“Wild Honey Box” Boxwalla Review

November 2, 2017

Boxwalla H Is For Love_

Say hello to the October Boxwalla beauty box! Can you say FAVE!? I’ve been enjoying Boxwalla for almost a year now and I was SO EXCITED to see they are featuring H Is For Love as their October selection! We are seeing three goodies from H: Rapha Harmonizing Cleanser ($22), Propolis Regenerative Mask ($10) and Kinu ($90). A total value of $122 and theoretically available to you for $49.95. And I say theoretically because AGAIN Boxwalla has sold out of their current box. And if you have been reading This Organic Girl for a while, you know I say this every time. Boxwalla boxes sellout like hot cakes. So if you want in on the action, sign up now! If you sign up now, you will be first in line for the December box which will be a $130 value. The December featured brands have not been disclosed yet but I’ve heard whispers of a candle! Oooo! Read on for my October Boxwalla review!

Boxwalla H is for love colabIf you haven’t heard of Boxwalla, let me fill you in. Boxwalla is a luxe beauty subscription that delivers a selection of green beauty products every two months. The products they select are always cruelty-free, nontoxic and their deliveries are curated with “things that MUST be experienced.” They also have subscriptions for food, books and movies too and you can toggle between genres which is SO FUN. One month a couple of movies, the next some decadent specialty foods, the next some must-reads!

October’s beauty box has been decadently named “Wild Honey Box” – and delivers three products that will heal, rebuild and protect. Included is:

  • Rapha Harmonizing Cleanser, 1 oz, $22
  • Propolis Regenerative Mask, .85 oz, $10
  • Kinu Body Balm, 3.4 oz, $90 
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But first a little about H Is For Love

H is for Love is the real deal. Their ingredients are thoughtfully sourced and their whole line is almost entirely organic and wild-crafted. They use cold-pressed and unrefined oils, only use natural preservation methods and their line is made entirely by hand. They pride themselves in sharing nature’s most wonderful gifts and I will be the first to attest to that!

H is for Love is an interesting name and I was dying to find out more about it and why. H stands for the History that these ingredients carry and is also for Honoring the timeless traditions associated with them. Gotta say, as much as I love the name I am loving their website design, logo and packaging even more. Everything is so… interesting. I wish I had better word but it just really is. Simple, cute, packaged in glass and/or Miron pots. Pretty much love everything about this line and I didn’t even get to talk performance yet!

Wild Honey Box

Boxwalla H Is For Love BoxRapha Harmonizing Cleanser. Love it. This was actually a refill for me. Upon first whiff, this oil smells amazing. Mild and beautiful. So this is an oil cleanser (and you guys know how much I love my oil cleansers).  To use, take a dropper or so and rub the oil into your face, over your eyes and massage fine lines – really, give yourself a nice face massage. Take in the smell, relax and enjoy. Then after all the dirt, makeup and grime is loosened up, take a warm cloth and wipe the oil off your face. This part feels so good too! Then either repeat or follow up with your favorite gentle cleanser.

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This nutrient-rich oil is high in linoleic acid (hemp + pumpkin seed oils), healing herbal infusions of chamomile and calendula and CO2 extracts of German chamomile & turmeric. German chamomile is known for its high levels of matricin – an anti-inflammatory + powerful healing agent. I love this ingredient line up. Simple, effective + CLEAN:

h is for love ingredients

H is for love Mask_Propolis Regenerative Mask. Decadent. This mask comes dry and you mix it with water (or yogurt or honey or toner + oil – whatever strikes your fancy) to activate. First of all the smell of it alone will make you drool on yourself. A complex spice blend with strong notes of cinnamon, cacao, vanilla, clove and orange. Seriously, one sniff will rock your world. So you apply this to a clean face and I recommend removing the mask just before it fully dries. I prefer removing my clay-based masks while they are still a little moist so I retain as much moisture as possible but that’s just me.

This mask is formulated with camu camu, one of the highest sources of vitamin C (vital for collagen production). It also has white turmeric for brightening and spices that encourage blood flow. Not to mention a massive dose of minerals (red alaea sea salt) and antioxidant-rich superfoods like cacao and vanilla bean. Check out this ingredient list!

h is for love mask ingredients

Boxwalla H Is For Love Body Oil_Kinu Body Balm. Straight up bougie. This balm is an exclusive launch through the October Boxwalla box and not even available on H’s website yet. This balm is so special. It’s whipped so it’s lighter than most oil balms plus it’s stacked with skin feeding ingredients like caretenoid-rich Rosehip CO2 for example that helps repair the skin. But as much as I like the texture, color, hydrating power, scent and feel of this oil balm – I LOVE the shimmer! This balm is peppered with multi-sized gold flecks that would even make Beyonce do a double take. Super subtle yet super glam. This balm is the star of Boxwalla’s October box show.

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Sold Out

So like I mentioned, this month is sold out but you can still sign up to receive Boxwalla’s December selection. I hear it’s a good one! For more, check out my reviews of the other boxes Boxwalla has sent out this year:

Sign up here.





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