2020 Gift Guide for Him

November 13, 2020 (updated June 10, 2021)

It’s a cliche that’s sometimes true—guys can be TRICKY to shop for. To help, I’ve rounded up some crave worthy best gifts for him. These guides help answer that age-old question: What’s a good organic gift for the guy that has everything?

a gold safety razor with 2020 holiday gift guide overlay

What do guys like for gifts? The answer is usually whatever someone they love gives them, but we can do better than that. Especially since we’ve got the entirety of organic, sustainable and responsibly made gifts at our internet fingertips. Read on (and get ready to shop or Pin) for the best gifts for the man in your life.

Jump ahead to whatever fits your budget. We’ve got something for everyone!

Gifts Under $30 for Him

showing organic and sustainable gifts under $30

1. Ursa Major All-Star Travel Kit | $30

While he may not be traveling soon, this kit functions just as much like a trial kit as it does a TSA-friendly skincare collection. He will surely find some new staples here with URSA MAJOR’S deodorant, face wash, cream and face wipes! Read my full recommendation for skincare for men here.

Ursa Major travel kit with face wipes, deodorant, face wash, and face cream

Shop the Ursa Major All-Star Travel Kit here!

2. OSMIA Lip Doctor | $12

Made with organic oils, butters and natural waxes, this cocoa butter (chocolate) scented lip treatment will become a fast favorite for anyone—but OSMIA’s unisex packaging makes it a perfect gift for him.

tube of Osmia lip balm

Shop for OSMIA’s Lip Doctor here!

3. PACT Organic Boxers | $12

Upgrade your man with these ĂĽber comfy, 95% GOTS certified organic cotton and 5% elastane boxers made in a Fair Trade Certified Factory.

pair of maroon organic boxers

Shop for PACT Organic Boxers here!

4. Purity Coffee Subscription | $18+

Organic coffee that’s also been tested to be free of fungus, mold, yeast colonies and health compromising compounds like Ochratoxin A? Yes, yes, a thousand times YES.

sealed pouch of Purity Organic Coffee

Sign up for a Purity Coffee subscription here!

5. Ritual Multivitamin | $30

Traceable nutrients, gluten + major allergen free, non-GMO and no artificial colorants or synthetic fillers…because a multivitamin should contain key nutrients men need, no extras. I also love that they have specific options for men depending on their age (teen, 18+ and 50+).

bottle of Ritual multivitamins for men with a yellow background

Shop for Ritual Multivitamin here!

6. Innersense I Create Hold | $26

Formulated with certified organic honey that acts as a natural resin, this clean hair styling gel is literally the only one strong enough to get the job done. All *three* of my boys use this!

Innersense I Create Hold gel in a tall bottle with pump

Shop for I Create Hold styling gel here!

7. Nisolo Cotton Crew Sock | $15

Finding a truly sustainable (read: no new synthetic materials) sock is really tricky to find, but these Nisolo ones are made from upcycled cotton and RPET. And they are a classic silhouette, to boot (pun intended)!

pair of gray crew socks

Shop for Nisolo Cotton Crew Socks here!

8. EIR After Shave | $30

This complex and organic custom blend treatment of rosemary, tea tree, eucalyptus, and myrrh keeps skin looking clear and healthy, post-shave. It can even be used as a beard oil!

bottle of EIR after shave

Shop for EIR After Shave here!

9. More With Less Cookbook | $25

Slow fast food, cooked with 10 ingredients or less? COUNT ME IN. This cookbook helps him create sophisticated food with simple equations that are great for sharing. It’s also gluten-free and dairy-free friendly.

front cover of More With Less Cookbook

Buy the More with Less cookbook here!

10. Himalayan Salt Plank | $30

Hand carved in Pakistan, this Himalayan Salt Plank is packaged in an allergen-free facility, making it an easy gift for the cooking-lover.

Himalayan salt plank with two veggie kabobs on top

Shop for Himalayan Salt Plank here!

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Gifts Under $100 for Him

10 organic and sustainable gifts for him

1. Caldera + Lab’s The Good | $97

Formulated with wild-harvested, non-GMO and organic ingredients, this lightweight all-in-one moisturizer is designed to restore, nourish and protect a man’s skin. Caldera + Lab is the first men’s skincare in the USA to be certified by both ECOCERT and MADE SAFE. My husband has this and loves it.

The Good multi-functional serum in its packaging and container

SAVE: Use code THISORGANICGIRL to save 20% on Caldera + Lab here!

2. OUI the People Razor | $75

OUI the People’s razor is designed to minimize ingrown hair and irritation. Aside from being super sleek, it’s also plastic-free, fully recyclable and low waste…and gold. #ballin’

golden razor made by OUI the People

Shop for OUI the People Safety Razor here!

3. Organic Crinkled Pajama Pant | $78

Percale is where it’s at when it comes to all matters of sleeping. It’s by far the most breathable, comfy and cool cotton. This percale organic cotton is also MADE SAFE + GOTS Certified, which gets two thumbs up! And let’s face it, what guy doesn’t want a new pair of pajama pants this year?

man wearing pair of gray Organic Crinkled Pajama Pant

Shop for the Organic Crinkled Pajama Pants here!

4. Project Juice Membership | $75

Pump your guy full of vitamins and antioxidants with these certified organic, cold-pressed juices out of California. Check out their discounted auto-renew service to receive juices on a weekly basis. Nation-wide delivery. We are obsessed.

six bottle of Project Juice in different flavors

Sign up for Project Juice Membership here!

5. NUDO Olive Oil | $79+

Talk about single-source. Adopt an olive tree from a grove of your choice on this family-run, Italian olive oil farm and receive olive oil FROM THAT TREE. We just finished our first bottle—this was such a fun thing to do!

green container of NUDO Olive Oil with unfiltered extra virgin olive oil

Adopt an olive tree from NUDO Olive Oil here!

6. Nimble Plant-Based Portable Charger | $80+

Keep him juiced with this portable charger made with recycled aluminum, plant-based bioplastics and shipped with plastic-free shipping materials.

details on the Nimble Plant-Based Portable Charger with USB cable

Shop for a Nimble Plant-Based Portable Charger here!

7. Bespoke Post Subscription | $45+

Themed boxes for “people who give a damn”. You can expect to discover new goods and gear…maybe even a new hobby. Skip any box to hone your experience around sustainability and support for small businesses.

three red boxes of Bespoke Post with various products that they deliver

Sign up for a Bespoke Post Subscription here!

8. Cuyana’s Men’s Travel Zipper Pouch | $85

An incredibly classy upgrade to the nylon and mesh Dopp kits that have become popular, this sustainable Turkish cotton and leather variety is sleek and will last a lifetime.

details on the Cuyana Men Travel Zipper Pouch

Shop for Cuyana’s Men’s Travel Zipper Pouch here!

9. LARQ | $78

A filter-free water bottle that neutralizes up to 99.9999% of harmful bacteria and viruses using UV-C light. Stock up!

black bottle with twistable lid and LARQ logo

Shop for a LARQ water bottle here!

10. Krygies Slippers | $89

Slippers that are made for people with chemical sensitivities (aka all of us)? Amazing. Natural wool, water, soap, low-impact dyes and chrome-free leather make these comfy, warm slippers a perfect gift.

one of the Krygies Slippers showing its wool details

Shop for Krygies Slippers here!

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Gifts Over $100 for Him

a display of organic gifts for men

1. OURA | $299

Apparently, all the pro athletes are already hooked on this fitness/health tracking ring that uses your pulse, tracked through your finger, to keep tabs on your health. So much less obtrusive (and dare we say chic) than a bracelet or watch.

details on the OURA tracking ring showing the sensors on the inside of the ring

Shop for OURA here!

2. Hypervolt Massage Gun | $279

Counteract all that computer time with the mother of all massage devices. My chiropractor has this massage gun and it’s confirmed: the best thing since sliced bread.

details on the Hypervolt Massage Gun

Shop for the Hypervolt Massage Gun here!

3. Vejo Portable Blender | $130

The world’s first portable (biodegradable) pod-based blender offering organic smoothies on the go! Here are our #TOGapproved blends.

white Vejo Portable Blender with removable cap

SAVE: Use ORGANICGIRL8PACK when you purchase the Vejo starter kit and get a FREE additional 8-pack of a Vejo blend of your choosing here!

4. Almond Cow | $195

Blow his mind with this plant-based milk maker that makes any concoction of milk you can think of in just 30 seconds. Coconut-strawberry-hemp milk or cashew-brazil-vanilla milk, anyone?

Almond Cow machine that turns real almonds into almond milk

SAVE: Code THISORGANICGIRL will save you $15 on Almond Cow here!

5. TOM’S Chukka Boots| $139.95

B Corp Certified, committed to sustainability and giving back, these boots are brimming with function and philanthropy. Sizing up to 14.

one of TOM’S Chukka Boots

Shop for TOM’S Chukka Boots here!

6. Sigil Scent’s Prima Materia Eau De Parfum | $120

Complex, yet subtle, this unisex, all-natural fragrance is bold yet soft, musky yet light, and totally a great gift you’ll be sniffing all year. My top pick here is Prima Materia Eau De Parfum (a refined version of their original scent Ground).

bottle of Sigil Scent’s Prima Materia Eau De Parfum

Shop for Sigil Scent’s Prima Materia Eau De Parfum here!

7. Askov Finlayson Men’s Winter Parka | $495

Meet the world’s first climate-positive outerwear brand. The company calculates the social cost of its carbon footprint annually, from the emissions released from making all parts of the jacket to the footprint of its employees’ daily commute, and donates 110% of that to a cutting-edge organization fighting climate change. And, the jacket is warm to -20 degrees, so you AND the planet win.

Askov Finlayson Men’s Winter Parka in black

Shop for Askov Finlayson Men’s Winter Parka here!

8. BrainTap Bluetooth Headset | $647

Braintapping is less physical than it sounds—this brainwave-guiding practice is designed to create calm, relaxation and rejuvenation. It’s like meditation on turbo-charge, and it helps balance your brain waves to produce better sleep, more creativity and a calmer nervous system.

BrainTap Bluetooth Headset showing the inside of the ear pieces and the eye covering

Shop for the BrainTap Bluetooth Headset here!

9. 360 Cookware | $100+

A totally unique way to cook, this USA-made line of pots and pans utilizes vapor cooking. Yep, vapor. It cooks foods more gently and without boiling or steaming, which can remove tons of the flavor (and nutrients). The result is better tasting, better for you food. Read the full review and benefits of using 360 cookware here.

steel pot with heater for cooking

SAVE: Code THISORGANICGIRL will save you 20% on 360 Cookware here!

10. HARIO Olive Wood Stand Pour Over Coffee Maker | $115

Pod coffee makers, while seemingly convenient, are not planet-friendly. Try instead this sleek, easy-to-use, pour-over coffee maker from HARIO that will look chic on the counter and allow his inner connoisseur to emerge.

HARIO Olive Wood Stand Pour Over Coffee Maker with glass container

Shop for the HARIO Olive Wood Stand Pour Over Coffee Maker here!

Don’t forget to check out our generous list of exclusive codes from some of our favorite organic brands, in case you’d like to see more options. Enjoy!

Xo, lisa

By Lisa Fennessy

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!

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