 30 broad spectrum SPF and truly clear. I love using sticks for my kids faces especially when it is time to reapply. So much easier – who’s with me!?  Easy to tote around plus it keeps application neat. I love this for my lips too.

Babo Face Sheer is under 15.00 and the face stick is under 10.00 on Amazon right now with free Prime shipping. Both are great for mama and baby.

Eco Lunchbox

Eco Lunchbox at Be Home Well – 32.00

And of course I need my snacks. Loving this bento style lunch/snack container by Eco Lunchbox. It is made with food-grade stainless steel and does not contain any plastic which means no estrogen mimicking chemicals, such as bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, and bisphenol-S (BPS). Thank you!

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 12.37.16 PM

This has three compartments: two large and one small with their respective lids – like you can see in the pic above. Although these are not leak proof (no plastics or silicone to make a seal), they are fine with thicker dips like hummus or pesto. I would not recommend soups but pretty much anything else is a go.

Plus even better that these compartments stack up and latch so they can be carried as a single item. I’m so excited to try these for school lunches next year but again…digression.

Okay, back to the beach! Oh and check back here tomorrow for a KILLER giveaway! Come win “What’s in my beach bag!”


By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!

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