Who Dis?! IT’S FRIYAY!

November 16, 2018

Jon Gasca art

1. Nothing better than this to keep lips kissable this winter! Seriously the best lip balm – you can read more about why I think so here.

2. I’m busting at the seems to bring you My Favorite Things Giveaway!!! Ahhh! The cat’s out of the bag! Be sure to tune into my IG account on 12/1 to get in on all the action. Giving away THOUSANDS of dollars worth in goodies everyday for almost 2 weeks straight! And let me just say this. It’s going to be OFF. THE. CHAIN.

3. Getting my holiday cards made here – like I always do! They have so many cute designs and eco-friendly options. Recycled card stock anyone!?

4. Do you know what’s in your household cleaner? I know whats in mine! Vinegar, salt and water. And guess what, it cleans like a boss eliminating 99.9% of germs! Click here to see all my before and afters. Shop here now through 11/26 and get $50 off the Extra Value Bundle which includes a Starter Kit + 25 extra capsules & free shipping with code HEADSTART50

5. Try swapping Organic Kelp Granules for salt. 1 tsp = 330% daily iodine intake. Great for breast + uterine health. This brand is recommended because it’s sourced from Maine and far away from radiation contamination. Check out Well Scene presenter Dr. Melissa Gallagher for more nutrition tips.

6. It’s question city with my 5-year-old Quinn…. Is Santa always watching me? Can he see me if I’m under my bed? Yeah but HOW!? How is he watching? Does he use a telescope? Can you see bats with telescopes? Have you ever seen a bat? Are bats real? What’s the opposite of nocturnal? It doesn’t matter if you tell Santa because he is always watching and already knows. #busted – See what other 5-year-olds are asking here.

7. It’s official. My sleeping situation went from good to I HEAR ANGELS SING when I get into bed. And it’s all because of this gem. I mean how can I spend thousands on a mattress and have my experience be “good” but then spend a couple hundred on a topper and have it be OUT OF THIS WORLD!? File under: SMDH.

8. Best news EVAH! I scored ya’ll a code for the Clove + Hallow Lip Velvets!!!! BOOYEAH! You can see what most all of them look like on here and use ORGANICGIRL15 to save 15%! This brings them down to just around $15 each!

9. Just started using the Start Hustle Daily Planner and it is changing my life. (File under: Well Scene swag!) I’m a digital girl through and through which is why I was resisting a paper planner. But having notes in “this folder”, “that email” and lists here and there was stressing me out. I was in desperate need of a command center. I still put everything in my Google Cal and that is my primary BUT on Sunday I write out the week in my planner. This way I can keep lists, check things off, look at the week as a whole – it really helps to prioritize, see big picture and stay focused. Plus love how this one has a place to check off your 8 glasses of water everyday, pills, workouts, a daily schedule by time and tons of lists spaces. 5 days in and I can feel my stress level dropping. Praise be!

10. Avoid getting sick this winter with over 30 ways to support your immune system naturally! I have a fresh batch of elderberry syrup stocked and ready to go!

11. I’m Coming Clean over at Clove + Hallow!

12. Okay Marry, F, Kill:  Jackson Avry, DeLuca and Ortho God Linc. I’ll start. First question. How tall are these guys…okay, focus. I mean sad to say because I’ve been tuning in for years to catch a glimpse of Jackson Avry but now Linc is on the scene and did everyone see the way DeLuca bore into Gray with his “I’m sorry for kissing you apology”?! Slay me! Okay final answer: marry DeLuca, F Linc and kill Jackson – GASP! Who just said that!? I love you Dr. Avry but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

THE LOCAL – Atlanta

1. November 17 (TOMORROW!) Hell Yeah Gluten Free is doing a pop up at Flora Fauna (751 Gaskill St, Atlanta) from 12-3pm. I’ll be there getting my GF pumpkin/espresso/cardamom cinnamon bun with cream cheese frosting ON!

2. The Santa Fantastical popup kicks off this Friday with lights, photo opps, performers, photos with Santa, kids activities, local food and more!

3. Ice Skating season is hitting Atlanta – hit up this post for a roundup of local ice rinks!

4. November 17, 12-4pm: Partygoers can expect a 99% chance of wine and make pour decisions during The Uncorked Atlanta Wine Festival at Park Tavern in Piedmont Park. Imbibers are invited to sip and savor over 50 varieties of complimentary wine and craft beer tastings, including an extensive list of cabernets, chardonnays, merlots, Park Tavern’s handcrafted brews, and much more.

5. Dying to hit up Floataway Cafe – have you been!?

6. Treehouse Nut Milk is selling fermented nut milk keefer at the Peachtree Road Farmers market. They also have a nut pulp hummus. WHAT.

7. Flower Child Opens their second Atlanta location in Sandy Springs last month. Have you been yet!?

8. One of my fave coffee shops – Morning Dove in the Buckhead Shops closed BUT is relocating to the West Side soon – stay tuned!

9. One of my favorite things about Atlanta is their mural scene! Want to see the latest? Check out the Outer Space Project!

10. December 8, 2018: Watercolor + Mixed Media Workshop with my girl Jessica Durrant! Sooooo excited for this. A 4 hour workshop held in a historic home with goodies and treats. All supplies provided. I’m hoping I create Jason’s holiday gift here – too much? I set my expectations high but at the very least, check out Jess’s work – I have been using it in my FRIYAY posts for the past few weeks. OBSESSED.

12. December 13 5:30-8:30pm: Intro to sewing at Topstitch – make this Frame clutch. What!? YES!

13, Looking for a greener hair stylist? Be sure to check out Creature Studio which also happens to be the home of Lark and Sparrow – a less toxic nail salon.

Cover art: Jon Gasca

Xo, lisa

By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!

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