Natural, Non-toxic Nail Polish: Fall Nail Colors

October 19, 2020 (updated March 14, 2021)

Peep this list of the best nail colors for fall 2020 from the cleanest brands we could find. Both luxe and budget picks plus codes to save.

left hand with pink nail polish holding a bottle of Olive + June nail polish

If you’re anything like us, you started lining up your cozy sweaters and scarves, and dreamed of snuggling up next to the fire with a good book by the time mid-August hit.

Jewel-toned colors and demure nude hues were next in line, especially when it came to prepping for that fall mani.

We started wearing fall nail colors when summer was on its last legs, but now that you can peep Autumn colors no matter where you go, we’re breaking out the big guns (and by that we mean our favorite nail colors for fall 2020).

The Best Fall Nail Colors for 2020

Keeping “clean” when it comes to nail polish is a bit of a beast, as even the more natural brands need solvents and structure-inducing polymers to create a semblance of staying power. We’ve been working on an in-depth natural nail polish guide (which is coming so soon, we promise!), but rest assured that these fall nail polish colors are TOG approved. 

Côte Nail Care | $18

Known for their Gwenyth-approved light pink and deep berry, Côte Nail Care was founded with the intention of offering a safer, elegant alternative to traditional nail polish and accessories. The line is made in the USA, and is free from nine of the toxins we’d recommend avoiding (it’s also vegan and cruelty-free, and gluten-free).

Some of their colors do contain benzophenone, the most concerning ingredient we found in cleaner polishes. Benzophenone-1 is used as a UV absorber in cosmetic products and it’s been found to have estrogenic activity (1,2,3,4). And the same goes for Benzophenone-3 (5), so keep an eye out for that if you’re hoping to avoid as many potential irritants as possible.

Our Côte fall nail color recommendations:

  • No. 120, a dark midnight blue, $18
  • No. 126, a warm chocolate brown, $18

SAVE: Use code TOG2020 to get 20% off your first order (sets not included).


Made of 85% natural ingredients, including wood pulp, cotton, potatoes and corn, KURE BAZAAR is one of the cleanest nail polish options available (and has our favorite nail polish remover, more on that here).

The line provides lots of on-trend (aka fall) colors like conventional polish. We specifically love their topcoat, which is hella high gloss. Plus, the line is French, which only makes us feel more chic while swiping on these fall favorites. This one does contain wheat, so be mindful if you need to avoid gluten.

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Our KURE BAZAAR fall nail color recommendations:

SAVE: Code THISORGANICGIRL10 will save you 10% at The Detox Market!

Olive & June | $8

seven bottles of Olive + June nail polishes in fall colors

Olive & June has been getting all the attention and it’s not just because it’s pioneered the #nailfie movement. The trendy colors, all named after friends of O+J’s founder, are seven-free, vegan and cruelty-free.

The line was started in conjunction with an LA-based nail salon chain, but now is elevating the at-home mani experience, with affordable nail care and Olive University, easy-to-follow mani how-tos for everyone from beginners to experts.

Our Olive & June fall nail color recommendations:

  • THE NAILFIE READY SET, six fall-forward nail colors and a topcoat, $56 
  • WKF, a cool, mossy green, $8
  • HGC, a creamy toasted neutral, $8
  • LD, a rosey-hued pink, $8

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SAVE: Use code THISORGANICGIRL to get a free polish color with any box (the renowned O&J mani system).

Sally Hansen Good.Kind.Pure. | $6.79+

We were as surprised as you to see this classic 80s and 90s brand make this list. Sally Hansen’s new Good.Kind.Pure. nail polish line is clean enough, holding free from all the big-name ingredients to avoid as well as some of the sneaky ones too.

This line advertises as 16-free, meaning none of our no-nos show up, from formaldehyde and acetone to camphor and phthalates (though it does contain wheat, if you’re avoiding gluten). It’s also 100% vegan and doesn’t use any animal-derived ingredients in its brushes. At 30 color options, it’s easy to find your new favorite fall nail polish color.

Our Sally Hansen fall nail color recommendations:

Dazzle Dry | $60 (for the system)

The four-step Dazzle Dry system is not a gel, not a hybrid and not a traditional nail polish… which sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is. It’s a made-in-the-USA performance line meant to provide long-lasting color without most of the toxic chemicals found in traditional polish.

The hypoallergenic line is vegan, cruelty and animal-byproduct-free, as well as being 10-free. You do need the whole system to reap the benefits of the chip-resistant, long-wear promise, but for anyone looking for an extended-wear polish, it’s worth the investment.

Our Dazzle Dry fall nail color recommendations:

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What colors are you loving this fall season?


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Common questions about nontoxic fall nail polish:

What are the best nontoxic nail polish brands?

The best nontoxic nail polish brands:
Olive and June
Sally Hansen
Dazzle Dry

What are popular nail colors for fall 2020?

Côte No. 120, dark midnight blue
Côte No. 126, warm chocolate brown
Olive and June, WKF
Olive and June, HGC
Olive and June, LD
Sally Hansen, Go Pure Pink Cardamom
Sally Hansen, Go Pure Raw Cocoa
Sally Hansen, Go Pure Grape Vine
Dazzle Dry Radiant
Dazzle Dry Starstruck

What nail polishes are safe?

Here’s a list of the safest & natural nail polishes:
Olive and June
Sally Hansen
Dazzle Dry

By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    Hi! How clean is Londontown, both nail polish and the “Kur” serie (bascoat ect)???

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      Hi Maris! I personally love how Londontown’s so good. There are cleaner but it’s still pretty clean compared to nail polish gen pop ; )

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    Check out Sienna Byron Bay polishes. Love.

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    Suggestions on what to do with old lesser clean polishes?

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      Hi DeAnna! I would recommend checking out your city or town’s paint pickup schedule. Most towns host that a couple of times a year and I believe they will take nail polishes too!

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