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September 20, 2017

Zoe Organics

I wanted to introduce you guys to one of my go-to brands, Zoe Organics. It’s a go-to for a couple of reasons. First nearly all of their products are made with 100% organic ingredients AND you can find them as of this week, at NORDSTROM! The Zoe Organics line is clean, simple, reliable, accessible and it works. Sharing a bit about what they have to offer, what I’ve tried, what I use it for and what I’ve repurchased.

First a little bit about Zoe Organics

Zoe Organics 2

Zoe Organics was founded by Heather Hamilton. A mother of three who grew up herself with allergies, restricted diets, medications, supplements and allergy injections. She was well aware of the toxins lurking in conventional products as she had a severe asthma attack from a child’s bubble bath product growing up. She wanted different for her children and after her second baby was born she started making her own products in her kitchen.

Heather saw a need for a truly organic skincare line and was on a mission. That same year, her sister-in-law passed away and left a beautiful legacy; her daughter Zoe. Zoe means “life” and more specifically “life as God intended” and Heather knew there was no better name for her company.

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What Sets Zoe Organics Apart

Zoe Organics Organic Balm

As a mainstream skincare line Zoe Organics brings honesty, integrity and purity to the table. Often lines will add water, fillers and synthetics to stretch a formula as well as preservatives to make it last longer on the shelves. Not here. We are getting 100% organic oils, butters, essential oils and in concentrations that are effective and safe. Zoe Organics also gluten free, cruelty free and non-GMO. Most of their products are even USDA Certified Organic. I asked founder Heather Hamilton to explain a little bit more about her line, this is what she had to say!

First and foremost, we source our ingredients ourselves and maintain organic certificates for all of the ingredients we use in our products. We also have a policy of being fully transparent and always welcome questions about our products or company.

All of our products are made with only certified organic ingredients. The exception being our Bath Wash, which is a soap that requires a chemical saponification process of water, organic oils and potassium hydroxide that turn into soap and glycerin. After saponification, none of the potassium hydroxide remains. The Bath Wash has been certified by Oregon Tilth, through our manufacturer, as “made with organic ingredients” and is approximately 80% organic.

What Does This Mean?

Just a few comments about this. If you don’t use potassium hydroxide in a soap formula, by FDA regs, you can’t call it a soap – you would have to call the final product “detergent” or “cleanser” or “wash” – basically anything other than “soap”. The saponification process is what makes a soap a soap! The potassium hydroxide in Zoe’s body wash disqualifies this product from becoming certified organic. This is because certified organic potassium hydroxide does not exist. In fact if you ever see a soap that is USDA certified organic beware because it is probably a lye  lie.

When you see “Made with organic ingredients” on a label – this is actually another level of certification and it means the product contains a minimum of 70% certified organic ingredients. For this certification you can not use the USDA seal but if the product is certified “Made with organic ingredients” then the percentage of organic content and the certifying agent’s mark can be used on the label.

Zoe Organics currently works with two manufacturing facilities as well as their own facility. They make at least 50% of the Zoe line in their small manufacturing space. And what they make in house – albeit a majority of these products are made with 100% certified organic ingredients – can not hold a USDA Organic certification because their facility is still undergoing the process of being certified organic. Once the facility is certified then the rest of their line will be too. The rest is outsourced to their two certified organic manufactures.

Some products I’ve tried!

Zoe Organics Balm

Bath Wash: This formula pumps out in a foam, its super light and smells fresh. I love it for the kids because it’s not harsh but it works. Especially for my little Quinn who has mild eczema – I love how it doesn’t strip his skin and leaves him moisturized. I also use this as their shampoo when I have it. Certified made with organic ingredients (80%). $6.95

Breathe Balm: This comes in a stick and is great to have on hand for congestion and stuffy noses. It’s a clean substitute for something like Vicks but it wont smell up the whole room like Vicks does. It has eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender and cedar essential oils in a base of shea/jojoba/coconut/beeswax – I put this on my kids chest and feet as needed to help them breathe easier. Made with 100% certified organic ingredients. $11.95

Organic Skin Balm: My fave ZO product! The Organic Skin Balm is super versatile and is a great substitute for Vaseline. Contrary to popular belief, cuts actually heal faster if they are moist and covered so I love using this over any scrapes, cuts and sores before bandaging them. Also great for cheeks, red noses, dry patches, eczema – anything! This balm is loaded with antioxidants plus vitamins A,E,D and omega fatty acids which helps to moisturize, protect and regenerate. Made with 100% certified organic ingredients. $17.95

Everything Balm: Another winner. This is very similar to the Organic Skin Balm but just a lighter version in my opinion. And it comes in a stick compared to a tin. You can also use this on scrapes, cuts, lips, cheeks, dry patches, cuticles and it works well as a hand lotion too. Love keeping this in my purse – it’s literally like a cure all! USDA Certified Organic. $11.95

Insect Repellant: I just tried this for the first time this season. I was pleasantly surprised to discover this formula is actually an OIL, not to mention 100% organic! I love the way it feels going on – none of those I can’t wait to take a bath feels. The concentration smells strong (lemongrass, clove, peppermint, thyme, cedarwood) but in the best way – like my first impression was: Yes! This stuff could actually work! The jury is still out on this one – I haven’t had a great opportunity to really put it to the test, but I will keep you posted! Made with 100% certified organic ingredients. $11.95

Here is the rest of the Zoe Organics line:


If you haven’t tried Zoe Organics yet, what are you waiting for?! If you want help narrowing it down, I use the Organic Balm almost everyday on either me or my kids. Shop them over at Nordstrom so they get the support they need to stay there!

*This post is not sponsored. I bought some of these products myself and some were given to me as samples. My goal in writing this is two fold: To help a small business, who are making the world a better place, thrive AND to give mama’s (like me) safe and healthier options for conventional staples. Thanks for reading!




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