Fall Nail Polish Colors: On-Trend Colors for Fall 2021

October 19, 2020 (updated April 20, 2022)

Fall nail polish colors rank high on our list of how to best transition from summer to fall, including adding pumpkin to everything, baking GF apple crisp from the apples we gathered at the orchard, and breaking out our chunky sweaters (even if the weather doesn’t *quite* demand it—yet). So what color nail polish is in for fall 2021? We’ve got the breakdown and #nailspo for you.

french tipped nails with multiple colors

By: Nicolle Mackinnon

We’re living in an era of bold nails, whether that be manifested with long, round-tipped acrylics, nail art or color choices. We’re on board for it all, especially since it correlates with self-expression (and has a bit of 90s nostalgia mixed in). These are our top picks for on-trend fall nail polish colors.


Fall nail polish colors for 2021

Dusty navy blue

Deep, creamy navies are all the rage for fall nail polish colors in 2021. Select from a range of shades from dark periwinkle to near-black for an edgy look.

TOG’s dusty navy nail color picks

1. Olive & June’s Social Studies | $8  2. Kure Bazaar’s Navy | $18 3. Dazzle Dry’s Zero Gravity | $20

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A classic fall look, berry-red is a go-to this season. Think dark cherry red to deep merlot, with that true cranberry falling right in the middle. Go for a shade with a little brown in it to capture the rusty-red 90s trend too.

TOG’s cranberry nail color picks

1. Olive & June’s Obsessed | $8  2. Dazzle Dry’s Zest | $20 3. Kure Bazaar’s Tea Rose | $18


Rose is never going out of style. From the almost-white pink hue to the peachy variety, a warm light pink is chic and easy to pair with any outfit. This season’s rose leans more to the mauve side, with a richer, deeper finish.

TOG’s rose nail color picks

1. Olive & June’s World Lit | $8  2. Dazzle Dry’s Heart’s Caress | $20 3. Kure Bazaar’s Hippie | $18

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Pumpkin spice

It’s not just for your latte anymore, kids! Rusty, spicy oranges have been on our radar since last year, but they’re back in full force this year, with more options that again tread into brown territory (and pair well with that 90s brown lip).

TOG’s pumpkin spice nail color picks

1. Olive & June’s MG | $8  2. Dazzle Dry’s Dream Come True | $20 3. Côte’s No. 51 | $18

Deep nudes

“Nude” isn’t a universal shade, which is why we’re excited to see a wider range of colors hitting the marketplace for fall nail polish colors. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure situation here, and all roads lead to #nailstagram.

TOG’s deep nude nail color picks

1. Olive & June’s JJ | $8   2. Dazzle Dry’s Chic | $20 3. Sally Hansen good.kind.pure’s Pink Cardamom | $7.99

Dark green

We called out mossy greens as a spring 2021 nail color trend, and this fall’s variation is going deep. Like evergreen, emerald deep. Play around with cool-toned greens and teal shades, if that’s your jam.

TOG’s dark green nail color picks

1. Olive & June’s Geometry | $8  2. Kure Bazaar’s Kale | $18 3. Côte’s No. 69 | $7.99

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Fresh take on the French tip

Instead of using a clear or sheer pink base with white tips, try mixing and matching complementary colors for a fresh take on the French tip.

The full spectrum

Creating a gradient of colors across your digits has been on-trend for longer than fall 2021, but consider this fall’s colors as you plan your next ombré-esque mani.

Nail art

It’s never out of style, but fall’s take on the nail art trend ranges from super simple (those small blue dots) to intricate and bold (those neon squiggles).

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What colors top your list this season?

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Common questions about nontoxic fall nail polish:

What are the best nontoxic nail polish brands?

The best nontoxic nail polish brands:
Olive and June
Sally Hansen
Dazzle Dry

What are popular nail colors for fall 2021?

Côte No. 51
Côte No. 69
Olive and June, JJ
Olive and June, Geometry
Sally Hansen, Go Pure Pink Cardamom
Dazzle Dry Heart’s Caress
Dazzle Dry Starstruck

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By Nicolle Mackinnon

Nicolle Mackinnon is TOG's content manager. She has a penchant for vegan lip color, cold-brew coffee and helping women feel empowered to make informed choices about their health by opening them up to new information and trends. Better, clean beauty is just one outlet to changing the way we shop and live.


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    Hi! How clean is Londontown, both nail polish and the “Kur” serie (bascoat ect)???

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      Hi Maris! I personally love how Londontown preforms..it’s so good. There are cleaner but it’s still pretty clean compared to nail polish gen pop ; )

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    Check out Sienna Byron Bay polishes. Love.

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    Suggestions on what to do with old lesser clean polishes?

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      Hi DeAnna! I would recommend checking out your city or town’s paint pickup schedule. Most towns host that a couple of times a year and I believe they will take nail polishes too!

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